6 major new products from Samsung

Hybrid camera and smartphone, the world's first phone with Windows Phone 8, Galaxe Note with amazing stylus and other hits of the annual presentation of the Korean company.

The annual series of presentations Samsung Unpacked Korean company is its main unit, defining its work in the coming months. Presentation of this year, organized almost immediately after the court ordered Samsung to pay Apple's $ 1 billion, caused a clear question will be whether the new gadgets reason to new processes or billionaire accuse Koreans to "cheating" will not work?

6 major new products from Samsung

Samsung hardly conceived the event as a demonstration of its independence (in preparation Unpacked verdict has not yet been made public), but it looked convincing. The company now relies on a smartphone with a screen 5, 5 '' and stylus - in this area a year ago, she paved the way for the release of Galaxy Note. - as well as the camera under Android (this way until all is not developed).

The second rate - leaving autumn operating system, Windows 8 (it uses two notebook-tablet), Windows RT (the tablet) and Windows Phone 8 (smartphone). Let the system designed not by Samsung, and Microsoft, they are very different from the competition. In general, it is unlikely anyone would suspect these products is that they are "buying by mistake, taking the market leaders." And the Samsung is unlikely to resort to advertising novelties Clip Available from the Apple address as before.

Galaxy Note II

6 major new products from Samsung

Release Date: October (Europe, Asia, Middle East), the end of 2012 (US)

Price: unknown

When the first model Galaxy Note was introduced a year ago, many wondered who needs a huge phone with a screen 5 "As it turned out, we need many things:. For a year broke up more than 10 million copies, so continue waiting eagerly basic characteristics have not changed too. much (the screen has increased from 5, 2 '' and 5, 5 '', RAM from 1 GB to 2 GB, the processor accelerated), but on the stylus worked as it should: it now recognizes up to 1024 level pressure sensitivity (helps in drawing) and is capable of reacting with the smartphone even without contact (stylus can be approximate to the object on the screen for one action, and to stick to the object to the other).

Galaxy Camera

6 major new products from Samsung

Release Date: October

Price: unknown

The camera, in fact, have built a smartphone, with which it is impossible to call: a large touch screen, a full-fledged Android with the ability to install applications, support for Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G. This may seem a whim: what camera to run Angry Birds? However, the real meaning is, and it lies in the capabilities of smartphones, which relate to the photos. Take a photo and immediately put it on his page on the social network, even if you are far away from civilization. Treat your filters Instagram shots. Replace one application to another shooting, if the standard something is not satisfied. All this made people with smartphones to close their eyes to the fact that the quality of images obtained by the camera inferior. Samsung also offers the combined advantages of both options. It is unclear how popular it would be (previously this has not been done, only a week ago Nikon announced the Coolpix S800c similar model without 3G).

Ativ S

6 major new products from Samsung

Release date: unknown

Price: unknown

Features of the new smartphone has not captured the imagination (dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM have become familiar in the last year). I wonder something else: it is the world's first phone with Windows Phone 8 system.

In this device, were sold with Windows Phone 7 will not be updated to the "Group of Eight" that adds value ATIV S. Samsung and there is not other people's footsteps, but rather paves the way. Another curious detail: 4, 8-inch screen came close to the psychologically important 5-inch boundary.

ATIV Smart PC and ATIV Smart PC Pro

6 major new products from Samsung 6 major new products from Samsung

Release Date: October 26 (US)

Price (USD): $ 649 for Smart PC without a keyboard unit and $ 749 for Smart PC with a keyboard unit (US) from $ 1119 for the Ativ Smart PC Pro

Previously, a similar called "tablet with a plug-in keyboard", but here the situation is different: when the screen size is 11, 6 '', it is unlikely people will constantly walk around with it in their hands. In addition, used "computer" a variation of Windows 8, rather than "mobile" Windows RT. So, although you can buy only the screen without a keyboard, and it will function as a tablet, in the touch screen first and foremost it's still laptops. Both models include the S Pen stylus, a favorite with owners of Galaxy Note, and the differences between the models in the more powerful components Pro (Core i5 processor instead unpretentious: Atom, screen resolution 1920x1080 vs. 1366x728, more memory), for which it is necessary to pay less operating time and high cost .

Ativ Tab

Release date: unknown (not earlier than 26 October)

Price: unknown

Unlike ATIV Smart PC and Smart PC Pro is exactly the plate: of the keyboard are not talking, the screen 10-inch, Mobile ARM processor with the corresponding version of Windows RT. Dual-core processor with a frequency of 1, 5 GHz and a resolution of 1366x768 for a long time nobody will be surprised, so Samsung decided soon feel a new niche, than to rush into the attack and conquer all. And after October, when Windows RT prospects become clearer, the company will decide whether to act aggressively and you need to plug all the belt with new models. Well, then, there is reason to wait with interest the following Unpacked.