Rules of life of Ian McKellen

Rules of life of Ian McKellen

In Middle-earth, no sex.

At my age - who knows what might happen when I come around the corner?

Be famous in over 70, probably easier than being famous in 18. Now I understand that it is much nicer to be known as Gandalf, rather than as Ian McKellen. Better that people are interested in the personal life of Gandalf, not mine.

Tolkien was the main authority in the world of Middle-earth, and I do not think he thought about sex. At least, in the book "The Lord of the Rings" that there is no evidence. While rumors about Sam and Frodo, I know, go.

My self-confidence has grown extraordinarily, when I turned 49 and I said, "Yes, I - gay."

Many expected that I will be the leader of the gay movement. But I was much more impressed with the role of an ordinary soldier.

It is impossible to answer for everyone in the world. I am responsible only for gays and acting. All the rest of the battle, I leave to others.

Thanks to new technologies will soon eliminate the need for plastic surgery. Why cut yourself in a living, if all you can do on your computer? If the case goes and further, we Meryl Streep can still play Romeo and Juliet.

When the actor playing Hamlet or Romeo or Iago or Richard III, it shall first of all must remember that these roles were played by thousands or even tens of thousands of people. And then the fear goes away. You understand that you are one of many, and you have nothing to worry about. Just play. Show your personal reaction to what happens with Hamlet. I do not see the difference between the stand-up comedian and actor, who plays in Shakespeare's play. In fact, if you do not become a good comedian, you can never be like to play Hamlet.

Once in Melbourne during a rehearsal of "Waiting for Godot" I went out for five minutes to get some air. Before I could take my hat off as a passer-by threw a dollar. And someone said, "Can I help you, brother?"

Godot - is anything, what is waiting for the man. One expects to win the lottery. The other is waiting for it to fall in love. When I was a kid, for me it was Christmas. And it eventually came.

Eight years ago, New Zealand was paradise kuschami. There has been no predators. Nature, full of harmony. Apparently, the Earth was ruled by birds, and before the success that some of them have forgotten how to fly - it was not necessary. And then the man came and brought predators - ferrets, weasels, dogs, rats ...

The Shire is no church. It is an ideal place to live, it is a paradise - and there is no God! There is no pope, no archbishop, no Bible, no one requires keeping the commandments. But there is Gandalf.

Politicians too often talk about God.

The only thing I regret - I lost my focus. The actors of my generation learned to speak correct English, and now even in the "Bi-bi-si" can be removed without knowing the standard pronunciation. I am inclined to think that it was good. Of course, I am less than Anthony Hopkins. Tony - part of Hollywood, and I - an eccentric English actor.

One morning I saw from my terrace over the Thames corpse - naked white and swollen. I do not know, it was a sheep or a dog. Day I do not eat, and then could not even look at meat. So I became a vegetarian and had them for 15 years.

If you want tickets sold well, just put "Macbeth." In the old days, theater-goers, having learned that a theater puts "Macbeth", realized that he was in trouble.

There are some great actors in the UK who have been knighted. I always admired them. But becoming a knight, you will find yourself in the company of people who do not admire, including - politicians.

In old age, you begin to take care of the time and words. It makes no sense to speak up for what you do not.

I do not understand how you can control your game, if you're drunk.

If you decide to change shoes and trousers before put makeup, rather than after, you can easily forget to wear pants.