6 wildest feats Bear Grylls

Scientists have found that if you happen to nuclear apocalypse, then the world will only cockroaches ... and Bear Grylls. Do not believe me? Here is the most insane British expert feats of survival, which is June 7 turned 39 years old.

6 wildest feats Bear Grylls

Deer heart

Eskimos gave his name known varieties of ice cream, but in real life, these people are often tough to eat raw meat. Once in the Arctic Circle, Grylls, of course, could not join the local culture. Sure hand he killed and skinned the main source of life in the snowy wilderness - reindeer. Belly of horned cattle was a great place to warm up stiff hands, and went on to fluff warming ammunition. On this day, at lunch the traveler had the heart of an animal, which he washed down with a few generous swallows deer blood.

Dear honey

Bear Grylls is very fond of honey, not for nothing that his name is translated into Russian as "bear". At the same time he is confident that the search for a treat it is best not to the grocery store, and in the beehive somewhere in the Mexican mountains. The operation to extract honey was successful enough, and Extreme has got off with just a bite in the face. But it turned out that he is allergic to bee venom. Grylls face began to swell almost in real time, and soon it turned into a cartoon alien comic book, which few have seen one eye.

Glamor Urinotherapy

It is safe to assume that a big fan of Dr. Malakhov Grylls is calling to drink urine at every opportunity. After all, the Briton, removes most of their shows in arid areas, have to do it with enviable regularity. But never before quenching thirst by using their own urine does not look as glamorous as one hot day in the salt of the Mexican desert. Grylls has urinated into the skin of a snake previously eaten there and then drink urine because the other vessel had at that time was not on hand.

Camel house

Visiting the Sahara Desert, Grylls has decided to show its viewers a "simple" way, which is used by local Berbers to protect themselves from blowing sand. For this, he butchered carcass of hefty camel, thoroughly clean the insides and tore off the skin of the animal. Camel skeleton steel structure for asylum broadcaster, where he got to his head, hiding the rest of the outside of the body with a blanket of skins. "I am one hundred percent protected from the sand!" - he shouted pleased Grylls from somewhere deep pink pile of meat.

Pacific enema

During a trip on a raft in the Pacific Grylls much thirsty, quench that he could not, because it took on board the only foul the water with dissolved in it bird excrement. One sip of the cocktail guaranteed vomiting and life-threatening food poisoning, but enterprising Briton still found a way to avoid dehydration. Knowing that the colon is able to absorb the liquid, he made himself an enema with a sickening water, thereby preventing it from entering the stomach.

Arctic crossing

Grylls, rolling wade Arctic river - an unbearable sight even accustomed to the cold of the Russian people. It has got into the water completely naked, using one of the floats past floes for transporting skis and backpack. Each step along the rocky bottom of the flyer delivered incredible suffering, compounded by a real danger of cardiac arrest due to thermal shock. The street was such Dubakov that froze even camera, shoot - senseless and ruthless - a feat Briton.