People who gave a billion

Introducing the world's elite club of rich people - 15 businessmen who spent to charity more than $ 1 billion.

October 30, 2012 Walt Disney announced the purchase of the company Lucasfilms, created by billionaire and directed by George Lucas. For his life's Lucas will receive about $ 4, 05 billion in cash and Disney stock. In this case, after closing, Lucas going to sacrifice much of the resulting sum to charity. Lucas - benefactor with the experience. Back in 2010, he signed a contract with the company of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's Giving Pledge, promising to unsubscribe to this charitable trust after the death of at least half of his fortune.

If Lucas and things go in this way, he may fall into a new rating - the richest, have spent more than a billion to charity. Less than 15 of the world's richest philanthropists. Who are they?

Bill Gates, US

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 28 billion.

Net Worth: $ 66 billion

Previously, Gates gave money to the Harvard study in the field of computer technology, library, flying school and a charitable foundation in Seattle.

In 1999, he founded the family charitable foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), giving him shares of Microsoft for $ 16 billion. Soon, through constant contributions Gates and his friend Warren Buffett, he created the organization has become the largest charitable foundation in the world. Among the major plans of the organization for the next 10 years.: Vaccination program against malaria and meningitis, which will cost $ 10 billion in America Gates Foundation invests in the education and training of teachers. In April 2012, Gates' wife Melinda said it plans to spend $ 1, 1 billion to make contraceptives available worldwide.

Warren Buffett, the US

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 17, 25 billion

Net Worth: $ 46 billion

For years, Buffett insisted that he would give to charity all the money after death, but not before.

However, familiarity with Gates gave his "charity" fruit: Buffett promised to invest in the Gates Foundation more than $ 39 billion over 20 years. Moreover, in 2010, he and Gates founded Giving Pledge, which encourages US rich people to give most of his fortune to charity.

George Soros, the US

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 8, 5 billion

Net Worth: $ 19 billion

Since 1979, Soros has given $ 8, 5 billion on a completely different needs: starting the program needle sterilization in a California hospital, ending research in Russia and Eastern Europe (by the way, Vladimir Putin claimed if the Georgian leadership under Mikhail Saakashvili received wages "of the Soros ") and via Roma. His latest initiative - $ 150 million to ensure the transparency of states around the world and $ 100 million to overcome the social barriers for African Americans.

Gordon Moore, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 5 billion

Net Worth: $ 4, 8 billion

Intel co-founder gave the company's shares in the amount of $ 5 billion to the family of Gordon and Betty Moore Charitable Foundation in 2000. The Fund invests science, environmental protection and education of nurses. The latest idea belonged to his wife Betty Moore, who once suffered from improper injection (introduced not one drug) introduced her to nurse. Moore is also funding the construction of the world's largest telescope in Hawaii.

Carlos Slim, Mexico

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 4 billion Net Worth: $ 69 billion

The richest man in the world has said publicly that feels much more useful when creating jobs than when engaged in charity. Nevertheless, he still donated $ 2 billion in 2006 and another $ 2 billion in 2010.

Most of this money has been directed to education and health programs. Together with Gates' charitable foundation and the Spanish Government, Clim spent $ 150 million for the supply of food and disease prevention in Central America.

Eli Broad, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 3, 5 billion

Net Worth: $ 6, 3 billion

Broad, who made his fortune in the construction industry (the company Kaufman & Broad), has recently focused on philanthropy. He tried to reform education by giving awards to the best teachers.

In 2010, he received permission to build the new Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, which plans to open in 2014.

In 2007, Wade has allocated 26 million. At the Art Museum of the University of Michigan. In October 2012, Wade gave him 19 paintings from his collection. He created the Fund also helps finance medical research. So, it has provided more than half a billion dollars to Harvard and the University of Massachusetts on stem cell research.

George Kaiser, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 3, 3 billion

Net Worth: $ 10 billion

George Kaiser - American businessman, in 1969, inherited the oil refining company Kaiser-Francis Oil Company from his father. In 1990 Kayzner bought Bank of Oklahoma, which made him one of the 400 richest people in the world.

He created a fund (George Kaiser Family Foundation, GKFF), based in Tulsa (Oklahoma), invests in early childhood education and medicine, building schools for the poor, giving grants for education and treatment. GKFF annually allocates about $ 7, 5 million for the needs of the poor: the purchase of food, clothing, drug treatment, etc...

Michael Bloomberg, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 2, 8 billion

Net Worth: $ 25 billion

Blumberg invested in 850 different charities. It supports the organization of anti-smoking fund for tougher national gun law, as well as the New York Institute of Arts.

He also donated $ 200 million to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

In 2011, he gave $ 330 million in funds for the protection of the environment Sierra Club, protection, promotion of art Alliance for the Arts and the suicide prevention group.

Azim Premji, India

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 2, 1 billion

Net Worth: $ 15, 9 billion

Head of IT- companies Wipro Azim Premji founded the charitable foundation Azim Premji in 2001. The initial amount invested in a fund of $ 125 million. In 2010, he transferred an additional $ 2 billion that went into the construction of public schools, training teachers and improving curriculum.

In 2011, India opened Pedagogical University named after Azim Premji.

James Stouers, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 2 billion

Net Worth: $ 100 million

Founder of American Century Investments Investment James Stouers not included in the list of 400 richest people in 2000, when invested $ 1, 2 billion of its own funds to the Institute of Medical Research in Kansas City.

Since then, he and his wife Virginia Institute gave millions on genetic research aimed at treatment of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Li Ka-Shing, Hong Kong

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 1, 65 billion

Net Worth: $ 25, 5 billion

Gongkongsky billionaire (№11 in the world list Forbes), today occupies the post of chairman of the board of one of the largest Asian konglameratov Cheung Kong Holdings, Li founded his own charity fund in 1980. In 2005, he sold his stake in CIBC bank and gave $ 1 billion to charity. In 2006, Lee said that the charity as a whole will take a third of his wealth. Over the years his money helped children's centers, churches. He has also helped patients with hepatitis and avian influenza. He financed the construction of the new building of the Medical University in California, which is named in his honor.

Herbert Sandler, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 1, 5 billion

Net Worth: $ 150 million

Sandler sold his credit card company Golden West in 2006, before the crisis, and received her $ 26 billion. Since then, Sandler gives most of the money to charity.

One of the most famous creations Sandler - journalism group ProPublica, involved in the investigation. ProPublica won the Pulitzer Prize twice: in 2010 and 2011. Sandler family also founded several groups fighting for the rights and freedoms to engage in research, especially in the field of diseases that affect people with low income.

Ted Turner, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 1, 5 billion

Net Worth: $ 2 billion

Businessman and founder of the American TV channel CNN, Ted Turner was perhaps the first of mediaperson who gave $ 1 billion to charity. However, during the construction of his television empire Turner campaigned millionaires do not hand out money while they are young and full of ideas and energy.

In 1998 he said he would give for several years $ 1 billion to the United Nations. at the moment the amount of its annual contribution to the organization - $ 916 million.

Paul Allen, USA

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 1, 45 billion

Net Worth: $ 15 billion

Gift of the University of Washington in the $ 26 million made by Microsoft Paul Allen co-founded in 2011, made it possible for Allen to appear in this list. For an article in Forbes magazine, he said that science funding has become a priority in his life.

Pall Alain interested in neurology. He even created a Institute for the study of the brain (Allen Institute for Brain Science), which has invested about $ 500 million. Its first charity $ 100 million. He directed the creation of a computer model of how the genes in the mouse brain. The next $ 100 million - a similar model of the human brain. Now a team of scientists hired Allen is working to highlight the types of cells in the brain and understand how they develop.

Dietmar Hopp, Germany

People who gave a billion

Donation: $ 1, 25 billion

Net Worth: $ 5, 5 billion

Together with four colleagues, come from the IBM, Hoppe founded the giant software - SAP. In 1995, Hoppe gave 70% of its shares in the non-profit organization created by him, which is now one of the largest in Germany and Europe. The main focus Hoppe gives youth sports, cancer research and treatment of children's diseases.