6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

There are people with whom it is better not to communicate - even a tiny offense they are able to answer the most sophisticated revenge. These are ...

1. Place a photo-report about your love affairs on billboards across the country

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

For the time being the life of the actress Yavohni Wilkins seemed modern fairy tale of Cinderella. For eight years she was in the status of his beloved business tycoon, president of Oracle Corporation and advisor to President Charles Phillips.

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

It was the truth, in this romantic story is one problem - the Phillips had a legal wife. It is not known whether it exists informed Yavohni, but the fact remains - all these eight years, she met with a married man.

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

The first bell for Phillips was supposed to be an article that Yavohni wrote for a magazine in 2004. The article was directed to men, and it called "realize what terrible consequences may await the person who suddenly decided to part with the woman he loved."

"In order to protect the men from the disaster - she went on - should get them to pass a special course that all these" till death do us part "in most cases - just an illusion, and a figure of speech."

Six years after the publication, when Phillips dropped it and reconciled with his wife, Yavohni decided to demonstrate that meant. She hired an advertising firm, which requested to erect huge billboards in New York, Atlanta and San Francisco with joint photographs - his and Phillips. View of happy lovers in the word, which when Yavohni once heard from the lips of a lover: "You are to me - soul mate forever!"

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

the cherry on this cake was a link to a site where Yavohni published photographs document the entire history of her eight-year relationship with Phillips. All this "terrible mstyu" spent no less than 250 thousand dollars.

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

Phillips with a lawful wife after reconciliation

Although a few days later the shields were removed, and the site became unavailable, Phillips had to admit the fact of long-term adultery and experience very unpleasant moments.

2. Bring to bear your territory

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

The Lord Byron is the most eminent English poet of all time. Despite the lameness and pain, he had a reputation for extravagant man, manly, alien to all sorts of conventions, eccentric, brilliant, and so on. D.

6 outstanding stories of petty revenge

In addition, Byron was very fond of animals. When he went to Cambridge, then I tried to bring and beloved dog, but the university about the dogs there was a strict ban specifically prescribed in the statute. Byron begged to indulge in all their eloquence - all to no purpose. Having received a decisive and final rejection Byron decided to restore justice in other ways. He bought somewhere bear and dragged him to Cambridge.

A few minutes later the administration of the University heard a wild scream, and then showed the crowd of students rushing with bulging eyes and shouting "Bear! Bear!"

When Byron became accountable for this strange trick he deadpan tone asked to see the rule according to which the territory is forbidden Cambridge lead the bear. No such rules in the statute was not found, and the management had to accept the legality of the bear at the university. Perhaps afraid that the next day Byron will be a tiger. So he lived with his tame bear all his student years. And then I tried more in addition to defend the right "well-intentioned and honest bear to be educated in the best college free England." But with the formation at the clumsy went wrong, and soon Byron the bear left Cambridge wall to the great joy of the administration.

3. insult you by means of the royal military band

By tradition, every time England visited some distinguished guest to play the royal orchestra for him. And the traditions of England are very, very sensitive. On the other hand, there are cases when an important guest is so unsympathetic that playing orchestra does not want for him.

Just such a situation occurred when England came to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Some particularly sensitive musicians of the orchestra felt that the person holding the list of the most brutal dictators of our time in fourth place (referring to the 2008 list, published in the appendix to The Washington Post) does not deserve a meeting with the music. At the same refuse to play - a break with tradition, which for hundreds of years. What to do?

King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

In the end, respect for old traditions prevailed, and the orchestra has agreed to play for Abdullah, but opted for this composition, as well as possible reflects the attitude of musicians to his guest: "The Imperial March" (Darth Vader's theme from "Star Wars").

Of course, the king had no idea what was happening, but knew everyone else around. Imagine an orchestra meeting an official guest of the melody, associated with one of the nastiest characters in movie history. Under this melody (plus cries of the protesters) appears gentleman, sedate procession surrounded by bodyguards. King Abdullah spoke to the queen and soon left, and did not notice that insults, which struck him publicly Band of Her Majesty.

4. To arrange you a ban on entry into the country

Divorce is rarely painless. You have to deal with a bunch of papers, lawyers and courts spend a lot of nerves and pay a lot of money.

Someone from divorcing would not want to avoid all these problems? One immigration officer from Britain found the perfect solution. While his legal wife was visiting her parents in Pakistan, he entered the immigration service database and included it in the name of so-called "Watchlist for terrorists."

The wife of the officer was very surprised when, trying to return to Britain with his absolutely legal passport, found that the entry into the country for it is closed and it is nothing left to do but to return to Pakistan. She was perplexed, because in any Kriminale srodu was not involved - not that of terrorism.

Naturally, she immediately rushed to call her husband. As for work, he has been associated with immigration matters, reasonably judged the woman, he quickly will understand with this misunderstanding. Poohali husband and promised to find out what I can do. This process is apparently intended to tighten a lifetime.

Three years later this same official had to get a promotion. Bidder's supposed to carefully check for trustworthiness. This is where the story of the wife-terrorist and surfaced. The immigration service people with the family, of course, is not welcome.

The official was faced with a difficult choice: to deny that he knew about his wife's alleged links with terrorists and losing their jobs, or to admit that it has made the list myself, and ... still losing their jobs. He told the truth and was immediately fired.

5. Let the Internet rumor that you're a pervert

In 2005, the producer of the series "C.S.I" Sarah Goldfinger decided to buy a house and even found a suitable alternative. We prepared the transaction of real estate agents - a married couple Scott and Melinda Tamkin, representing the interests of the seller.

And just before signing the contract hired to test the home experts have drawn the conclusion that the building is literally crumbling and in need of major repairs. Goldfinger terribly angry that she almost divorced, and, of course, the deal was canceled.

Five years have passed. One evening the wife Tamkin spent a cozy evening in front of TV - watching "C.S.I" series. Two characters of the series have attracted their attention: pair of unclean hands is not the real estate agent named Melinda and Scott Tucker with unusual sexual preferences.

series producer name - Sarah Goldfinger, too, it seemed familiar. Remembering the story of the sale of rotten home, Scott decided to revise the series again on the Internet. Then he waited one more discovery - in the description on the site dedicated to the TV series, called perverts agents Melinda and Scott Tamkin, not Tucker, as presented in the TV. Descriptions were:

"Scott Tamkin: 30 years old, handsome, slippery and heavy drinkers type. Amateur sado / BDSM pornography since college times was a mortgage broker. He is suspected of murdering his wife Melinda. "

"Melinda Tamkin: 30 years, Scott's wife ... her death may have occurred during excessively risky sexual games, at the time when she was strapped to the bed with handcuffs." Scott then fumbled on the Internet a little more and found some sites that sexual relations and Melinda Scott Tamkin described as "alternative". And though it in fact was a fictional character, the couple were furious. Most of their customers come from the Internet, and they do not want to be associated with perverts and murderers.

Tamkin tried to apply for Goldfinger in court, but she rejected all the charges, saying it used the real names only while writing the script, and that fragments of the script accidentally leaked onto the internet before the names have been changed - so it's not her fault. The Court considered unfounded claims of Realtors, as not found between the fictional and the real Tamkin direct connection.

6. Turn your house into a cemetery

The chief of the quartermaster service of the American Continental Army Montgomery Meigs thought of all the officers, who during the Civil War were fired from the US Army and joined the army of the Confederation of personal enemies.

Montgomery Meigs

One of these officers was Colonel Robert E. Lee, who, after 35 years of distinguished service in the Federal Army resigned in order to fight on the side of the South and eventually promoted to the rank of commander of all Confederate army.

During the transition from one army to another, Lee and his wife lived mansion called "Arlington House", located in the state of Virginia, on the estate of about 1100 acres. In any case, Lee ordered his wife to leave, and soon the government to tidy up his estate to the hands.

In 1864, there was a question about the lack of cemeteries for killed in the fighting soldiers and officers. And then Quartermaster Meigs has proposed that can simultaneously solve the problem of cemeteries and take revenge on the traitor and apostate. He suggested a new cemetery in Arlington estate and received approval. Almost immediately after that in place of flower beds with roses, lovingly planted Mrs. Lee, the first 26 graves. By the end of the civil war in the tribal Lee nests already rested 5000 soldiers. All to the owner does not want to go home too. And he never really showed the desire to return the estate itself.

It was only in 1870, the son of Robert E. Lee - George sued the estate itself. And then he sold it to the government for $ 150 thousand (or 3, $ 5 million in terms of today's money).

After that, "Arlington House" was restored and declared a historical monument.