10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, people are trying to meet the aliens, but, alas, so far all of our cosmic messages remain unanswered. And judging by the originality, not to say strange, many of them, this is a good thing, because we do not know what they thought of humanity aliens, catching the signals. We present our ten most original attempts to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

1. Circles


10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Today, the appearance of the intricate geometric patterns of pologshey on grass fields is often credited with the case of an alien hand, but initially it was thought that, on the contrary, so that people can come into contact with the "green men": so, in 1820, the year the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, Hooked on geodesy, decided to strangers noticed our messages, they should be clearly visible from the bird's-eye view, so he offered to cut down a significant portion of the Siberian taiga in the form of a huge triangle, and sow his rye .

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Gauss also invented a special device which transmits light signals over long distances - helioscope, whose main function is geodetic measurements, but also the "father of mathematics" by means of reflected sunlight was trying to "reach out" to distant planets.

Two decades later, the Austrian astronomer Joseph von Littrow, we believe that there is life on the moon, offered to dig in the Sahara desert giant 30-kilometer circular trench, fill it with kerosene and set on fire at night to "lunatics" noticed us. Both scientists - and Gauss, and Littrow - thought at the same time that the geometric shapes - the perfect message for aliens, as the whole universe is subject to mathematical laws.

2. The concentrated light

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

After seeing faded once the lights on the surface of Mars and Venus (probably the any weather phenomena), French inventor and poet Charles Cros thought it was nothing but the light of an alien city. Therefore, in 1867 Cros published "Overview of possible connections with the planet," and two years later, in 1869, suggested the use of a parabolic mirror to "collect" the electric light and direct it in the direction of Mars and Venus. At the same time, in his opinion, the rays must flash (a kind of light Morse code) to the newcomers understand that this is a coded message, rather than simply glow of a star.

Who doubted that the small mirrors to cope with such a daunting task, so turned to the French government to set somewhere in the desert, a huge parabolic reflector. Unfortunately, the inventor of the application was rejected, and his poetic dream of reuniting with extraterrestrial intelligence has not come true.

3. Plates "Pioneers"

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

In the early 1970s, NASA launched two unmanned spacecraft - "Pioneer 10" and "Pioneer 11" - to study Jupiter and Saturn, respectively. Apart from complicated technical "stuffing" on board ships were attached unusual plate of anodized aluminum. What for? According to the famous astronomer Carl Sagan and Frank Drake, they would help the aliens understand where and why profits "Pioneers". On plates attached to the ship's hull have been schematically depicted a man, a woman, the solar system indicating the distance from the main lights up the earth and hydrogen atoms.

Unfortunately, in 2003, NASA lost contact with the "Pioneer 10", and in 2005 - with the "Pioneer 11", and as a result we have not received an answer to the question of whether aliens understand the human figures . Skeptics are still arguing about what was this action - an important scientific research or a waste of money?

4. The Arecibo Message

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

At about the same time with the launch of "pioneer" among astronomers actively discussed the possibility of establishing contact with extraterrestrials through radio signals, because they are smaller than the light affected by cosmic dust and have a longer wavelength. Therefore, all of the same invented Drake and Sagan message of 1 679-minute digits by encrypting it DNA formula, the atomic number of oxygen, hydrogen and other elements as well as the numbers from one to ten in binary notation.

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Carl Sagan

November 16, 1974, the year the scientists gave 169-second radio signal from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico in the direction of the ball star cluster M13, at a distance of 25 thousand light years from Earth, and all would be nothing, that's just, even if the aliens get our message , wait for an answer, we will have not less than 40 thousand years.

5. A gold plate "Voyager"

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

In 1977, the US space agency launched two more apparatus for the study of distant planets of the solar system - "Voyager 1" and "Voyager 2", equipping them this time a gold plate with the recording sounds of nature, different languages, music songs and images, telling about the life of earthlings. As planned tireless Karl at Sagan case aluminum plate was etched needle setting circuit for reproducing messages, the method of converting video signals in the image and the playback speed.

Currently, the "Voyager 1" and "Voyager 2" located on the edge of the solar system and is the most distant planet from man-made objects. Surprisingly, they still send signals to Earth, it is a pity that so far none of them has been the return of aliens News.

6. "Vaginal poetics"

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Although many believed the image of men and women on the plates "Pioneers" too outspoken, the artist Joe Davis believed that people are drawn without the sexual organs, can not "talk" aliens of Homo Sapiens and its method of reproduction, so in 1986, , he decided to write a letter to the aliens, which consists of the sounds of vaginal contractions.

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Joe Davis

It is not clear how, but Davis has persuaded several dancers let him write the "poetics" of their sheaths, which the artist has invented a special device with a sensitive pressure sensor. Then, when you rent from MIT radar "Milestone, County Tipperary Hill", he sent his 20-minute message into space, but soon this strange experiment learned the United States Air Force and banned it. However, the message of Davis was longer than the radio, which was started with Arecibo, in connection with which it has already reached two distant stars - Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti.

7. "Cosmic Call" and children's radio messages

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Russian physicist on radar asteroid expert Alexander Leonidovich Zaitsev has sent at least five interstellar radio messages, including multipage.

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Alexander Zaitsev

The first "space call" was sent to them in 1999, as part of the state project "contact team" and is addressed directly to four stars - a multi interstellar radio message Zaitseva contained what ufologists called the Rosetta stone, that is, a bitmap with an encyclopedia of human knowledge about the world. The second "Space Call" was cast in the year 2003, its content is almost identical to the first, but it contains more data about the people themselves. Both radio messages were sent using the planetary radar in Yalta (Ukraine).

But that Zaitsev did not stop, and in 2001, the scientist and his team sent into space another radio message, for which he drew students from several cities - Moscow, Kaluga, Voronezh, and Zheleznogorsk. The content of this message was much simpler - no mathematics and other complex things, and solid art: teens helped physics to choose the music for the aliens, who in turn sent a radio wave in the direction of the Big Dipper and the other five stars with solar systems similar to our . And if the universe we are not alone, then in 2047, the year "green men" will be able to enjoy the immortal works of Beethoven, Vivaldi and Gershwin.

8. Advertising "Doritos"

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

In 2008, the Research Institute "EISCAT" within six hours of broadcast advertising space chips "Doritos". It's funny that such a large-scale campaign was aimed at attracting the attention not only of aliens, how many earthlings as European scientific association sharply cut funding, and it is in dire need of funds.

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

Advertising broadcast by radar in the form of MPEG code, its target audience - potential residents of a dwarf galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major, located at a distance of only 42 light years from Earth. It turned out that the movie "the Doritos" not only in the universe - other advertising also falls into interstellar space, but it signals "drowning" in outer noise. "The Doritos" is broadcast on ultra-high frequency of 500 MHz, so she can get to the blue screens "green men", if they exist.

9. Latest Photos

10 original attempts to make contact with aliens

As promised at the end of last year, end of the world did not come, the name of this cosmic message - "Latest Photos" - sounds like something is wrong. However, the capsule with the images of the Earth and its inhabitants plows somewhere in the Universe, to tell strangers about our existence, if suddenly life on our planet ever restarts his.

Trevor Paglen

Author of the project - the artist Trevor Paglen, who successfully took advantage of the universal excitement about the apocalypse, to present to the world their photos. But be that as it may, the work Paglia delicious - they are all our life as it is: the photographer five years has consulted with leading scientists and philosophers of our time, to make the image as realistic as possible, and then burn them on the ultra-archive disk and I sent into space.

10. Telepathy

Most attempts to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations associated with the use of advanced technology, but there are people who say that to communicate with strangers they do not need any equipment.

Among them - Dr. Steven Greer, known for his documentary film about aliens "Sirius": a few times a year, he gathers a group of volunteers, and then took them away in secluded corners for meditation sessions with extraterrestrial beings. According to Greer, the "expedition to establish contact" go with a bang - on them people go to a higher level of consciousness, so that can not only talk to strangers, but also to remember their past lives. One can only hope that Greer and his followers once not to startle the aliens really willing to join with us in contact.