7 stories about the transmigration of souls

In some religions there are references to the so-called reincarnation or transmigration of souls, when human nature is going through his body and finds a new physical form. Direct evidence of the existence of this phenomenon yet, but it sometimes happens that you stop to consider the Buddhist Wheel of Samsara fiction. Here are a few stories that happened at the moment, but their roots there, in past lives.

1. Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene in Australia

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

"My name is Jesus, I'm not kidding. The first time I visited your world a little more than two thousand years ago ", - says Alan John Miller, a former IT-specialist from Australia, and his girlfriend quite seriously considers himself the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene repentant whore.

"I remember very well the time of the crucifixion, it was not as painful for me as for Mary, who was present at all of this," - continues to Miller, who has two children from his first marriage. According to Alan's first wife left him, he began to remember details of past life. Miller also said that clearly remembers performed miraculous deeds and mentions some moments in the life of Christ.

Australian pair headed a religious organization "Divine Truth", where meetings are held in their own home. Meeting with "Jesus" and "Mary" is visited by about 150 people.

2. Boy, a former pilot from World War II

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

21-year-old US fighter pilot was shot down by the Japanese over the Pacific Ocean six decades ago. His name and would not have been available to the general popularity, if the story is not an unexpected sequel associated with a toddler named James Leininger. Once parents heard their two year old son screams "Plane on fire! The kid can not get out "and were, of course, quite surprised - at this age, children usually only learn to speak coherently.

Over time, Mom and Dad used to the baby and throws out the details of the life of the United States Naval Aviation pilot James Huston: The boy told them that his plane was shot down by the Japanese and crashed. More James mentioned ship "Natoma Bay" and his comrade Jack Larson - as it later turned out, this information was absolutely reliable.

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

From the boy's story was known that Houston's car was struck by a direct hit to the engine, it was confirmed by a participant in those events Klarbur Ralph, who was at that time the shooter in one of the planes taking off from the aircraft carrier "Natoma Bay". "I saw with my own eyes, like an airplane James Huston Jr. was killed by anti-aircraft fire of the Japanese during the operation near Iwo Jima March 3, 1945, the year", - said Klarbur.

James Leininger almost officially recognized as the reincarnation of the pilot Houston, published his book "Surviving Soul" in 2010 year, which became an instant bestseller. In addition, some noted a striking similarity boy and who was tragically killed the pilot.

3. Jewish girl in the body of the Swedish poet

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

Barbro Karlen, poet and writer from Sweden, from early childhood tormented repetitive nightmares related to the topic of the Holocaust. In the end, after a series of amazing coincidences, a woman came to the conclusion that it is - the embodiment of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, author of the famous "Diary" written by her during the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis and was translated into many languages.

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

Barbro Karlen

Charles announced his discovery in 1995, in an interview with Dutch television channel, sparking mixed reactions inhabitants of Amsterdam - the city where Anne Frank lived with her family after fleeing Nazi Germany.

Barbro later told about his feelings from a past life in one of his books entitled "The wolves are howling," which caused a lot of angry feedback - even tried to ban the publication.

4. Shop assistant feels Marilyn Monroe

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

26-year-old salesman Chris Vitsens believes that in a past life he was none other than the most famous blonde - Marilyn Monroe. Such opening of its sessions prompted regression therapy, during which the person is immersed in a deep hypnosis.

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

Chris Vitsens

"When the therapist told after the first session, who I was, I did not believe it. Indeed, what are the chances that this could happen? I have decided that it is impossible ", - says Vitsens.

He also adds: "Every time during the sessions I learn more and more new details from the life of Marilyn. Please note that I am a normal sane person, and I do not need to lie, exposing themselves to ridicule. "

According to the young man, for five sessions with regression therapist Fiona Childs he became née Norma Jean Baker (real name Monroe), and Chris opened such details of the life of the actress, which he could not conceive.

5. Jesus reincarnated in the traffic police sergeant

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

For the Son of God does not cost anything to have several reincarnations over the world - one of them was in Russian. Vissarion tried in the life of many professions: he was a mechanic, an electrician, a physical education teacher, artist, and even the traffic police officer. In 1989, Toorop has lost this position and, in his words, "reborn": he called himself Vissarion, returned to Earth in Christ Jesus, and founded a religious movement "Last Testament Church." His teaching combines elements of Orthodoxy, Buddhism, apocalyptic scenes and environmental values.

The adepts of the "Church" are obliged to adhere to strict rules: followers are forbidden to eat meat, smoking and drinking alcohol, are also supporters in no hurry to use the money. The purpose of his movement is to unite all the religions of the world, and the number of supporters of the doctrine has 5 thousand people.

6. Rocker Phil Collins finds himself an incarnation of one of the survivors of the Battle of the Alamo mission

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

The famous so-called battle of the Texas Revolution took place in 1836 in the town of San Antonio, Texas.

More than 1,500 (according to other estimates - up to 2400) laid siege to the Mexican Catholic mission Alamo. The forces were unequal: Mexicans opposed handful of Texans (according to various sources - from the 182 to 260 people), and, of course, almost all of the defenders of the mission were massacred, the number of survivors can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

During a trip to Texas, Phil Collins met a clairvoyant, who convinced him that he was in a past life was a defender of the Alamo. The singer became interested in the history of this event, and even began to collect artifacts related to the battle. Soon it became a real passion - his house was littered with all sorts of objects that have at least something to do with the bloody massacre. In an interview with "Rolling Stone" Collins stated that he was in a past life, probably taking in the events very closely involved, so now perceives all this is very close to my heart.

7. Salvador Dali - the reincarnation of his own dead brother

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

The elder brother genius artist died from gastroenteritis nine months before his birth, with his also named Salvador. When the 5-year-old El Salvador with his parents came to his brother's grave, they suddenly told the boy that he is - the degeneration of their first child.

"We were alike as two peas in a pod, but different thoughts," - said later Dali. Complex relationship with the deceased brother of the artist expressed the phrase: "My brother, the original version of myself, was designed and conceived as something too absolute."

The image of his brother contain many of the works of Dali, the most famous of which is probably the so-called - "Portrait of my dead brother" (1963-th year).

7 stories about the transmigration of souls

The artist has repeatedly admitted that he is experiencing considerable stress and even some pressure when thinking about the life of his brother.