6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

Science says - a lot that so touches and touches us in the behavior of cats, is quite unexpected and often not very pleasant for us to explain.

1. They meow, imitating the cries of human infants

6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

The cats know a lot of ways to communicate, but when they want us to say something like "I want to eat" or "pat me", then, as a rule, meow.

In contrast to the one of the dog barking, cat vocalize can be adjusted in height, tone, volume, and melodies that they take, are very diverse. This tool set is needed for cats to better manipulate us and to achieve the desired.

Scientific research has shown that people unconsciously distinguish pleading meow and the usual sounds of cat in a variety of situations. The subjects who were given to listen to the recording with meow, said that the cat request sound more demanding and less pleasant than usual meow. When cats beg for something, they produce sounds that resemble human babies crying.

Further research really confirmed that when cats require food or attention, they meow frequency close to the children crying. It is no coincidence, and clean the evil feline genius.

Cats instinctively adjust their purring and meowing at a rate that allows them to get from their owners want, and as quickly as possible. And we react to their team as the most natural trained animals, and run them out. Not only because the very sound affects us as a stimulus, and also because our natural instinct tells us to immediately feed the creature that sounds like our child, even if it is covered with hair and his name Barsik.

2. They express their superiority by putting a bunch in the wrong place

6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

One of the advantages of the cat family, in contrast, for example, dogs or horses, is that its representatives to easily train to leave waste of their ability to live in designated neat boxes, and therefore the owners of cats are spared from having to regularly walk their pets. In addition, cats instinctively bury what made.

Contrary to popular belief, these habits are explained not insurmountable maniacal cleanliness. This is an evolutionary relic from the time when cats were not yet domesticated and around - full of predators, much more dangerous than a vacuum cleaner.

Burying his poop, cat hidden trail that they could find the enemies feline kind. But there was another reason: because they avoided the "call to fight to the death" by other, stronger males. It is quite reasonable.

That is burying faeces - a sign that the cat is afraid of a larger animal. And if he demonstratively left a heap on the most visible place (on the mat by the front door or on your bed) and did not bother to hide it - this is, accordingly, to be regarded as an act of aggression. This means that he considers himself the chief, you're living in its territory and must obey its laws.

The mysterious world of the cat's policies bunch - small smelly flag, which clearly indicates the boundaries of the cat's territory. In the wild, these flags are left to be seen and smell other cats - a sign that this is a serious area of ​​the animal, which is not joking.

When it comes to staying in one area of ​​a cat and human, then there are the same laws. If he left his feces uncovered - thus he considers himself the chief and to cover their possessions should you. What you probably do.

3. They rub against you, to assert their rights

6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

Understand cats is very difficult. This is not a dog that jumping, expressing his delight, when you get home, or run away, turn tail when you catch them in the act of eating the waste from the rubbish bin. Cats have developed an expression of almost contemptuous indifference, which is worn constantly, regardless of the mood.

However, any ailurophile attest that cats evince their affection for the man, when urchat and rub muzzle, or all over his legs. It's like as if your kitty in a fit of tenderness tried to hug you.

The problem is that such behavior of cats has nothing to do with their affection. It's just a way to announce you as their own.

Like many other animals, cats are provided with glands secrete pheromones, which were originally intended to communicate with other cats on important issues such as the identification, sexual compatibility and the right to the territory. The most important glands are located on the tail, and the sides of the muzzle. When a cat rubs against your feet or palms off on its face under your hand, he tries to leave you their odorous marks.

It is sad, that you are probably mistaken for a cat hugs, actually more worthy of comparison with the prison tattoo. For other animals is a signal that you already have a host. Well, at the same time in the message enclosed personal letter. Decrypts the message like this: "Property of the cat Masha" and "Lonely, Siamese kitty three years get acquainted with non-castrated cat to spend time together."

4. They mimic snakes to scare you

6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

Anyone who has ever watched a cat's showdowns, the most familiar of these chilling sounds that are only able to publish these cute animals. Besides uterine "Mrrroooooouuu" in the mandatory in such cases, the program includes a threatening hiss.

Scientists claim that when the cat presses the ears, bares fangs and hisses, it depicts a different animal, which tries to avoid most predators - snake.

Cats, like many other representatives of the world fauna - from spiders to birds - instinctively use acquired in the course of evolution acting skills to defend against attacks of enemies. In a dangerous situation, the cat is trying to deceive the enemy, and transforms into a creature that is more likely able to scare him.

5. They manic trying to get rid of the smell of our

6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

Do you think your cat is a great akkuratist? Forever clean and brings beauty ...

Have you noticed how hard he begins grooming, after you pet him? Can you touch it greasy hands or he is allergic to anything?

No, that's not it. He just tries to get rid of your smell.

When he licking, pulls his hair and stimulates thus cancer on the body, which are beginning to actively secrete enzymes. Cat begins to smell better by itself and get rid of your terrible odor.

In addition, kotovladeltsy know what can happen, if brought into the house of the new man. There is a high probability that the shoes, clothes and other things the new tenant will be abundantly sprinkled themselves know nothing. Here works the same principle - the desire to destroy the alien smells on its territory.

6. They bring home dead animals to demonstrate its superiority as a hunter

6 cute feline habits and unexpected explanations

Cats, in fact - predators. Mice, birds and overt ankle often fall prey to one of the few species on the planet that hunt just for fun ...

And so many owners of cats from time to time have to take their pets is not very nice gifts. Cat can shove the bloody bird you boot and wait, when you start to eat greedily feast brought by you.

Most cat owner will confirm that even if the cat quite sated pollock, he still will not miss the pleasure to catch something accidentally flew past - just like that.

And after the production was in the clutches of a cat proudly will present it to the person recognizes the main - that is you. Absolutely logical. But this is only half the truth.

In fact, this half-eaten rat, you woke up, found on my pillow - not so much a gift as a training maneuver. Cats consider it their duty to teach the kittens and other family members the right to hunt and provide food.

Just your animal noticed the complete absence you the vital skills and inability to catch their own food and is trying to teach you how to own a kitten. That's all.