"Redwood" National Park in California

• "Redwood" National Park in California

Here it is covered with redwoods, the planet Endor from Star Wars - it is here held a significant portion of filming the final episode. The natural habitat of these giants - the Pacific coast of North America. Single copies redwoods reach a height of over 110 meters (35 floors!) - this is one of the tallest trees on Earth. The maximum age - more than three and a half thousand years.

In the natural habitat propagation sequoia more commonly known as "mahogany" (Engl. Redwood or California Redwood), arranged in the areal Redwood reserves and Muir Woods National Monument.

During the Gold Rush in the 1850s, this region attracted a large number of loggers and miners. Because of this, a huge number of damaged trees.

In 1968 was created National Park, though by this time about 90% of the trees have been cut down.

Today it is one of the most important protected areas of Northern California.

The entrance to the park is $ 8.

Note what a wonderful bathroom! They know how to do the same people.

The name of the genus of trees was given in honor of the Sequoias - Indian chief Cherokee, inventor of the Cherokee syllabary, the founder of the newspaper in the language of the Cherokee.


This tree-dad - the largest in the park. But there are trees and more. Highest sequoia, which received the name "Hyperion", was discovered in the summer of 2006 in Redwood National Park, north of San Francisco. The height of the tree is 115, is 5 meters (379 feet 1). The researchers said that the damage caused to the tree at the top of a woodpecker, let Sequoia reach a height of 115, 8 meters. Woodpeckers against records.

In 2004, the journal Nature wrote that the theoretical maximum height redwoods (or any other tree) is limited to 122-130 meters due to gravity and friction between the water and the wood pores, through which it exudes.

The cut tree that fell in 1934. According to the annual rings, scientists have determined that the tree appeared before our era.

The root of a fallen tree, and Chinese.

Inside the burned tree.

The place is so magical that words can not convey. Here you need to go, it is desirable for the whole day. Here you can walk in any weather, there is always a good thing.

Suddenly a locomotive! Train ticket costs $ 24.

In the past the railway station looked like.


Of course, we went to ride on the train. The route runs along the old railway line, which was previously used for the transport of felled timber. Now it is a museum road.

All the arrows are switched manually with a special person, who concurrently also the conductor.

It is a pity that I do not understand the locomotives.

driver with a laser measures the temperature of the components and assemblies. Just as in the 19th century.


At the entrance to the park a small road goes to the right and lost behind the trees. At the fork in the road is worth a convenience store selling firewood.

Seller - old grandfather, a disabled person, which for many years does not come down to the store and at home. Some of his aides sometimes adds to the range of "showcase" and takes the money from the cash register. Everything is built on honesty: came, took a bunch of firewood, put $ 10 in the cash register, took the check and left.

Neighbors bdyat!

Here is such a park.