5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

Now every self-respecting state necessarily has a number of special facilities and services, whose duties include the prevention of terrorist threats and to ensure the security of citizens. Most often, the staff of such agencies do their job "with a bang", but sometimes things are moving in other scenarios due to various factors impeding the fulfillment of their professional duties.

1. Fiasco CIA

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

One of the biggest failures in the history of American intelligence is the attempt of the armed revolution in Cuba.

March 17, 1960, the year President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower approved the preparation of an armed invasion of Cuba, the ultimate aim of which was to overthrow the political regime of Fidel Castro. The operation, codenamed "Pluto" prepared carefully: it was created a special military unit, consisted entirely of Cubans who disagree with Castro's policies - the so-called Brigade 2506.

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

The total number of teams does not exceed 1,200, but each soldier was given a number starting from 2000, to the enemy the impression that the attackers more than it actually is. cunning plan a landing operation, according to which the main forces (Brigade 2506) were to land at the Bay of Pigs (Bay of Pigs), and at this time a detachment of 168-mi "commandos" have struck a distracting blow in the area of ​​Pinar del Rio has been developed ( province of Oriente).

Training in secrecy lasted more than a year, and that on 15 April 1961, the bombing started, has not yielded the desired results, and then on the night of April 16, the Americans could not disembark diversionary detachment of 168-mi man - Beach in the landing area carefully patrolled.

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

Allen Dulles

Following this, the area of ​​the Bay of Pigs moved the US Navy forces and aircraft, the landing of the main assault was carried out in three directions - Red Beach (Playa Larga), Blue beach (Bay of Pigs) and Green Beach (25 km from Blue). In Cuba martial law was declared, and Castro supporters were able to quickly organize the defense.

Military operations lasted several days and resulted in the complete defeat of the invading forces. In addition to 114-year-dead, a failed coup attempt in Cuba turned to the United States a significant deterioration in relations with the USSR, the loss of reputation and significant financial losses - United States paid Cuba $ 53 million CIA Director Allen Dulles, who led the operation for a long time had to justify themselves before. government in such a stupidly failed operation.

2. The operation to rescue the hostages in Beslan

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

These days all became black not only for the Russian intelligence services, which failed to prevent the deaths of three hundred people, but also for the entire country.

September 1, 2004 the first year in the school number 1 in Beslan (North Ossetia) began as well as in thousands of schools across Russia: dressed schoolchildren, their parents, bouquets of flowers, smiles teachers taking their first class ... And ended up two and a half days later, pain, blood, and for many of those present at the Festival of Knowledge - death.

The terrorists drove up to the building of the school in the morning during the opening line - shooting in the air gunmen herded about 1,100 people in the building. The bulk of the hostages held in the main gym, the other terrorists scattered across the dining room, showers and fitness room. As demonstrated by the investigation of the tragedy, criminals thoroughly knew the floor plan, allowing them to operate accurately and quickly - the entire capture process did not last more than a few minutes. Militants carefully prepared for operation: manufacture several bombs, stockpiled enough weapons and ammunition, which allowed them some time to give an armed rebuff attempts by security forces to fight off the building and the hostages.

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

Shamil Basayev

The climax came on the third day of stay of children, parents and teachers at the school: about an hour of the day in the gym, where most of the hostages were consistently two powerful explosions, immediately followed by the terrorists opened fire on the rescuers who evacuated the bodies. After 25-30 minutes after the explosions operational and combat groups Special Purpose Center of the FSB took up positions, but barricaded terrorists using "human shields" of the hostages window More about an hour did not allow the security forces to begin the assault.

Some inconsistency in the actions of law enforcement and unfortunate situation caused the death of 334 persons, 186 of them - the children of school age. One of the most contentious issues in the actions of the security forces during the storming of the school was the use of tanks and flame throwers - many later claimed that it was high-explosive shells and fire caused the death of a large number of hostages.

Responsibility for the attack took over one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Basayev.

3. The attack on the twin towers on September 11, 2001

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

The terrorist attacks of September 11 of 2001 (or 9/11) - probably the most spectacular failure of American intelligence services in the fight against terrorism. Now the events of that infamous day the subject of hundreds of books, movies, countless articles, and every journalist and researcher has its own version of what happened.

The incident with four aircraft operating on regular commercial flights, ended a nightmare that claimed the lives of almost three thousand (2 977 victims and 19 suicide bombers). Airliners were captured almost simultaneously, indicating that the reasonableness and coherence of militants. The main target of criminals were towers of the World Trade Center - in the collapse of buildings in New York, killing 2606 people. A third plane crashed into the building of the Pentagon and the fourth crashed into a field in southwest Pennsylvania, as the crew and passengers attempted to retake control of the plane, causing the Boeing 757-200 crashed into the 240-ka km from Washington.

It is assumed that the purpose of the fourth group of militants was the Capitol, because, talking among themselves, the terrorists called the goal "Faculty of Law".

After the tragic events in the United States began large-scale reorganization of the security forces and the revision of the measures taken to ensure national security.

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

Zacarias Moussaoui

Questions to the CIA and the FBI, the government and ordinary American citizens had many. For example, how Intelligence Agency famous for its network of agents has managed proshlyapil preparation of such a large-scale terrorist attack? Why do members of a group of militants belonging to a radical Islamic organization "Al Qaeda" have not been identified yet when entering the country? Why arrest of four weeks before the September 11, one of the participants in the preparation of a terrorist act Zacarias Moussaoui was no reason for large-scale testing of migrants, and many others.

4. The taking of hostages at 72-Munich Olympics

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

The Munich Olympics will be remembered around the world for good, but not brilliant athletic achievements and high scores, and the death of the Israeli Olympic team athletes.

The organizer of the kidnapping and later murder of the participants made the Palestinian terrorist organization "Black September."

In the night from 4 to 5 September, eight members of the "Black September" infiltrated the Olympic Village. Reaching the apartments, where we stayed Israeli judges and sports officials, militants have captured several wrestlers and weightlifters, they tried to resist, but to no avail.

Initially, the insurgents actions were not aimed at the mandatory destruction of hostages - they are supposed to exchange the Israelis on several members of radical groups in detention: one of them was the infamous couple, Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof - founder and leader of the terrorist organization "Red Army Faction".

During the talks, the terrorists rejected the offer "unlimited amounts of money" from the government of Germany and options exchange hostages for prominent politicians and bureaucrats.

When, finally, an agreement was reached on the flight are militants in Cairo, the terrorists and their hostages were taken by helicopter to Fuerstenfeldbruck Airport, where German intelligence agencies expected to conduct an operation to rescue the athletes. As a result of uncoordinated actions of snipers and police, the situation at the airport went out of control: in indiscriminate firing killing five of the eight fighters, eleven Israeli athletes and one policeman.

During the investigation of the terrorist attack the German government tried to hide some of the unsightly evidence of negligence and inconsistency of the security forces. For example, the German embassy in Beirut received information about the preparation of Palestinian radicals "some incident" at the Olympic Games more August 14, 1972, the year, and this information has been handed over to state security. In addition, it was revealed that a group of militants was ill-prepared, did not know the terrain, and even could hardly get in Munich for the night in a hotel - with proper vigilance of the German police and security officials of the tragedy could have been avoided entirely.

5. The Siege of Mount Carmel

5 of the most high-profile failures of special services

In the history of the FBI some big victories and defeats the monstrous, and one of the major failures "feds" is considered to be a bad storm the manor Mount Carmel, employed members of the religious sect "Branch Davidian".

The history of a radical religious organization began in 1934, the year of the "Seventh-day Adventist Church" separated group of dissidents, led her Victor Guteff, immigrant Bulgarian origin. Sectarians settled on a hill near the Texas town of Waco, and called their settlement "Mount Carmel" in honor of Mount Carmel, located in Israel.

Numerous strife in the 1980s led to a split in the movement, and then between the leaders of the two branches of the fight took place - who can revive the dead sectarian, and he had to combine davidiantsev. However, one of them (Vernon Howell, later he took the name David Koresh) instead of worship to the police, accusing another (George Rodin) the desecration of graves. He was acquitted, but soon anyway thunder in jail for the brutal murder of an ax. At the head of the sect finally got David Koresh.

He established on the territory of the community is practically a dictatorship unconditionally subordinating all members of the sect. Then he began to buy up whole batches weapon than attracted the attention of the FBI. For some time watching him, and then the Bureau of Intelligence took the decision to arrest David Koresh for illegal possession of weapons, including - anti-tank rifle. February 28, 1993, the year the first unsuccessful attempt to take the "Mount Carmel" forces of 76 FBI agents have been conducted, but due to the negligence of journalists about the impending operation came to the sectarians, and they had time to prepare thoroughly, to meet the "feds" heavy fire .

The ensuing siege estates lasted 50 days, and on April 19, with the assault, in which tanks, helicopters and some 700 security personnel and military, 82 sect members (including children up to three years) were involved died after the fire the estate left only nine people who were arrested immediately. According to some reports, davidiantsy themselves set fire to "Mount Carmel."

The FBI has repeatedly been criticized for the operation and innocent victims, which could easily be avoided by arresting David Koresh during his daily jogging outside the estate.