"Crow Castle" and "Dracula's Castle"

• "Crow Castle" and "Dracula's Castle"

castle in Romania much. Probably every second of them, - "Real Dracula Castle". But, even if you do not "real", it is all the same trail of Dracula, no, no, yes, and will flash. History Corwin lock also without this character has not done - write that it is in the local prison 7 years to keep dethroned "real Dracula" - valahskogo ruler Vlad Tepes. Maybe that's why the castle begins with ... torture. Nervous and children is better not to go there!

Immediately behind the counter. He has not yet entered the courtyard of the castle. "16+" delicate plates. And who climbed inside - are to blame, you have been warned. Almost no one is constrained, calling, - "Bloody hell!" In variations in different languages ​​could be heard even in the yard.

For those who are interested in the "mechanism", attached detailed instructions.

The castle was built in the mid 15th century, John Hunyadi, the father of the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus.

Those who were in Budapest, about him, probably, know, and there can see the symbol of the king - crow with a ring - above the gate of Buda Castle and on the spire of the church of St. Matthias. The castle Corwin ravens can also be seen in the most unexpected places. These black birds lie even in the title: King nickname "Corwin" means "raven".

Halls of the castle - a huge, authentic medieval.


And in the yard was supposed to start "joust". We did not wait for him, only to see "rehearsal".

After Matthias Corvinus the castle had many owners, the most famous - the Habsburgs. After a fire in the middle of the 19th century castle changed - all wooden structures (those that are not burned) were replaced with more durable. But here's the bridge still wooden.

Corvin Castle is located in the city of Hunedoara. Little people. In the city center there is an interesting church, but of it as something the next time.

Visitors in "Dracula's Castle" is much more.

Yes, and the castle is somehow smaller - maybe the total area and it is not less, but because of the numerous "small rooms" it looks like some kind of close.

Although the Bran Castle was built a little earlier royal - in the late 14th century. It was built as a defensive fortress of the then current residents of Brasov (Wikipedia read that 10 years - from 1950 to 1960 - the city was called Orashul-Stalin (after Stalin).

Then at the fortress were the hosts, including Vlad the Impaler - "Dracula" ... it does not. According to legend, in these woods, he liked to hunt and sometimes stayed in the Bran castle for the night. What a story blown up - is unclear.

In the early 20th century, the castle passed to the Queen Mary, who was the granddaughter of Emperor Alexander II and became queen of Romania, by marrying the Crown Prince Ferdinand.

Is Castle is preserved in the form in which he belonged to Queen Mary - I say difficult. Many rooms still hang pictures and portraits of the royal family.

Judging by what is now officially in the castle is a museum of history, most likely, part of the interior - it's just a collection of furniture and household items.

Dracula is reminiscent only attic, where you can read stories about vampires in a close room.