10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

In the words of a famous character of the novel, the trouble is not in the fact that man is mortal, and that he sudden death - no one knows when it will come the turn. Someone dies suddenly slipped on a banana peel, but someone is still alive after the through head injuries. To your attention - 10 lucky, felt on his face the breath of death, but managed to escape from its clutches.

1. Beer belly armor as

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

For Snaza Martin quarrel with noisy company at the bar ended in tragedy: one of the opponents attacked Martin with a knife and struck him a blow in the abdomen. The victim did not differ large physique, but had a pronounced beer belly, who was later declared doctors, served as the host of a good defense - a thick layer of fat not let the blade touch the vital organs. After spending three days in the hospital, Martin quickly went on the mend.

2. Hypothermia or money?

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

German tourist Dominic Podolski long remember their holiday in the Austrian Alps - he had to spend several hours at a temperature of about -18 ° C. Hapless snowboarder was on the ski lift, when he had already been officially closed and made the last lap without passengers. Stuck between stations, a man for a long time tried to call for help, but to no avail, including the fact that he did not have a mobile phone.

Ability to jump from the hoist podolski not relish he was not sure of the successful landing, because the distance to the slope was about 10 m In the hope warm Dominique began breeding small fire:. First in the course went handkerchief and then "fuel" served restaurant bills, credit cards and even bank notes. Finally, the last guttering light in denominations of € 20, noticed a passing snowmobile man and injured qualified assistance.

Later, the German tried to start a travel agency in litigation, but it was proved that he violated the rules of use of the cable lift and is therefore considered the claim to be unfounded.

3. Bulletproof chest

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Deciding to find out the relationship with a former lover, Canadian Eileen Likness no idea what will turn it to "debriefing" - as a last argument admirer pulled out a gun and made a few shots almost at point blank range. After providing the necessary assistance to the doctors told Eileen that she is obliged to a life of breast implants, which did not allow bullets to penetrate deeply into the chest.

Silicone "body armor" beyond repair and had to be removed, but the Canadian said that once again increased the breast immediately after recovery.

4. A man on a spit

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Manhattan party has always been famous for a special atmosphere, but the guest of one of them, Nicholas Blossom, at some point it was not up to the fun: a visitor fell from the third floor of the building crowded, please head straight for the iron rod fence.

Pointed rod so deeply stuck in the skull, which arrived on the scene, rescuers did not dare to remove it. Together with a piece of rod into the head of the victim was taken to the intensive care unit, where doctors managed to safely get rid of Nicholas deadly "splinter". Typically, these brain injuries are fraught with irreversible consequences, but to everyone's surprise, blossom soon fully recovered.

5. The nail in the heart of

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Argentinian carpenter was completely absorbed in the work, when a colleague accidentally shot him in the chest with a gvozdomota. Nail sat down right in the heart, and surgeons had a few hours to fight for the life of the Argentine laborers. The victim is saved by the fact that the nail, hit the chest, worked as a stopper, preventing the carpenter died from loss of blood.

After carrying out complicated operations chief physician, told reporters that such cases in the world there were only three, and the carpenter with a nail in the heart of the fourth proved to be survivors of this incident.

6. A steel rod in the brain

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Brazilian builder Eduardo Leite, working on one of the objects, bent over the instrument, when his head hit a steel rod as thick as two see - the rod struck the helmet and the skull, and went right between the eyes.

When Leite was taken to hospital, he remained absolutely clear conscience, he told doctors about the incident, and assured that does not feel any pain. During the five-hour operation rod is removed, with doctors later claimed that Hit the rod a few centimeters to the side - and Eduardo could have lost eyes or remain paralyzed. Fortunately, everything worked out.

7. Snow Trap

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Blizzard almost became a tomb for the Swedish motorist: a man for about two months spent inside the car without food. When he found 44-year-old Swede was lying wrapped in a sleeping bag, and weakness could hardly speak. Escape death by dehydration he managed, eating snow further examine him physicians noted that male actually "went into hibernation" like bears - physiological processes frozen, and body temperature dropped to 31 ° C, which made it possible to minimize the power consumption of the organism.

8. The Serpent's lair

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

16-year-old Faith has managed to fall into a nest of rattlesnakes, as she was walking near his uncle's house. Of course, an unexpected visit reptiles angry: she was attacked by one adult and five small cubs, and then spent four days in the hospital.

You could say it was lucky, because it was difficult to even count the number of toxic substances introduced into the bloodstream, because snakes can control the amount of venom injected. It is known that for a complete recovery took Vera ampoule 24 with the antidote.

9. Blinder's ex-wife

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Robert Hall peacefully drinking in the company of his ex-wife, her brother and one of his friends when the trio suddenly decided to severely punish him. A few strokes pistol to show them enough: Holly tied to the truck and the trailer. Robert dragging about a kilometer, the attackers untied him and threw him in the back, discussing where to bury the body unnoticed.

Hearing the conversation, Hall, apparently felt a strong desire for life because, despite numerous severe injuries, he managed to escape from the ex-wife and her armed cronies. Later, the trio failed assassins brought before the stern face of the law, and Robert had recovered from his injuries.

10. Cobra Bite

10 lucky, narrowly escaped death

Nepali farmer Mohammed Salmodin worked for the benefit of their own rice fields 200 km from Kathmandu, when his hand gripped king cobra - one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. Amount of venom in a single bite of it is enough to send to the light up to 20 people, as the venom contains a powerful neurotoxin. In such cases, it is relying more running to the hospital (death can occur within 15-20 minutes), but the enraged snake bit the farmer in return, from which she died immediately. Friends and family advised Salmodinu visit the hospital, which he did, but no ailments he was found.

Later, Mohammed said that one friend snake charmer in such cases advised to "return" the bite to avoid trouble. As can be seen, the method really works.