Business Rules Donald Trump

• Business Rules Donald Trump

Businessman and showman in one of the transactions, leadership qualities, and leave a tip.

Business Rules Donald Trump

• The only way to get rich - this is the ultimate realism and honesty.

• The world is cruel and full of evil. People are just waiting to kill you - if not physically, at least mentally.

• Conclusion of a deal for me - art. Someone wrote on canvas beautiful paintings, someone writes wonderful poetry. I love to make deals - and preferably big deals. I catch a buzz to it.

• Knowing that you were waiting for a favorite cause, it is difficult to take the time to sleep.

• Quite often you hear people say: "Good deal - the one in which both parties benefit." Bullshit! Cool deal - this is where you win, not your opponent.

• The greatest success comes when you swim against the current.

• Shake the person's hand - the same as that sign. You gave your word. If then you will give back up, people will never trust you.

• Logical analysis - the process is too slow. When pressed for time, and at stake is serious stuff, you need to be guided by instinct.

• If you are a businessman, you have to look like a businessman. Dressed as a businessman, and behave like a businessman. • I used to say, "Find the best and trust in them." Over the years I have seen so many tricks and machinations, now say, "get the best, but do not trust them."

• I believe the pride, which prevents to save their own money, a huge folly.

• It is more important that workers be respected and feared you. Love is optional.

• I value loyalty above all else: higher intelligence, higher enthusiasm, energy above.

• On Error need to learn - and just as important to be able to forgive them.

• In life it is worth remembering that if someone helped you - you should always say "thank you."

• I believe in the validity of the old adage: "What does not kill you makes you stronger."

• Bad times often provide excellent opportunities.

• I am proud of how stubborn and cool.

• failure or a temporary stop - this is not a defeat. Defeat - always state of mind. You fail only if you acknowledge it.

• I have a fierce desire to make money. I have a passionate desire to enjoy what I'm doing.

• Insight and discipline - these are the qualities of a leader. The absence of one of them makes the other useless.

• Money itself is not the ultimate goal, but sometimes they are - the most effective means of realizing our dreams. • Natural Born Winners look at the problem as just another reason to check yourself.

• Another success - the starting point for the movement to new heights.

• If the day is over, and I know as much as he knew, when I woke up, I start to worry: it passed by me?

• Entrepreneurial activity, even in the framework of a large company - a very lonely occupation.

• A good way to speed up the conclusion of the transaction, - show you it is quite uninteresting.

• When someone is causing you harm, revenge so fiercely and so evil as you can.

• For billionaires work and pleasure - are one and the same.

• Never take a vacation. Why You? If the work is not fun, then you're not where you want them. And I, even playing golf, I continue to do business.

• I believe that the failure to give adequate size tip - a sure sign of a loser.

• My image is so horrible, worst it has nothing to do.