40 revelations supermarket cashier

Most people interact with shop cashiers at least several times a week. We pass them our money, cards, they see us in an intimate area with our favorite foods, they tend to be friendly (not all of course), but we never worked as a cashier, know very little about their difficult work. Here are some revelations professional cashier.

40 revelations supermarket cashier

About customer interaction

1. When I ask you, "How are you doing?" I just want a little escape from the monotonous work, but you (buyers) do look as if in front of you talking dog.

2. Do not hang around and do not flirt with me while I work. I'm not interested in getting acquainted with you right now. And it makes me distracted from the duties and thereby I brake line movement.

3. Please do not comment on our appearance. Yes, a stupid hat, got off a little hair. Understand, we get tired and this form we were given ...

4. Stop telling me how much cheaper in a nearby store. I know it myself. I'll probably buy it, too. But I'm not involved in procurement and pricing policy of the company.

5. Personal space. You know the concept. So do not get too close.

Pro purchase

6. Yes, tellers have their own taste and what you buy can be really "G ....", but I have no right to advise. 7. If and decided to drink water from the not yet bought a bottle, so at least tighten the lid.

8. We do not care how much punch. But do not grab everything off the shelves, at the box office failure to do - is to increase your maintenance time. Use your head. And if you have a certain amount in your pocket, do not be lazy to count on the calculator on your phone whether you have enough money.

9. If you go a couple, then take a trolley or basket. We do not need to disassemble the box office, on the theme "Why did you take nectarines, blind goat, if I took the peaches ..."

10. I spend most of my time in this small box, which probably should have been a hint to you that I do not know if these cookies are kosher or not. But I can call the administrator to understand. Does this help you and those who stand behind you?

11. Do not come drunk to the store. Well, we do not like drunks.

12. Do not be embarrassed to buy condoms in the 16, it's better than buying 16 nappies.

About turn the

13. Do not complain about the packages, do not like it - take it out of the house of the package with the package.

14. Bought meat, take a couple of bags. Why throw Shmatok on cash?

15. We do not have to pull your food out of the basket. Take the time to pull out your purchases on the belt yourself.

16. If you are buying 5-10 bottles of the same, no need to pull out all of them. A single. 17. We do not have to put your purchases in a bag.

18. If we notice that you have something sticking out from under his jacket, then we can call the administrator and security. Do not steal ...

19. When you're standing in line, you will not only unbearable, but those who follow you. Be cultured.

20. Do not dispose of the carriage and the basket at the checkout or at the cash register.

21. We hate those bar codes that are difficult to read or overwritten. Make sure that there were not. Thank.

About payment

22. If you pay cash, bills, expand fully. We were uncomfortable to work with your "books" and "tubes"

23. If the card is temporarily not accept, is not a shop, it is because of the Internet.

24. Do not lay up for a trifle, to pass it to us. Go better in the bus, although, yes, sometimes we need it.

25. Do not ask us about the actions we do in parallel.

26. I do not know why the price tag on one, and at the box office more. It's not my fault.

27. "Buy 10 bottles of beer mug and get a gift" - the most productive action.

28. Children should be supervised, and the lollipops are always within reach.


29. If you decide that you do not want to buy one or two products, transfer them to the cash register, it is not necessary to put the fish in bread.

30. Why is leaky packaging? A frequently asked question by mothers who do not doglyadeli until their child dig up everything you can. 31. Leave the dog house ...

32. Do not be surprised that I am now working at another store. Perhaps because of the attempt to meet with me in the store and I was fired.

33. Once again ... Watch the children.

34. Please people, do not crap in the store.

Thoughts and observations

35. I love the tie, which is included in our form. And I am proud to be able to tie a knot better than most men.

36. Why are all as interesting as we go to the toilet ...

37. Do not complain that you have enough money, I'm not a psychologist, and for free vodka will not give.

38. Old people always complain. This is not the fault of the store. Even if in the neighboring 1 ruble cheaper, they will say, and put it as a reproach.

39. Check the expiration date, but sometimes the goods delayed.

40. Come into the store dressed cultural, it is not necessary to resort to our shorts and sneakers ...

41. Just because I often see you and know in person, it does not mean that I'm not your personal therapist.

42. We do not have to like at McDonald's shouting "Free Cash" ...

Welcome to the store ... We are always glad to see you, but remember that we are people too ...