"Ladoga Trophy" 2013 - a unique off-road competition

• "Ladoga Trophy" 2013 - a unique off-road competitions

"Ladoga Trophy" - is one of the most important off-road competition in Russia, which takes place since 1996. To date, the country is no longer anything like it. Trophy-raid "Ladoga" is unique in the world of adventure on the complexity and length of routes, the number and geography of participants.

1200 km off-road, 193 crew on vehicles and quad bikes, as well as the most beautiful places around Lake Ladoga. Most large-scale Russian 4 * 4 event takes place on open spaces of Karelia and Leningrad region already for the 17th time.

Admire the machines only during the start and finish in St. Petersburg. Too inconvenient to build bleachers in the marshes, sand and rocks. Unfortunately, the race - the event is not designed for audiences.

To see all the eyes is only one way - to become party to the trophy. That's what I did, signing up for a couple of days to SKM Motors team photographers, who led the Roman Semyonov and Fyodor Toschev.

Participants trophy compete in 13 groups, they differ in the complexity of the tracks, the size of the wheels and twists equipment. From the "TR-1" - is almost normal "jeep", but with the safety cage, winch bumper and shod in rubber evil:

A cross between a tractor, rover and iron man. Popularly referred to as "chops", apparently, for a full stuffing implemented in garages engineering ideas.

It seems you've wanted photos from the race. I will not pull them.

The saying "The steeper the jeep, the farther behind the tractor run" does not apply here. Electrical wonderful device - the winch pulls the car out of seemingly hopeless situations.

Member of trying to discern what is the problem in a broken winch:

retrofitted machines can cost several million rubles, but the trophy - is exactly the case when the hands and experience to successfully compete with large budgets.

Such methods passage portion set. You can not hesitate to fly at speed. You can go out and explore the bottom and depth. Or, looking at the machines had risen, immediately begin to unwind the winch to save time:

Any team will tell you about the trophy like this: "And then took off his shoes wheel, glass broke log, severed arm, bent rod, ran out of brakes, clutch burned."

Trails in different categories partially overlap. If you stay long, getting on some special stage, it is possible to meet ATVs:

In the race they participate in pairs:

No one here is going through about scratches and dents. People happily fotkat: "How cool I planted it!"

But then, when in their wheelbarrow anyone pritretsya will touch centimeter scratch your finger to assess damage caused by the traffic police ...

Suddenly - a girl! Crews with the girls on Ladoga very little:

Driving from the finish to the camp. Such strange vehicles gas station workers had never seen:

Lifting, race, finish, camp, tent, campfire and dinner - this is the daily routine. And then the repair, renovation and repair until the morning:

The majority of participants on the issue of race will respond as follows: "We are happy with the result - returned home on wheels, rather than hauling machine on a trailer." Machines for a serious test.