Secrets of Starbucks

All the reasons for the general public love for the usual coffee chain.

Secrets of Starbucks

The name of Starbucks coffee on the world market there in 1971 - it was a shop selling its own coffee roasting, open three friends and the fans of good coffee. Buyers have been a little, so they are happy to spend a lot of time on each of them, talking about coffee, sharing secrets and literally preaching the love of this drink.

Thanks to the stubbornness of Howard Schultz Starbucks now - a network of 2,000 coffee shops worldwide. The company has changed everything except the love for coffee and attention to the visitors. And the coffee beans there is still selling.

Not important coffee

Starbucks Coffee - very good, not argue with that. But, according to the company, when they were asked to name five visitors reasons why they choose is their network, in the first place was a social experience.

At Starbucks, come to talk, to work and even just to look at people. And it did not happen by chance, it created an atmosphere of dialogue in our stores deliberately because the company co-owner and its chief executive Howard Schultz was convinced that not only coffee brings people in institutions, but also personal experience.

And all the work of Schultz and his team in building the brand was aimed precisely at creating the necessary experience for such situation. Comfortable sofas, fireplaces, smoothly curved café line, creating a seemingly open, but comfortable space, free internet access (which, like the outlet plan limit, because people sit too long, leaving no room for other clients), and so on . Howard Schultz stressed that his business is not to fill their stomachs, and to fill the soul. He also coined the term "third place" - a balance between work and home.

Secrets of Starbucks

But the coffee is also important

In 1971, when the English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev ridge and writer Gordon Bowker opened his first shop selling high-quality coffee beans, they did not know what in the end will result in their company came in 80th Howard Schultz. But completely changing the concept of a Starbucks coffee sales in the atmospheric coffee Schultz has always tried to maintain the company's commitment to high-quality coffee roasting your own. What were associated with many difficulties, it decided in a very peculiar.

For example, expensive and rare coffee varieties, comes in coffee shops, as well as all other varieties in the two-kilogram bags, quickly ran out of steam - it simply did not have time to sell. Starbucks had to create their own technology for the production of powdered coffee. Keep in mind, if you take the road to Starbucks coffee, it may well be, though very high quality, but nevertheless soluble product.

And in the case of decaffeinated coffee and skim milk, which required buyers, concerned about their health, the company had to just give up and start selling coffee, tasteless coffee, milk, milk devoid of taste.

Starbucks constantly emphasizes the social responsibility of the company. Ecology, only adult labor, the principles of "Fair Trade". As of 2006, of the nearly half a million kilograms of coffee sold by the company, 6% was certified as Fair Trade. Not so much about the total volume of Starbucks, but well relative to other producers.


"Frappuccino for Irina!" Is heard in the coffee shop. Irina certain that baristas can hardly remember ever coming to the bar and takes a glass of coffee on which the marker written her name. Something for nothing. This famous trifle largely created the iconic image of Starbucks - people captivates private brand attitude, even such a simple and unsophisticated.

Open communication with the visitors perhaps spelled out in job descriptions barista. Unsociable, whether they are at least three hundred times by professionals, Starbucks will not take.

It becomes a serious problem in the mid-2000s new coffee machine. They were too big, and blocked the barista from visitors. For them to redo the rack to lower coffee machine below.

Secrets of Starbucks

Windows and doors

The company is very meticulously applies to the choice of premises. Their main requirement is not so much a "red line development" as the orientation of doors and windows on the sides of the world. If the front door will look to the north, Starbucks never rents a room, whether it is in the most convenient location in the city and straight.

Entrance group should be focused only on the east or south. And this is not some kind of superstition there - "Just when you drink coffee, you want to enjoy the daylight, but it is not necessary that the sun was shining in his face," the company says.

Secrets of Starbucks

One dollar per year

One of the company's chips - in its many coffee shops they pay to lessors exactly one dollar a year, and the landlord is not left for nothing. They no one breaks out of hands, no one threatened with a blowtorch - a Starbucks knows that the customer will come. The atmosphere, for coffee, for the name written on the glass, and thus even almost hopeless place will be a checkpoint. Starbucks has not been invited to open a coffee shop in disadvantaged areas, and Starbucks agreed. On the crime of course, they were not able to compete, but the flow of people organized. In exchange for the extremely humane conditions of rent - $ 1 per year.

contraption ring

Do not think that everything that makes Starbucks, made of humanity. Marketers and brand managers of companies know their business and come up with many interesting tricks to promote the brand further.

For example, a ring on the glass to not burned hands.

Paper cup with hot coffee and he very quickly gets hot, despite the low thermal conductivity of the paper. And so many years ago, Starbucks began to wear glasses on top of an additional ring of corrugated cardboard. And then their corporate position of "all for the sake of the environment," suggested to them a curious solution that also works against competitors.

Buying coffee, you could choose: free corrugated cardboard ring or pay a little extra and get a nice polyurethane with Starbucks logo. And do not throw it together with a glass, and carry to the next purchase of coffee. No matter, will be bought coffee at Starbucks or not, on the glass will be the logo of this iconic network. And caring for people and the environment, and good competitive move.

Insulated cups, not the first year sold in the coffee shops, the decision of the same opera. People use "tumblers" with Starbucks sign, not only for coffee from Starbucks, which means an additional communication.

By the way, reusable mugs and cups or utensils completely recyclable - it is something that Starbucks is committed as part of its impressive of environmental programs. They say that by 2015, we will become bearers of reusable advertising cult coffee.

Secrets of Starbucks

Preserving the traditions of

The first Starbucks was opened in Seattle in 1971, since it does not change anything. Repair, certainly do, but only to bring the room in order, and not to update the interior. Institution is fully retained its original appearance, and it is called the "Museum of Starbucks", although it really is not.


At Starbucks, you can always buy a CD with a good, carefully selected music. The same music will play at a coffee shop at the time of purchase. Moreover, the same music that day will be played at Starbucks in Seattle, New York, Milan and Tokyo. And if the visitor is aware of this fact, it is likely to become attached to the company even more. From a touching sense of ownership around the globe, at least for those countries, to which Starbucks has reached.

Secrets of Starbucks