5 films with real mental illness

Who has not dreamed at least one denok live life the main characters of your favorite movies! But, unfortunately, most of us will never never happen to visit the place of Batman and Spider-Man. However, some of the fantastic screen life can really become true - tomorrow. Only it is unlikely you have dreamed about this ...

1. The Truman Show Syndrome: "The Truman Show"

5 films with real mental illness

In the movie "The Truman Show" Jim Carrey plays a character named Truman Burbank. This Truman - quite an ordinary man who lives an ordinary boring life - his wife, which for a long time can not stand, a strange fear of water and a heavy load of memories.

And then, quite by chance Truman discovers that his whole life - no more and no less, as the disguised reality show with himself in the lead role, which shows all over the world live. His every move watched numerous hidden camera, his hometown Siheven - just a decoration, and the population - hired actors.

But it is in the movies. And in real life ...

there were a few patients who lived in the belief that all people around in the medical practice, doctors and brothers Joel and Ian Gold - members of secret shows. Gold Brothers were big fans of the movie and fans of Jim Carrey, so did not think long and called a new psychological disorder Truman Show Syndrome.

One of the patient insisted that everyone he knew, was an actor (in this figure, apparently, were themselves doctors). Another believed that the September 11 attack - invented some of his own, private reality show and even took a trip to New York - especially to ensure that the tragedy was genuine. More recently, a man from Illinois sued the company HBO cable television because they allegedly ponastavili around him of hidden cameras and monitor his life day and night.

2. intermetamorfoza Syndrome "Freaky Friday"

5 films with real mental illness

The film "Freaky Friday" - about a teenage girl who changes bodies with their mother after their two elderly Chinese curse.

During the main part of the movie mother and daughter live a life each other and learn mutual respect and understanding. And when each learn their lesson, then safely returned to the previous body.

The real patient who appears in all the documents under the name of the RZ, was an ordinary woman and led an unremarkable life until waking up one morning did not feel his own father. But touching stories, leading to mutual understanding and family happiness, did not work.

In the real world, the woman was in the hospital, where doctors diagnosed her "intermetamorfoza syndrome." And another difference from the film - who suffers from the disease the patient may feel a different person both externally and internally.

RZ patient was sure that she - her own father, 60-odd years by the name of Doug, and answered all questions on his behalf.

Not only that - even in the guise of her father, she stayed not long and soon reincarnated as his grandfather, but then, however, went back to his father's personality.

Another case - the man suddenly began to consider himself a female prostitute, with pregnant and ready is about to give birth. He even suffered from labor contractions.

Until this has not yet even thought of Hollywood.

3. Dissociative disorders: all the movies with the "possessed" characters

5 films with real mental illness

You must have seen at least a din of films about a person (usually a fragile teenage girl) an unclean force like "exorcism", "The Exorcist", "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and so many of them.. as the creators insist, even "based on real events." In each of these films, one of the protagonists suddenly starts to behave very strangely - to speak different languages, or a completely different voices, crawling on the walls and ceiling. Or their heads are starting to easily turn 180 degrees, like the neck of somebody took out the bones.

5 films with real mental illness

Usually these people have a nightmare, begging to help and assure that possessed some terrible in them. Then relatives and friends are invited to the priests who conduct the ritual expulsion.

In reality, people suffering from a dissociative disorder, also suddenly "take" on the role of someone else - most vsgo of a mythical character, his ancestor or spirit. In most cases, they are unable to remember what they were doing when they were in the "other way".

One person with a diagnosis of a sudden began to growl like a wild beast, with a growl interrupted by copious vomiting.

The patient from Malaysia, after an unsuccessful attempt to marry quickly began incoherently to speak another language, with the mood she is constantly changing in the opposite. Despite the fact that all of the classic signs of dissociative disorders were present, the woman has not received any medical help - her family decided that some unhappy cursed by an evil spirit and medicine here there is nothing.

4. delusional parasitosis: "Slug"

5 films with real mental illness

In the comedy horror film "Slither," one of the heroes infects a nasty alien creature, using his body as a disguise and prepares a biological invasion.

Then the parasites creep in illiterate single mother, and soon she had lived in for hundreds of offspring disgusting galactic insects, which becomes bigger and bigger ... She inflates like a balloon and burst. Parasites are in the wild, and the invasion of the unsuspecting city begins. After that, the alien insects crawl into the bodies of other people, and settled there, turning them into zombies.

A person suffering from delusional parasitosis, is confident that his whole body is teeming with living organisms. He did not just think inside him sit some bugs or spiders - it feels like an insect sting and bite him.

Sometimes suffering delusional parasitosis even hear the hum, as if just behind the eardrum flying Hornet.

The lives of people with this diagnosis usually changes dramatically. They can, for example, to burn all the furniture or at all to leave the house in the hope to get rid of imaginary insects. Many are beginning to cripple their own body, trying to get a nonexistent creatures.

One woman went to the doctor, because it is constantly felt like insects crawling out of its eyes, nose, mouth and vagina.

Another patient brought to Dr. cut nails, saying that it is the insects that lived inside him.

5. oneiroid syndrome: "Home"

5 films with real mental illness

For two and a half hours of the film "Home" Leonardo DiCaprio enters the dreams of others and introduces into the consciousness of others is necessary for someone ideas.

The main intrigue is twisted around people who did not even know their real life, or are they just sleep. Wife character DiCaprio kills himself - because it sure was stuck in his own sleep and will not wake up until he dies.

A person suffering oneiric syndrome, is in exactly the same confusion as DiCaprio's wife at the time, when it decides to jump out the window. In this disorder, the person loses all sense of reality. Essentially, he is stuck in his own hallucinations and imaginary experiencing situations that most intricately intertwined with reality. This condition can last for weeks - bright vision, increased anxiety, and usually amnesia. In the real world, these patients experience is so intense fear that too often try to kill themselves or others.

20-year-old college student told how day and night for her lost all meaning and value. The world has turned into one gray spot. In the end, she did not understand what it means to time and death - for her there was only endless infinity and hateful. She felt that her surrounding objects are in the air is rapidly and constantly changing, flowing from one state to another.

5 films with real mental illness

In general, in the life of such an experience it is no less terrible and no less spectacular than in the film - only session lasts a lot longer.