10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

People start blogging for several reasons: some may just want to share with people their thoughts, others are aiming to sell a particular product or assist its promotion, and others thus try to help themselves.

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

By whatever the reasons, I started a blog, it can suddenly become successful and bring to its creator millions of dollars. Before you - a selection of the most successful and widely read blogs in the world, who have made their creators rich.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Blog "The Huffington Post" was created by Kenneth Lerer, Andrew Breitbart, Jonah Peretti and Arianna Huffington. new content appears regularly in this blog, covering a wide range of topics: politics, business, environment, entertainment, technology and more.

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Arianna Huffington

blog concept was invented in May of 2005, and the project was launched just a few days later, a year later one of the major banks have invested in the project $ 5 million, and even in a few years, thanks to fundraising and various investment blog has collected more than $ 15 million in 2011, the year for $ 315 million acquired by the blog "AOL", and one of the founders -. Arianna Huffington - remained as chief editor.

Now on the blog works great number of people, for example, in the State is 9000 regular contributors, among them politicians, celebrities and respected scientists. Blog is written not only for the American audience - there were also Canadian, British, French, Italian and Spanish versions, oriented to the interests of the citizens of these countries.

The blog has become so popular and gained the trust of the readers is that in 2009, the "Forbes" magazine gave Arianna Huffington 12th place in the list of most influential women in the world.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

"TechCrunch" puts on the pages of news and information, in one way or another connected with technology. Blog founded and created by Michael Arrington in 2005, the year, and later on the basis of content "TechCrunch" was created by a number of other blogs of similar subjects, known collectively as the "TechCrunch Network": for example, a blog devoted exclusively to computers and mobile devices - " MobileCrunch ". Also, all the content "TechCrunch" is translated into French and Japanese - "TechCrunch France" and "TechCrunch Japan", respectively, this move brought the blog more and more popular. Now the blog cost is $ 100 million.

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Michael Arrington

The founders are now already go beyond the limits of blogging itself: for example, they organize various conferences on computer and network technologies - one of these events, "TechCrunch Moscow", is held every year in Moscow. Come and listen to the reports of the leading experts in the field of IT-industry can be anyone, what's more, if you have an interesting project, you can take part in the "Battle of startups" - show your product in such a way that the most prominent global investors interested in them.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

"Gawker" was created by New Yorker Nick Denton in the year 2003 and offers audiences learn all sorts of information about the world's celebrities - actors, musicians, politicians. Often published rumors, gossip, news and events from the life of stars and prominent politicians of the world (on average 20-30 articles every day), and the source is mostly anonymous informants from other popular media.

In all the time of its existence, "Gawker" received funds from well-known investors, and now the cost of the blog is estimated at $ 100 million.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

"Lifehacker" - is a blog containing mostly hints and tips on how to make everyday life a lot easier and more enjoyable, as well as information about the novelties in the world of gadgets and software. Currently, a blog owned by "Gawker Media" (blog owners number 3 on our list), and has received significant support from the "Microsoft". "Lifehacker" was launched in 2005 by Gina Trapani: the first time she worked on a blog, and about a year later it was joined by two editors.

Its high cost is required to blog is not only unique and interesting content, but also a significant investment by the company "Sony" - is now the site exists mainly due to published on it advertising. Daily blog is laid out on 18 articles, most popular it is in Japan and Australia, and as of today the cost - $ 109 million.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

In the blog "Mashable" published the news about web sites, social media and technology. Founded the blog Scottish teenager Pete Cashmore in 2005, the year, and the focus of it is on the news from the media, but not less than the articles with the events from the world of technology, entertainment, online games, film, memes and gadgets. "Mashable" - one of the largest sites in the world: in 2009, he entered the top 25 best blogs in the world. At the 2013th year of the blog is 3, 2 million subscribers in the "Twitter" and about 1 million subscribers in the "Facebook".

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Pete Cashmore

"Mashable" Since 2007, the year established its own award for the best online communities and services: voting is conducted online to subscribers of the blog and its partners. It was later added several more nominations - the best mobile app, best video and the most promising start-up year. The cost of "Mashable" currently stands at $ 95 million.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Ben Huh founded the blog in the year 2008, all kinds of humor is published in its pages, jokes, comic videos and photos - any funny situations all over the world. Five months after the launch of the blog acquired company "Cheezburger Inc", its main income comes from investments and published in blog advertising. Each month, the site comes more than a million unique visitors, and the creators of "Fail Blog" in 2009, he released his own book with jokes, which was released a year and well sold.

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Ben Huh

On news work not only employees of the blog - most of the materials on the site are charged to non-members. Of course, the blog has received a number of prestigious awards for online publications. There is even the associated scandal: in 2009, the "Fail Blog" posted a screenshot of the web page of the website "Guinness" - "The greatest number of people killed in the terrorist attack" and provided it with a link entitled "Beat the record." "Guinness" threatened legal action, the link was removed, but the story was widely publicized and provided "Fail Blog" more popular.

The exact value of a blog is not advertised, but it is believed that it is a few million dollars.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

"Smashing Magazine" publishes tips for designers and Web developers - the blog was founded in 2006 by Sven Lennarttsem and Vitaly Friedman: they give the evaluation of different software and programs for web coding, as well as all new instruments oriented people working in the networking industry. In addition, the creators of the blog issue their own textbooks for the design and development of internet business illustrated with examples from life. Also on site is available for download free fonts, icons, templates and other things to help web developers and web designers. The huge influx of money is provided due to published in the blog advertising, investments and donations - the cost of "Smashing Magazine" is $ 5 million.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

This blog is dedicated to a variety of information about the business, it was founded in 2009 by Kevin P. Ryan and is today considered one of the most trusted providers of such information, as all the content comes from a reputable source. All analytical news published one hour after their appearance in the media, for which 45 experienced journalists constantly "monitor" events.

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Kevin P. Ryan

Users also can report the news - a special service open to it on the website, where anyone can leave an anonymous message, in addition, all the events are provided with expert commentary. "Highlight" of the site is the ironic tone of the presentation, moreover, the blog notes how the information can be trusted, and which was deliberately distorted. On the site as well as a source of reference such authoritative publications such as, "The New York Times" and "National Public Radio".

Editors blog - experts in the field of intelligence, for example, the chief editor Henry Blodget previously worked as a manager "Merrill Lynch", "Pierce" and "Fenner & Smith", and one of the regular contributors Dan Frommer was an employee of "Forbes".

The net asset value of the blog assessment Kevin P. Ryan - $ 3 million.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

A blog about network technologies "Engadget" was founded in 2004 by Peter Rojas: it published the most fresh news from the world of consumer electronics and technological gadgets. Often on the site there are news about the development of technological innovations, as well as expert opinions on those or other gadgets. On the blog has dozens of professional analysts and journalists: the blog's editor, Darren Morf, entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific professional blogger in the world - as of October 5, 2010, the year he published 17,212 articles.

10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

Peter Rojas

In addition to direct the articles, the site has its own application in the form of a journal, which can be downloaded for a small fee, as well as their own show. Blog is written in several languages ​​- Japanese, Chinese, Korean and German.

"Engadget" is included in the "Technorati Top 100", and in 2010, the year was marked as one of the best blogs of the year. The cost is $ 3, 2 million.

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10 popular blogs, which brought their creators millions

"The Daily Beast" publishing news and reviews about various events in the world - from fashion shows to funny things. Blog founded by Tina Brown in the year 2008, and in 2010, the company merged with "Newsweek", earning both sides of a large influx of cash.

Large income blog brings the book "Beast books", the content of which is based on the most interesting materials of the site for a year. In addition, the blog leads several of his own ratings - for example, universities, journals and others. blog audience of about three million users each month, and the cost of "The Daily Beast" is currently estimated at $ 100 million.