Rules of Life Ozzy Osbourne

• Rules of Life Ozzy Osbourne

Rules of Life Ozzy Osbourne

I grew up in Aston, and our family was poor. As a child I was afraid of everyone and constantly portrayed an idiot to amuse the children and get them on the neck.

I started a little bit to understand life only when almost worked himself up to the handle.

Then they say, "If you fly to San Francisco, in your hair should be flowers." What FIG San Francisco? And flowers in Aston we have seen except at funerals.

When I was listening to She Loves You, I just flew. It was awesome. The world turns. I still dream that Paul McCartney will marry my sister.

As a father reacted to my success in Black Sabbath? As such, in the lottery win. This has changed the balance of the entire family, because now everyone was waiting for freebies.

If you want to re-sing a song with a brilliant melody, for God's sake, do not change the tune!

Before Sharon I had another wife and I had a mad drug addict, drunk, and I had a sense from both the ashtray on a motorbike.

I can not do anything in moderation. When I smoked, then I smoked for thirty cigars a day.

I have dyslexia, absent-mindedness and even something like a hereditary tremor. In this town, if you are Ozzy Osbourne, and you do something wrong, you can be sure spent a lot of "bucks" as to find out their diagnosis. Last doctor pulled me roughly 720,000 dollars a year.

Sharon's father was a manager at the gangsters, so it is a real business woman. Once I told her: "It amazes me that you all my life in the music business, and eat like a wounded antelope." She replied: "I am amazed that you all my life in the music business and the contracts make sense as a pig in oranges." Gad will be nobody in the world can not sing like me.

To lie, it is necessary to have an excellent memory, and I have it, no.

If the family is ready to ensure that the crew stuck in their house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and filmed everything, in the end about any family will make a good film. Here the main thing - to mount correctly.

After the first year of "The Osbournes" I arranged a festival "Ozzfest" and people would ask, "Why are you here?" I replied, "Shaw satisfied." - "What other shows?" - "Rock Show". And they wondered: "So you're a part of this?"

Sex with groupies? It's like going to a candy store. Everyone says, "I'm not going to touch it, and the appetite itself Otobaya". But you will still gobble up some cake!

A freak accident will not become life. You've got to work.

I know that will be written on my grave, and there's no getting around it: "Here lies Ozzy Osbourne, singer of Black Sabbath, who bit off a bat's head."

I just was always himself. And, of course, I was lucky with the manager.