Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

The best ideas from books, implemented in reality.

Ideas of the writers a lot of fantasy - a violent, but to translate all of their discovery, except on a piece of paper, it was impossible. And after 50, 100 and more years in the modern world, their ideas become reality. And we can only guess - whether it's books, prophecy, or just lovers of literature masterful cunning borrowed prescribing the invention and given as his own?

Predictions of writers who have become for us an everyday part of life:

Jules Verne

"A man so far is to invent the machine until the machine will devour man"

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

Judging by the number of ideas that Verne described in his numerous works, he either was a secret room with a time machine, or (more likely) a built-in generator in the brain ingenious inventions. How else to explain the appearance of his novels, short stories and novels such things as airplanes, scuba, videophones, and flights into space and the electric motor - you name it. And did a writer in the late 19th century, when all this was not yet in sight.

Must read: "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "From the Earth to the Moon," "Mysterious Island", "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."

HG Wells

"Great, unusual ideas that go beyond the limits of experience, often have less power over people than minor, but very specific considerations"

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

Here it is whose ideas ahead of their time, it's the idea of ​​Wells. A genius in his literary writings described the TV, escalators, genetic experiments, flying, mobile tools, laser weapons, the splitting of the atom and even the atomic bomb. And Wells, making out the potential of phones, predicted that in the future for the people they will become the number one means of combining the functions of a computer and the Internet. Of course, that they are Wells could not know, as he wrote his works in the early 20th century. Must read: "The liberation of the world", "The Sleeper Awakes," "The Time Machine", "Invisible Man," "War of the Worlds," "The Island of Dr. Moreau."

Arthur C. Clarke

"Including short-term storage of the tablet device, it delays the next page image on the screen, quickly ran through the headlines and noted the items that interested him"

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

Nam fact, long before the distinguished and brilliant Steve tablet prototype described in detail by Arthur C. Clarke in his "Space Odyssey 2001" (published in 1968). Across-the obsession with online games, Clark also foresaw in advance, although the very concept of virtuality in his time completely absent. But this did not prevent the author in his book to describe what we now call the Internet. It was the first time Clark in 1945 voiced the idea of ​​radar and tracking the location of objects of interest.

Must read: "Space Odyssey 2001", "The City and the Stars", "Rendezvous with Rama".

Ray Bradbury

"We, earthlings, is a gift to destroy the great and beautiful. If we did not open the sausage in Egypt amid the ruins of Karnak temple, it is only because they lie in the suburbs and there razvernosh commerce "

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

recently left our world Ray, predicted a lot. For example, in 1950, in the story "Will gentle rain" writer in detail painted the concept of "smart home".

Incidentally, today's social networking prototype described by Ray in 1953 - in his vision users to communicate with each other remotely using a special TV.

What else invented Bradbury? Headphones, ATMs, flat screen televisions, virtual reality room, iPods, PDAs, and even cars with artificial intelligence.

Must read: "Fahrenheit 451," "Dandelion Wine," "The Martian Chronicles".

Robert Heinlein

"When the computer is wrong, it is even more stubborn than a person clings to his own mistakes"

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

In fact, he came up with Google. Well, maybe not the Google, but the prototype of the search engines on the Internet - as if he had. And mobile phone, microwave oven, prosthetics and analogue AutoCad program.

Transport Solar is also the idea of ​​Heinlein. Also, in his writings, he described in detail the device, which served as the prototype of the scanner.

Must read: "Double Star", "Space Cadet", "Methuselah's Children", "The Moon - Harsh Mistress."

George Orwell

"Everything that is happening is happening in the mind. What is happening in the minds of all, there is in fact "

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

In addition to political predictions, Orwell foresaw the emergence of video surveillance. Remember that frightening: "Big Brother is watching you!"? Still goosebumps. What we see now - in many countries is already under total surveillance of citizens is Orwellian manner.

A "Newspeak", where the characters of the novel "1984" say, very similar to today's "Albany" jargon of bastards.

Orwell also clearly foresaw the management of public opinion, and behavior in general, with the help of the media, manipulation of history in their favor, and so much more.

Must read: "1984", "Animal Farm."

Isaac Asimov

"- Is psychology robots so different from a human?

- Huge difference. - She allowed herself a cool smile - First of all, deeply decent robots "

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

All those modern robots, which so enthusiastically made the Japanese were described by Asimov still in the middle of the 20th century.

And he was the first who in his writings mentioned projector prototype - is the fact that we are all happy to use at various conferences, presentations and other mass gatherings. Must read: "I, Robot," "The End of Eternity", "base", "The gods themselves."

Victor Pelevin

"Kvas - not cola, drink Nicola"

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

The "Generation P" Victor Pelevin first Russian kvass was opposed to Coke. After breeding two drinks for various "corners of the ring," I was born the brand "Nicolas" and the slogan "Kvas - not cola, drink Nicola". Subsequently, this brand of kvass actually went on sale.

Chuck Palahniuk

"The first rule of Fight Club: Do not mention about Fight Club"

Writers whose ideas are ahead of their time

Chuck Palahniuk in his famous "Fight Club" of the same name the organization has become a place where people through fair fight splashed their emotions. The concept is simple! The idea was so popular that after the release of the film adaptation, in many cities around the world there were underground (and sometimes not) analogs of the club. Many of them are there to this day.

Strugatsky Brothers

"Flocks of ideas continued senseless rush in the air"

In the novel Strugatsky brothers "Midday, the XXII century" reference system, "Kasparov Karpov" - a method that has been used for the removal of "copies" of the brain and building its mathematical model. The work was published in 1962 - Anatoly Karpov was then only 11 years old, and Garry Kasparov has not yet been born.