10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Winners of huge fortunes were accused of a variety of sins - from banal hooliganism to tax evasion and creating financial pyramids. Magazine Forbes recalls 10 cases of recent years, when the billionaires became defendants in various criminal cases, some of which ended in a very harsh sentences.

The scandal surrounding accusations of kidnapping nominated employee of Oxbow Carbon against the firm's owner, billionaire William Koch (№276 in the global ranking of the Forbes, the state $ 4 billion), is gaining momentum. Protecting businessman insists on his innocence and claims that the who declared about the abduction of a worker has been subject to an internal investigation as suspected fraud, which caused damage to the company at $ 40 million, and now just trying to divert suspicion from himself.

Vijay Mallya (India)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Net Worth: $ 1 billion

Kingfisher Airlines airline owner, as well as team owner F1 Force India Vijay Mallya (№1153 in the global rating) arrested on October 12, 2012 decision of the court on charges of non-payment of airport charges in the amount of $ 2 million Hyderabad airport. On such amount of debt insist representatives of the airport, a plaintiff in the case. In addition, against Mallia may be accused of not paying the salaries of employees of the company, which has already carried out several strikes due to the fact that they do not get the required money for over a month. The reason for non-payment of airport charges and payroll experts call Kingfisher Airlines deplorable financial condition of the company.

Guy Wildenstein (France)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Status: from $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion

The famous gallery owner and antique dealer accused of tax evasion: in February 2012, the court took a decision requiring Wildenstein pay arrears in the amount of € 250 million This decision seriously complicate the already difficult situation of the well-known collector and billionaire who in the spring of 2011 he was charged with. receiving stolen: during a search of the Wildenstein Institute vault (Research center for the history of Art), two paintings were found, considered stolen for two decades. However, the prosecution subsequently with the collector was removed, and the investigation itself called a "misunderstanding."

Hans Kristian Rausing (United Kingdom)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Net Worth: $ 10 billion, which he inherits from his grandfather, the founder of Tetra Pak Hans Rausing (№88 in the Hall of Fame)

Appeared in court on charges of driving under alcohol and narcotic intoxication and obstructing the burial of the body spouses (two months kept his home in the back because, by his own admission, could not part with the deceased wife); released on bail; later sentenced to ten months in prison with sentence suspended for two years, which he is to be held in the center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Alfred Taubman (USA)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Status: $ 2, 9 billion

Gate retail and former head of Sotheby's Alfred Taubman (№491) spent 9 months in prison on charges of fraud auctions. In 2007, Taubman has published the book "entry threshold: the incredible career of merchant luxury", which told how to make a billionaire, told of his life in prison and said that he was innocent. Since Taubman regained billionaire ($ 1, 5 billion to date). He owns 25 shopping malls in 16 US states, as well as a large collection of modern art.

Robert Allen Stanford (USA)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Status: $ 2, 2 billion (for 2008)

June 15, 2011 Robert Stanford (№205 in the ranking of 400 richest Americans), owner of knighthood assigned to him the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, was sentenced to 110 years in prison on charges of creating a financial pyramid and fraud in the amount of $ 7 billion. The prosecution requested to appoint Stanford a sentence of 230 years in prison, but the Federal court of Houston (TX) has reduced the period of two and a half times. Financier and philanthropist, was arrested in the summer of 2009 after the test should use the so-called "Ponzi pyramid scheme" of Stanford Financial Group was held on the basis of 21 claims of the depositor.

Raj Rajaratnam (USA)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Net Worth: $ 1, 3 billion (in 2009, 559 in the Forbes global ranking)

Founder of hedge fund Galleon was arrested by the FBI 16 October 2009 and 13 October 2011 the court found him guilty of obtaining income through illegal insider trading. According to investigators, from 2003 to 2009, the billionaire earned $ 63, 8 million, using internal company data that are received from their informants in different companies, in particular, Google, Intel and Hilton Hotels. Radzhratnamu appointed punishment - 11 years in prison - was less than that requested the prosecution (19, 5 years) and significantly less than the maximum period that threatened him in incriminated articles - up to 200 years in prison.

Whose Tae Won (South Korea)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Status: $ 2, 1 billion (601 in the global rating) SK Group Chairman of the Board of Directors, the third largest conglomerate of assets in the country, in 2003, spent seven months in jail for fraud, after the liberation again headed the company. Pardoned in 2008. In addition to Vaughn, problems with the law were still two Korean billionaires: the owner of Hyundai Motor Chung Mon Koo was accused in 2008 of fraud, but was pardoned by the president, as chairman of Samsung Electronics Board of Directors of Lee Kun-hee, was accused in 2009 of evading taxes.

Ahmed Ezz (Egypt)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Net Worth: $ 1, 5 billion

October 4, 2012 Cairo Criminal Court found the owner of the largest metallurgical company of Egypt Ahmed Ezz Steel Ezza guilty of money laundering and misappropriation of public funds and illicit enrichment and sentenced to seven years in prison. In addition, the convicted person ordered to pay damages to the state in the amount of 19, 5 billion Egyptian pounds (over $ 3, 3 billion). In 2009, during the Hosni Mubarak Ahmed Ezzu were charged with monopolizing the steel industry in Egypt, but the charges were dropped soon: antitrust authorities have confirmed that the dominant position of Ezz Steel is not harmful to the development of this industry in Egypt.

Marc Rich (USA)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Status: $ 2, 5 billion

Company founder Marc Rich & Co. (Currently - Glencore) in 1983 was accused of American Themis in the illegal trade in Iranian oil and tax evasion, after which chose to escape to Switzerland. In 2001, an hour before finally leaving the White House, resigns US President Bill Clinton signed the pardon of Rich. However, the businessman is still living outside the United States for fear of returning to the country.

Alexander Lebedev (Russia)

10 billionaires, who had problems with the law

Net Worth: $ 1, 1 billion (number 89 in the Forbes list of Russia)

The owner of the National Reserve Bank became involved in the case a year after the incident in the studio program "NTVshniki" September 16, 2011. Then, during a discussion with the owner of the Civil Code "Flow" (former Mirax Group) Sergei Polonsky between businessmen scuffle ensued, which ten days later the Investigative Committee of Russia qualified as hooliganism in the form of a "gross violation of public order on the grounds of political hatred." Give investigators on parole Alexander Lebedev refused. The maximum penalty for his imputed article may be imprisonment for up to two years. It is noteworthy that in November, the London court will proceed to the study of the claim, which is seized of Sergei Polonsky Lebedev - in the wake of a brawl in the same studio NTV.