10 best hotels for families

Holidays with children - an event that requires special training. Not only is the offspring need all the time to find something to do that they have allowed to relax and parents - must also find a hotel where the noisy little guests are welcome, but not tiresome nuisance for the other campers.

As a general rule, to satisfy all of these requirements allow so-called family-friendly hotel, specially designed for families with children. The company World Travel Awards is an annual ranking of hotels better than others adapted for families.

Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Argentina

10 best hotels for families

The room rate: $ 300

At first glance it seems that this hotel is somewhere in Austria - very much looks the Alpine landscape. But in fact, Llao Llao is located in the southern part of Patagonia, in the foothills of the Cordillera, on the shores of Lake Perito Moreno. Parents here can at your leisure to play golf (the season starts in October), and the whole family here is very nice to just wander around the neighborhood, enjoying the fresh air of the foothills.

Kemer Resort Hotel, Turkey

10 best hotels for families

The room rate: $ 400

In 2012 the hotel was recognized as the best family hotel in Europe, and this is not surprising. On the one hand, the hotel operator makes full use of all the advantages offered by the hotel's proximity to the famous Mount Taurus and the Mediterranean Sea. On the other hand, the scenery alone is not limited, and Kemer Resort Hotel has everything you need for outdoor activities: clubs and restaurants, animators, who are able to keep the children busy at least for the whole day, and plenty of routes for walking.

Hayman Island Resort, Australia

10 best hotels for families

The room: from $ 440 to $ 2290

Located on the Great Barrier Reef - one of the most beautiful parts of the Australian continent. In the past two years, he bears the title of Australia's best hotel for a family holiday, and deservedly so. At your service is not only breathtaking views of the sea and air, but also the whole range of services that make the stay memorable - and not too tight, as it often happens, if the family is vacationing with children.

Sun City Resort, South Africa

10 best hotels for families

The room rate: $ 250

Widely known that the South African hotel brought opportunities that can not boast of most other family-run hotels. In addition to the enormous area that is occupied by four members of the hotel complex and the swimming pool, in which real waves walk to hotel guests African safari, which are happy to participate and children.

Lily Beach Resort, Maldives

10 best hotels for families

Room rates: $ 190-570

Maldives is often called a paradise on earth, and they deserve this title. But if we look for paradise in paradise, it is worth paying attention to the hotel Lily Beach Resort. This resort has won the 2012 title of the best family resort in the Indian Ocean, and deservedly so: his guests can count on the full range of services, which can only be required for families with children.

Forte Village Resort, Italy

10 best hotels for families

Room rates: $ 900-1000 Forte Village Resort is located on the coast of Sardinia, in a subtropical climate zone. The combination of natural conditions and high level of service enabled him in 2012 to become the best resort in the world and in Europe. But the title of best hotel for families Forte Village Resort, which consists of two relatively independent hotel - Royal Pineta and Castello - gave way, not least because of the rather high prices.

Nexus Resort Karambunai, Malaysia

10 best hotels for families

The room rate: $ 130

In December 2012 the Nexus Resort Karambunai has won the title of best family resort in Asia. Covering an area of ​​3,000 acres, most of which - are the real South Asian jungle, this hotel offers a full range of modern facilities, including 8 restaurants and bars, a golf course and plenty of areas for children to play. In addition, it boasts very low for this level of hotel prices.

Dusit Thani Laguna Beach Resort, Thailand

10 best hotels for families

Room rates: $ 1,000

Dusit Thani Laguna Beach voted the best beach resorts in Asia in 2012. But it is not only attractive beaches: small hotel guests have the opportunity to almost the whole day to spend in the company of these elephants, which for them led to the territory of the hotel. And while the kids are busy socializing with the giant animals, their parents are able to relax on the beach or spend time at one of the local restaurants.

Tivoli Praia do Forte, Brazil

10 best hotels for families

The room rate: $ 500

Tivoli's Praia do Forte is located in the famous for its spas northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia. Besides the resorts, coastline famous Bailly also multiple colonies of sea turtles, watch that - one of the favorite activities of young guests. For children, even organizing a special night tours, during which you can see how the leisurely tortoise first chosen from the sea for the night on the beach, and just before dawn just slowly go way back to the water's edge.

The Jebel Ali Beach Resort, UAE

10 best hotels for families

The room rate: $ 370

Jebel Ali Beach Resort in 2012 became the winner in several categories: best family resort in the world, the best family resort in the Middle East, the best golf hotel in the Middle East in Dubai. Contrary to expectations, there is enough reasonable prices - given the title of the hotel and its location, and if you remember that it Jebel Ali Beach Resort is considered one of the world's most exotic hotels. Although, as they say its guests, this does not prevent exotic feel here very homely atmosphere.