Rules Bill Gates business

• Bill Gates Business Rules

Microsoft founder of the call, the success, errors, and management.

Rules Bill Gates business

• The world does not care about your self-awareness and self-esteem. The world expects from you what some achievements before you take into account your self-esteem.

• We explain to people that if nobody laughed over at least one of their ideas, maybe they are not creative approaches to work.

• I have a white board and a set of colored felt-tip pens, which are excellent help during brainstorming sessions with colleagues and just by himself.

• Smart people should be able to understand the problem, if they have enough evidence.

• I approach business as a challenge, the need to address the problem.

• I am concerned when young people say they do not want to go to college because I did not graduate. First, I got a pretty good education, but never got a degree. Secondly, the world is becoming more complex, specialized and competitive every year, higher education is now just as important as before school.

• I do not spend time regretting the past. I made my choice, and to cope with the responsibilities well, just do not have doubts. Do not think: My God, what would be left of me a great doctor, a tennis player, a playboy, a poker player. Pledge wellbeing - firmness and prudence in its business. • Do not take a double one and the same decision. It is better to spend more time and energy on the adoption of solid solutions for the first time.

• I like to walk on the razor's edge. It is so often find a high sense of duty.

• Success - a bad teacher. He turns his head. He's unreliable. Business plan or the latest technology - the height of perfection today - tomorrow may be just as hopelessly outdated.

• Business - a good game. A lot of competition and few rules. Account is on the money.

• For example, you would add my two years of living with the condition that I would go to business school. I do not think I could have done something better. Look at these shelves if there is a book of business? Alas. We do not need them.

• I think that business is easy to manage. Profit. Losses. Take sales, subtract costs and get a large positive number. Pure mathematics.

• Generation of income - the most fragile thing in the world. No matter how good your products are, you can always just eighteen months away from failure.

• One thing I know for sure. I will not leave his heirs a lot of money. I think it would be better for them.

• Even now, in fact, I'm interested in is not the amount of money. If I had to choose between work and wealth, I would choose a job. I have much more gets the opportunity to lead a team of thousands of talented people, than to have all the bank account.

• In a certain sense, the small blind is required when you walk on the risk. • Need a strong team, because average yields average results, no matter how well you do it either ruled.

• The most important quality of a good manager - determination to breastfeed meet any bad news, to seek a meeting with them, and not bury our heads in the sand.

• In my opinion, more attractive than the environment, the less people are working.

• In today's information society, the main natural resources - human intelligence, experience, and leadership.

• The fast-growing industry, successful companies are those that can choose among the key trends and really necessary to add to it something of value.

• We can afford to make a couple of mistakes and can not afford not to try.

• In our business, the situation is changing too fast to spend time on the memories.

• I believe that the only key employees, decision makers should be collected at every meeting. Everyone else do best at this time of their direct duties.

• Spending money wisely is as difficult as to make them.

• We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change in the next ten years. This means that you can not relax in any way.

• I'm afraid to fail.