10 unusual gadgets are really useful

"Muffler" Keyboard, bikini with a rechargeable smart phone with a laser sight scissors and other amazing modern fixtures

Despite the fact that many of these devices is difficult to imagine as an object of everyday use, however, most of them really will be used in any home.

Forbes magazine chose ten modern gadgets that can be really useful for the user.

Jammer keyboard

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 35 34

Noise level - an important sanitary norm, so the reduction of noise of stationary computers and peripherals - a problem not only in the fight for the psychological comfort of the user. Especially in the "open office", where many joint clatter of keyboards makes its undoubted contribution. Play a few decibels can help, for example, a chiclet keyboard: it is conveniently rolled up, very quiet and sealed. But to work with it requires some skill. For those who do not want to give up the good old "keys", there are sound-absorbing covers of "breathable" material, which not only muffle the sound, but also protects the keyboard from dust and moisture, keeping the heat sink. Recommended for use c laptop keyboard in dusty conditions.

Flying Service

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 10 99

Awakening the alarm clock always stressful, and less than it is, the better a person feels themselves in during the day. One way to reduce the stress of awakening - Adding to the wake-up game element. For example, the pursuit of an alarm clock. Flying Service consists of two parts. At the bottom are arranged hours, while the upper part of the instrument equipped with a propeller. At the time of the alarm signal the "helicopter" takes off, and to stop the alarm, you need to get up, catch it and put it back into the slot of the stationary part.

The charger Solar

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 60

Threefold charger KIWI U-Powered Solar & USB Portable charger reminds mobilnik- "book" when folded and unfolded in the ability to feed through the USB port of your smartphone, tablet or device for reading electronic books. Other Charger Solar reminds mat folds into a neat roll (available in different sizes). And some very bold inventors go even further and manage such "pads" to sew something useful - such as the American designer Andrew Schneider, who created the bikini charging portable electronic devices. However, swimming is not recommended, and other possible side effects have been reported in a bikini.

Jumping camera

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 69

"Bouncing" SatuGo (See, Aim, Throw, captUre and Go - "to see to aim, throw, grab, and go") - camera digital camera in shock-resistant and very elastic container. It has been called "photo-grenade": camera descent is made in the form of a ring, for which you need to pull, and then drop the camera much like. In flight, the camera takes a series of pictures stored on the internal storage medium. Already in the first month after the presentation of the prototype, the inventors have received more than four thousand applications from potential buyers. But venture funds are denied funding, arguing that the gadget "outdated at the time of release of the prototype." Indeed, a 3 megapixel camera for the new in 2006 - not very serious to the stated price. But now the camera first and only small series of sometimes pop up at auction - and is much more expensive.


10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 22

It so happens that when the long bangs on the keys, and the room is cool, the hand begins to freeze tangible, that is not the best way affects the speed and quality of work. In fact, the solution to this problem - clothes electrically - was invented for another thirty years of Antarctic expeditions. There it was the batteries here - USB-connector. There are gloves with cut fingers, combined gloves, mittens convertible "top". Power is supplied separately for each glove, the temperature is also controlled separately for each hand. Maximum heating - + 50 ° C.

Virtual Laser Keyboard

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 164, 99

This year, the market has a new class of input devices - keyboard laser projection high-definition images for connection to smartphones and tablets. Connection is via USB, Bluetooth or more morally outdated, but still a workable IR. It is assumed that with a laser on a smooth surface (e.g., table) is projected standard keyboard with the distance between the centers of the keys 19 mm. Recognizing finger movements sensor recognizes up to 350 "clicks" per minute.

Flexible drum set

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 19 62

Someone - a child's toy, but for a musician - nostalgia for 1980: return "drum machines" and "drum machine", which can be programmed rhythms what you want what you want sounds. Is a plug to a computer, laptop or tablet by USB plastic mat, measuring about 30 by 20 cm with six isolated areas (six different reels), by which one can knock conventional drumsticks. The software provides audio playback of 50 varieties of drums, each of which is offered at two or three varieties of tone, depending on the force and impact speed, with the ability to edit. Acceptable rates - from 40 to 208 beats per minute.

scissors with laser sight

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 14 97

Conventional scissors with a blade length of 9 cm, but the handle is integrated laser sight. Weight - 102 grams. Power supply - two flat batteries LR44. The laser is turned On, then the beam length of 21 cm using two vernier aligned with the blade, followed by laser cutting neatly "track". Plus Gadget - high accuracy in a case where the cut line can not be applied to the material (originally intended laser scissors barbers). Minus - the small size of the incision.


10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: 2890 rubles.

In appearance it is an ordinary ballpoint pen (rods provided), but inside it - e-filling allows you to connect to the base sensor with built-in memory, which is a clothespin, capable of retaining up to 10 sheets of A4 paper. Pen draws on the paper and its movement is read Infrared and ultrasonic sensors base; all digitized and saved as a memo file * .wpi, which can be exported to a laptop or desktop computer in a graphical format for further processing. The pen works only in a single layer, but the base is provided with a display (number of notes, battery power), and the software has handwriting recognizer, including Russian. Communication with the computer via Bluetooth.

microscope attachment is

10 unusual gadgets are really useful

Price: $ 29 90

60-fold microscope is mounted on a special protective carrying case (included) that fits over the iPhone over the camera lens. The microscope consists of a magnifying unit and special mikroosvetitelya which is powered by three batteries LR1130-planar and has three LEDs, two - conventional "white" light, the third - ultraviolet. Originally created for microscope control of banknotes, but has evolved into a convenient device for microfilming. The device weighs '18