10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Masterpiece "Stradivari bows", the mediator of the meteorite, sprinkled with diamonds and other rarities headphones for music sold in the last 12 years

Bows, picks, microphones, amplifiers, headphones, speakers ... Although these devices and gadgets and are not musical instruments, but imagine without them the modern music industry is simply impossible. Because of their "secondary" roles about these subjects remembered except experts, collectors and professional musicians. And despite the fact that, for example, among the masters of the bow manufacturers have their Stradivari and Guarneri - such as, say, Francois Xavier Tourte. And many of today's gadgets are real works of art, a masterpiece of modern design and engineering. Below is a list of the most expensive music devices and gadgets sold in the first decade of the XXI century.

The most expensive sound system and a column

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Organic Harmony

Price: € 5 million ($ 6, 95 million at the date of sale)

In 2007, Shape Audio has released the so-called musical sculpture Organic Harmony, the most famous and expensive of them - a music system and a column in a single package weighing 215 kg and dimensions of 270 mm in 1350, made of 18-carat gold. This musical sculpture has broken every possible record price for a similar musical accessories. A role played in pricing and the fact that the system is set up in a single copy: five of its replicas are made of silver and 99 - bronze, and cost, respectively, € 300 000 and € 63 000 for instance.

The most expensive headphones

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Graff Diamonds Beats by Dr. Dre

Price: $ 1 million

For a long time the most expensive headphones in the world made by Sennheiser - Orpheus HE 90 \ HEV 90. They cost just a few thousand dollars, and could afford them any music fan with an average income. But in February 2012, there were headphones, the price of which was three orders of magnitude greater. During the performance Madonna's Super Bowl half-time with a hip-hop duo LMFAO his soloist Sky Blu were wearing headphones Beats by Dr. Dre from Graff Diamonds - a jewelry company engaged in the creation and sale of luxury jewelry. On headphone design Beats by Dr. Dre took 114 carats of diamonds, so they are the most expensive in the world, and it is unlikely that the price cap will be broken any time soon.

The most expensive electronic amplifier

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Pivetta Opera One

Price: $ 650 000Camy expensive electronic amplifier, created by Italian engineer Andrea Pivetta, is such not because they are used when creating kilograms of gold or carats. Just Pivetta Opera One - the best such a power in the world at the moment, a kind of "king-amplifier". And all the best, as a rule, and the most expensive. For impressive appearance Pivetta not pursued, and power its appearance resembles the old Soviet washing machine cylindrical shape. But this "machine" is assembled by hand in Italy, it weighs almost half a ton and has a capacity of 20,000 watts!

The most expensive turntable

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

AV DesignHaus Dereneville VPM 2010-1

Price: $ 650,000

On the Analog Forum 2011 - an event which brings together the leading manufacturers of professional audio and sound systems all over the world - the German company AV DesignHaus surprised everyone. The public has been a model turntable Dereneville VPM 2010-1. Its specifications and "prokachannost" leave behind many of its competitors. It has everything from spectacular design that seems to say that this thing is done in Germany, to the latest electronics that controls every cog in the player. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that it is worth Dereneville VPM 2010-1 as much as the most expensive electronic amplifier: value for money does not cause problems.

The most expensive violin bow to

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Francois Xavier Tourte, A gold and tortoiseshell mounted violin bow

Bow by François Xavier Tourte with gold and tortoiseshell finish

Price: $ 182,500

Francois Xavier Tourte (1747-1835) is known as the "Stradivarius bow", and his works are considered true works of art. He gained fame with customers, being a watchmaker, but when he was in his late thirties, all of a sudden started making bows for stringed instruments, especially violins for. Tourte improved, and in fact - a modernized form of bow and achieved in their production of outstanding results. When the bow is created put up for auction at Cristie's auction in New York, it was estimated at between $ 150,000 to $ 250,000 a master presumably in the period from 1820 to 1825, was in April 2012.

The most expensive bow for viola

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Jean 'Grand' Adam, A silver and ivory-mounted viola bow

Bow by Jean Adam, decorated with silver and ivory

Price: £ 42,500 ($ 85,375 at the exchange rate at the time of sale)

Jean Adam was a master at producing bows for stringed instruments in the third generation. He lived a relatively short life - only 46 years (1823-1869), for which managed to make a name for itself by creating real masterpieces, which are not inferior to the works of the famous Francois Tourte, and in some respects even surpassed them. And the prices for Adam bows that periodically pop up in various trades, once again confirm this. Have at the work of this master - the dream of many collectors. At Sotheby's auction in London, held in March 2008, his bow for viola was originally put "only" for £ 18,000, and the total price came as a surprise to many.

The most expensive bow for cello

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Eugène Nicolas Sartory, A silver and ivory-mounted violoncello bow

Price: $ 79 300Cmychok for cello Eugene Nicolas Sartori (1871-1946) went under the hammer at the same Cristie's auction as the most expensive bow for violin Tourte. Like his famous predecessor, Sartori is an acknowledged master - manufacturer of bows for stringed instruments, and it works just as popular with collectors. Prior to the auction the bow was estimated at rather modest amount, from $ 15,000 to $ 25,000, but the sale price exceeded the maximum estimated more than three times - never had a bow for cello did not pay so much! However, on such subjects demand is growing from year to year, and it is unlikely such a maximum price will last long.

The most expensive serial studio microphone

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Neumann Solution D-01

Price: from $ 5,000 to $ 13,299 (depending on the trading floor) In 2003, Neumann, one of the leading manufacturers of professional microphones premium has launched Neumann Solution D-01. It was their first production studio microphone, which converts the analog signal to digital. He immediately gained popularity among recording professionals who appreciated its performance, design and high quality of the sound. Microphones were bought and bought, like ice cream in the heat, even though the highest price among similar objects. However, on the heels of the microphone (in terms of value) has come other more modern models of Neumann.

Microphone Kurt Cobain - the most expensive microphone, belonged to the famous

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Price: $ 8125

Microphone Super-Pro PE505P models sold in New York at Cristie's auction in June 2009, just a nondescript-looking: he badly worn and wrapped with electrical tape. Things like full on-line auctions and flea markets usual. But specifically the microphone used by Kurt Cobain during his last recording session in Robert Lang Studios in Seattle in January 1994. It is due to this fact, and he became the most expensive microphone, owned celebrity. Before the sale, it was estimated a maximum of $ 4,000, but, judging by the results of trades, experts simply did not take into account the desire of fans to have Kurt Cobain thing cult musician in his hands before his death.

The most expensive mediator for electric

10 most expensive musical gadgets of the 21st century

Widmanstatten Guitar Picks

Price: 5,000 Australian dollars ($ 4674 at the time of sale rate)

In 2008, the Australian company Starpics, a producer of a variety of accessories and items for the guitar, has released a pair of mediators most expensive in the world - for $ 4674 apiece. Such price due, above all, a material from which they are made, - for the manufacture of very small device for sound production went ... meteorites from Namibia. These stones have heavenly Widmanstatten structure, i.e. a regular arrangement of different elements of the structure in the form of plates or needles inside the crystal grains constituting the alloy. Items made of similar material, look as if they were excised from the alien ship hull. Who bought mediators made from meteorites, it remains a mystery.