10 offices that look less likely for offices

Cause time fun hour. However, in recent years a trend to blur the boundaries between work and leisure, office and home, and the seriousness of the game in favor of the latter. It should be noted, not without pleasure: to you ten interior, which is clearly illustrated.

Red Bull

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The project concept was to create an interior that corresponds to the philosophy of Red Bull. The chief architect of Sid Lee Architecture Bureau Jeanne Pelly suggested the use of the principle of two opposite and complementary hemispheres of the human brain: reason versus intuition, art against industry, darkness against light, angels against demons.

Rooms cave of faceted metal parts and winding corridors inside the reconstructed shipyard dock embody the idea of ​​dichotomy space, common areas flow into private rooms, black becomes white and vice versa. One of the goals of the project's authors was to combine simplicity and brutality of industrial buildings with an active, sporty lifestyle even, which is associated with Red Bull. "The energy is not lost, the energy - is redistributed" - sounds like that one of the slogans of the company, and the interior is strongly illustrates - cliffs on one side and a skate park on the other. Surreal picture adds a view from the window in the old shipyard with the ever-battened up necks of cranes and Russian submarine, which has already become an anachronism.

Adobe, the new headquarters of

10 offices that look less likely for offices


The first headquarters of Adobe in San Jose (California) reminds, according to witnesses, the space station. The new office in Lehi (Utah) is designed by experts from the architectural studio in cooperation with Rapt Studio WRNS Studio. The space is designed for 1,000 employees. During the construction of the building it was used a lot of glass, thereby prevails in natural light and has a huge open space. the headquarters of the walls are painted street artist El Mac and Mike Giant tattoo master. Painted on the wall of the main atrium of the girl symbolizes the children's spontaneity, which are suitable to the creation of the company's employees and the people who use the products of Adobe. The design of a lot of computer graphics and digital printing. Ergonomic space helped to equip the campus full-size basketball court, climbing wall, swimming pool, ping-pong table, a gym and a café. "Playful interior is a reflection of the creative business of the company Adobe", - say the authors of the project. All of them remains only envy.

Pride & Glory Interactive, an advertising agency

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Krakow, Poland

New advertising agency office Pride & Glory Interactive in the former factory premises in Krakow, Poland, designed by Polish architects Morpho Studio. Neighborhood Zablocie, where the office was formed back in the middle of the XIX century, when the first industrial enterprises were built here. Now this area, as well as many industrial areas of Europe, is experiencing a renaissance, becoming a chief in the Museum of Modern Art.

The main office of the agency Pride & Glory Interactive is located in a former cable manufacturing plant. premises of the project The basic idea is quite paradoxical: to preserve the atmosphere of an industrial plant and harmoniously fit into it elements that create the comfort of home. The design used found in the back of old things: shelves, reception desk and a few tables made of planks remaining after removal of 100-year-old house of one of the owners of the agency. An important element of the organization of space has become an open kitchen with dining area, which according to the authors intended to unite people working together - at home. It is also an excellent lighting solution was found by designers - light bulbs hanging from the ceiling on cables, similar to the web.

Google, the new headquarters of

10 offices that look less likely for offices

London, UK

British Google moved into a new residence, on the design of which worked talented architects and designers PENSON studio. The space turned out incredibly eclectic, cozy, cheerful, without losing functionality. The situation for the most part framed in retrostile and is called "Grandma's apartment" as reminiscent of a classic English living room of the old woman - wool ottomans, pillows, rocking chairs. For the flooring, natural wood planks and carpets were chosen. Also for finishing commonly used recycled materials. The whole office is perceived as one large open space, highlighting thematic zones: a meeting room called the Town Hall, accommodating up to 200 people; Lala library with a huge semi-circular white sofa and colorful cushions; Secret Garden - for those who are tired of sitting in the office; a rooftop terrace with soft benches, surrounded by a green fence, with its panoramic views of London, "Velvet Room," in which the walls and sofas are covered with green cloth in the style of a British pub. In addition, a real kitchen garden laid out on the ninth floor, where you can do anything with his own plant, pre-recorded. Lee Penson, founder of the design bureau, says about the project: "Everything here is made for people. Nooks, comfortable, soft slippers, rugs, pillows, couches, good food and fresh air - everything that relaxes, soothes, while forcing the imagination to work, is in the headquarters of Google. "

Yandex II

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Office for the Internet company "Yandex" St. Petersburg was created by Russian studio Za Bor Architects. Za Bor Architects and "Yandex" has been cooperating for the second time - the office, opened in 2008, it has become a powerful breakthrough in the history of contemporary design in Russia and has won several architectural awards. The second project - is located in the same building office, twice the previous total area of ​​3310 square meters. m, of which 200 meters - a long corridor. With his design architects had to solve two challenges - first, rationally organize extremely complex space extending along the axis of the central corridor; secondly, visually reflect the direction of the company. Architects Peter Zaytsev Arseniy Borisenko and decided to use a corridor-desk system, located along the corridor peregovornye- "cell", work areas and unusual objects, thus providing for them a particular functionality. Guests are literally within the service "Yandex": Following the corridors, they see the familiar fields for login and password for the mail and at every step encounter symbols and familiar icons, though they are not always easy to find - tiny pixel icons turned into a multimeter 3D-objects . The office has a gym, dining room, showers and a few cafes. Meeting rooms, two lecture halls, as well as equipped with fantasy jobs.

Lego PMD, the headquarters of

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Billund, Denmark

In this office, and must be "toy" of the company, and even Scandinavian - nothing rigorous and serious, a lot of light, open space, bright cheerful colors and original functional solutions. All of this came up and embodied designers Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord. Room design is focused on the game, awakening imagination. The main idea of ​​the designers was to create an interior that will help workers to return to their own childhood: hanging bridges, wrapped in thick blue cloth, and creates a feeling of walking on a cloud. Rays from the "cloud" at a special tube, you can quickly get down to the first floor. Another extraordinary idea - the originality scale: on one wall shows a giant-the LEGO man, walking among the "blades of grass" several meters high and in the area for coffee breaks are tables with built-in miniature tree bonsai. This unusual juxtaposition liberates the imagination and helps to get away from the stereotypes of scale. Thus, the designers managed to actually erase the line between play and work.

Microsoft, the headquarters of

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Vienna, Austria

Microsoft design business headquarters in Vienna engaged experts INNOCAD Architektur architectural bureau. The aim of the project was in the harmonious integration of social life in the working environment. The result is a fun, laid-back office with an environmental flavor. There is a themed room for negotiation, "hunting lodge", fully decorated in wood, and "ocean" - with built-in aquarium. The corridors are decorated with natural prints painted on a green floor-line, light, transparent glass walls make the space dimensionless. There are many original features: X-ray computer images on the back of the reception, furry wall of artificial grass and, of course, games room. Particular attention was paid to the recreation area, where randomly arranged soft mini-sofas and ottomans, a form reminiscent of computer parts. In order to get to the recreation area, you need to slide down from the second floor of a true children's slides.

Vitus Bering Innovation Park

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Horsens, Denmark

Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs named after Vitus Bering - the project of the Danish architectural office C.F. Moller. The basic concept here was the visual embodiment of the idea of ​​continuous professional development. Reflection is found in the appearance of spiral staircases, made of fiber cement, which embodies the "pursuit up." Bright green staircase is made in the form of tapes, ovivayuschey wall of the atrium, it passes through all six floors of the building and ends with access to the roof. Custom stairs design is intended to actually simplify moving between multiple classrooms, offices and conference rooms and visually unite them. Part of the roof assigned recreation area: a beautiful view of the city and relaxing comfortable environment. Another interesting detail - the intelligent air conditioning system (the innovation center and the other should not be), which is adapted according to the number of people present in each room.

Cable Industry, the headquarters of

10 offices that look less likely for offices

Empoli, Italy

The building of the central office of Cable Industry, which develops banking software in Empoli - the creation of Italian designer Massimo Mariani. The total area of ​​the object, like a ship from the movie "Space Odyssey" and occupying three floors - 4500 square meters. M. The first floor is completely given over to the exhibition space, in fact, it is under the ground - before construction around the building was dug a trench, then seeded lawn. At night, thanks to the correct location of fixtures that space is filled with light and give the impression soaring spaceship. The interior used many colored glass, which is coupled with the fluorescent light generates inside monochrome office impressive lighting effect. Pretty low-key colors of the walls is diluted with bright accessories - colorful tables, striking designer armchairs with ottomans unusual shape. On the upper floors are offices and offices, access to the patio and terrace. All designed in the same style - architectural form, ligaments, entrances, furniture, decoration. Hidden under the roof of a stand-alone photovoltaic system that makes the building completely self-sufficient.

Facebook, a new building (project)

10 offices that look less likely for offices

California, United States

The new campus should be replaced with a social network designed by Frank Gehry, the patriarch (he '84), who will give odds to many young people. In addition, he of those rare architects who manages to meet the customer requirements and at the same time fit into the budget. The new building will be a huge Facebook in size, but very simple in architecture - just like a hangar or warehouse. But for such a progressive company the main thing - the functionality and usability rather than extravagant look. Downstairs - parking on the ground floor and on the roof there will be gardens - green suggests so much, that from a distance the building will be, according to Mark Zuckerberg, resemble a green hill. And this, incidentally, is also a design course, which will not go unappreciated. Facebook phenomenon as a symbol of openness and a new office will be the largest open-work space on the planet - it is designed for 2800 people (it will be software developers). The old building will be connected to the new tunnel, which will pass under the highway.