Living and boiled sheep, cloth calico, handkerchiefs, vodka boxes, bags of sugar, and other common ways to demonstrate the consistency of the groom.

Inna Ibragimov, 24 years


Housewife, Grozny, Chechnya

Kalym 20 thousand rubles, a sheep, a bag of sugar, tea bag.

"We were walking with a friend, went to the bridal salon - here I am, a joke, and called to the young man, he said that trying on wedding dresses. He drove us, with him were his friends. We began to ride along the avenue. So we brought her friend to her mother, and I was taken on - and umyknuli. Brought to the place where many sheep graze, called "Kashar". They arrived there only hours to 11 at night, I stood among the sheep, and 2 nights I already took my mother, and at 7 am I was home again. At 9 am, his friends come back, say, go to the street, there's talk - and again, I steal. Three days relatives fought for me, in the end still married. In general, today dowry for the bride - an average of 10-15 thousand in the republic, but the installed mufti price - 5000. The rest - is how to negotiate. "

Zalina, 24 years


Housewife, Grozny, Chechnya

Kalym 25 thousand, 21 pack of tea, a bag of sugar, a sheep, a carpet. He tells the groom - Tamerlane.

"I'm his sister went to the station to see off. Conversely I am driving on the bus, and it is entered at the next stop. I liked immediately, and so I went and asked at random: "Do you happen to live on the Griboyedov" She was very surprised, said: "Yes." Just fate. We began to talk, I asked for her phone number, she took mine. And after a while she called me immediately and said: "Do you remember me?" I answer, "No". Well, she hung up the phone and. And I think to myself: "What a fool, missed their happiness." Zalina but after a while again called, we agreed to meet. More than a year have met, I told her many times did offer. She finally agreed. "

Paradise Tulaeva, 51


The fortune-teller, soothsayer, cultural worker, Grozny, Chechnya

Bride-price: it was not (the bride was stolen).

"I had no dowry, because my husband is stolen, when I was 16 years old. I had been sixth wife - every time he got married, divorced, a new exciting. Beau was. For ten years I lived with him, gave him the heat, but he gave me all the same a decade drove. Now I have a beautiful son, he was 29 years old. But my brother got married, the dowry given. The bride asked for 15 thousand rubles, three pieces of cloth, gold watches and expensive fluffy scarf. "

Simkaeva Natalya, 20 years,


Housewife, Ketchenery village, Kalmykia

Kalym 10 crates of vodka, boiled sheep, sheep live with a red ribbon, a dress and suit for the mother to the father, cloth fabrics for dresses.

"My husband works at the firehouse, and we met there - I worked in the office. Three years met, and then decided to get married. When I make a match, then immediately on the suit brought a box of vodka and boiled sheep. Sheep need to carve without an ax, a knife, and in a special way: for the elders need to cut off the head, leg of lamb put on the altar of the ancestors and the need to cut the ram so that the insides were in the ram. Then decide how much to dowry - it all depends on how much produce the bride's dowry, as a good bride. After the wedding, the morning after the wedding night, the bride has to wake up very early and make tea for the groom's relatives, who come in the morning to visit the young. When I poured tea groom's parents, they divided my hair into two parts in a sign that now the two of us, and gave me a new name. Now I'm in this family name is Sahl. "

Gilan Bugurova, 23 years


Student Academy of Law, the village Ketchenery, Kalmykia

Kalym: 6 boxes of vodka, cognac 1 box, 1 box of champagne, 2 cutting calico set headscarves, candy box, box of cookies, a box of bortsikami (sweet brushwood), boiled sheep, sheep live with a ribbon.

"We met in the bar of Elista -" Dayan ", then another year met. Then he got married and came to live in his native village of her husband. He works here police sergeant, and I'm going to learn, and I want the court to go to work. We are Buddhists, so the morning after the wedding night, when we came to the relatives of the groom, we all went in khurul.

Fabric kalymnoy I have not yet sewed anything, all the whole fabric of lies. Scarves also did not wear, are stored while in the closet - they are after all a bit old-fashioned, are only possible to tie the neck. At the wedding tradition, we gave the mother of the groom white trousers of calico - a symbol of praising the mother's womb, which gave the world such a good son. She had to wear these trousers and dancing at a party, and the guests in these pants should put money. Some earn a few thousand, at the wedding of one does not skimp in this area. "

Orzaeva Nadia, 20 years


A student of the Moscow Academy of Economics and Law, Troitskoye, Kalmykia

Kalym: 8 boxes of vodka, 1 box of wine, 1 box of cognac, boiled sheep, ram alive kumys bottle.

"We met purely by chance, in the village, on Dimkinom (Dmitry Orzan - husband) birthday. Dima was walking with his friends, I - with my friends. Then we started dating and soon married. At the wedding we had in my hand 250 people, and by the groom another 250 people. When still only make a match, he came to his uncle and relatives up to the seventh generation, brought the split boiled sheep, started a conversation. When parents discuss the bride price, usually traded, interested: and that the bride gives? Usually the bride are bedroom sets, utensils master, different curtains, tablecloths. The more the bride's dowry, the more dowry. The morning after the wedding night I got out of the suitcase, who brought with her, a pack of butter, a packet of tea, salt, biscuits and cooked Kalmyk tea. And during the wedding, when I came into the house of the groom, his relatives in me throwing chunks of fat - that life was fat, in contentment. Now, however, the fat bags thrown to the walls are not dirty. And then as leaving the fat, so just need to re-glue wallpaper. "

Victoria Ochirova,

25 years


Accountant, village Iki-Burul, Kalmykia

Kalym: 2 boiled sheep, 1 ram live, 8 boxes of vodka, 4 wine box, candy box, cookie box, bortsikov box 7 shirts for men and 3 for women cut fabric, female relatives of the bride.

"I have a friend working in the village informatsionistkoy and Sanzr (groom) came from the city treasury to help her. And met and married a year and half. Dowry I had a standard, it was carried in the truck - a bedroom and a kitchen, couch, linen, blankets, curtains. Bride-price was also average - eight boxes of vodka, sometimes, asking for ten and even some good brandy, and we asked for wine. In the house of the groom gave me the name of Burt, "joy". Now the bride and groom themselves acquainted, and before the bride all relatives eyeing. So the bride checked: throwing her into the yard thimble and placed into sheep peas. If the bride needlewoman, she thimble must cheer and wear on your finger, the finger is stained - but this time for her will follow. "

Kuybina Tamara, 45 years,


The caretaker of the museum, the village Gornoknyazevsk, Yamal

Kalym 4-bull deer.

"For me, the groom gave four bulls - castrated reindeer transport. I was 22 years old, 28 years old groom. Now more than deer give the fifty bulls comes to this was added the skins of red fox, motors for boats and "Buran". I recently had a wedding - was given two "Burana" for the bride, two boats and walked seven days.

When I was taken to the tent to the groom, I led a Vazhenkov, doe, which was to continue my family. Then we visited my family every year, and I do have my parents gifts to compensate for the dowry. In the first year we presented coat of eight reindeer, in the second - into the hands of the clock put, for the third year - was given a bag of fish, and so every year. We respected if the groom, the bride he does not deny - is getting married out of respect. For love when to get married, then quickly razvedeshsya, and by agreement of the family live a lifetime and do not get divorced. Especially in a divorce should the bride's family to the groom to give the deer back, and who wants it? "

Kandygina Rita, 28 years,


Housewife, Karsan village, Yamal

Kalym 8 hides of deer, beaver pelt, skin blue fox.

"My husband gave me for the skin, and they got me. Coat I myself have sewed. It went eight small deer hides, they are the most expensive, because the fur soft. Beaver finish - beaver have a sacred animal, a fox on the collar went because beautiful. Month left on my sewing and dressing skins, to weave patterns of beads. A deer live it for me not to give, because we married for love. Vova lived in Vorkuta, but I have seen here and fell in love. That is helicopter and flew back and forth, just to see. Previously, men had to marry their cousins. And now everything marry: Hunt on nenochkah, Nenets Khanty. That's because in a boarding school, where all the tundra walk, a common language - Russian. "

Tatiana Lar, 47


The singer, Salekhard, Yamal

Kalym: was not married for love.

"I am an old man woos the age of 14 - he was 50 years old. 15 deer for me offered. But his father refused - I was "happy child". In Nenets each child is assigned a deer. If he has a lot of offspring, the child is "happy", and the parents leave him to himself. So when I willfully married father never forgave me. On the day of the wedding in the tundra wolf zagryz all my deer. That's when my brother got married, the bride's parents themselves chose. He 20, she - 25 of 50 deer given. Parents thought she sews well, but it turned out she only sews Kitties (men's clothing from the skins). Children do not give birth and grumbling all the time. No sense of it, so go for firewood. The parents are dissatisfied with themselves, and it is too late. "