"Walruses" celebrate the New Year around the world

• "Walruses" celebrate the New Year around the world

Some people are shown below, we have decided to plunge into the cold water - for a short time or to swim a few laps. Some came in suits - such as Godzilla or the man in the boiler suit - though it is unclear how these costumes have helped them in cold water.

Herring Cove, Canada - Gathered spectators watch as a participant of the annual immersion "walrus" in honor of the New Year, dressed in bikinis jumping in the water at Herring Cove.

Olympia, Washington - participants stood Long Lake water with a temperature of 5 degrees during the annual swim "walrus" on Tuesday.

NY - Bathers running cold water on Tuesday, a day when the heat kicks Club "walruses" Coney Island in honor of the New Year.

New York - In memory of superstorms Sandy man in a boiler suit immersed in water during the swim club "walruses" Coney Island. Sandy Flooding destroyed boilers, heating systems, the most important component of houses in all the northeast.

New York - a woman reacts to ice water during the swim club "walruses" Coney Island in honor of the New Year.

New York - a man dressed in a suit of metro cards that are used for passengers who are in the New York City transit, taking part in the swim club "walruses" Coney Island.

New York - The first wave of several hundred swimmers in a hurry to plunge into the water at zero temperature during the 110 th annual Swim Club "walruses" Coney Island on Tuesday.

Vancouver, Canada - members, including two women in a Godzilla suit, immersed in icy water at English bay during the annual swim "walrus" in Vancouver.

South Queensferry, Scotland - a couple kissing, trying not to freeze to death in Fort River during the annual swim Looney Duca Tuesday.

South Queensferry, Scotland - Member swim Looney Duca said that the water in the river Forth, as a minimum, excited him.

South Queensferry, Scotland - Girls dressed in tropical-style, go into the water during the swim Looney Duc in Fort River.

Vilnius, Lithuania - A man is going to make a splash during the traditional New Year swim on Tuesday on Lake Geluzis.

Biarritz, France - Members of the Forest Blanks (Polar Bears) drink champagne in the Bay of Biscay during the annual New Year's celebration.

Valley View, Pa - Bathers, and at least one dog, running through Pine Creek during the fourth annual swim "walruses" Pine Creek in Park Valley View.

Nanning, China - Portrait of Chinese President Xi Jinping hanging over swimmers celebrating New Year's Eve, plunging into the river Yongzhiyang. This tradition was started in 1958, Mao Tse-tung.

Scheveningen, Netherlands - People run into the North Sea during the New Year's dive on Tuesday.