4 most stupid defeat in military history

Military history constitute not only a glorious victory. There in her pages, and not so heroic. Sometimes even anecdotal ...

1. The Australian army is defeated by emu ...

4 most stupid defeat in military history

In 1932, Australian farmers has fallen trouble: their land settled a huge flock of birds and threatened to destroy the entire crop of wheat. And these were not those birds, which can scare straw man. It was the emu - create under two meters tall, with a good appetite and a clear intention to stay on the farm land for a long time. And there were no less than 20 thousand.

He remained one hope - to the army. For "hostilities" have equipped two regiments of soldiers led by Major Meredith of the Royal Australian Artillery Force.

The first phase of the operation showed excellent ability of emu on the part of guerrilla warfare. Firstly, it was found that the birds in any did not wish to come together, to them it was convenient to handle, but prefer to scatter through the fields, so that had to hunt for each individually. Second, they run fast and be close to them at the desired distance is not so easy.

Enough to urge his soldiers through the fields, Meredith decided to change tactics, ambush and lure the birds to a local dam. And indeed after some time, the military saw a group of about a thousand emus. When the birds came quite close, Meredith gave the order "Fire!", And then broke down ... gun. Birds scattered.

Desperate Meredith ordered to plunge another defective machine gun on the truck and shoot the elusive emu on the go, like a movie gangster, but, as it turned out, these birds to overtake a truck is worth nothing, and do accurate shot from the machine, shaking in the fields, it is practically impossible . The chase ended when the truck drove into a fence and then stalled. Captain Meredith had no choice but to admit defeat and disgrace to return home.

4 most stupid defeat in military history

The score: 10 000 machine-gun bursts into a thousand of dead birds.

2. The pilots are at risk for the sake of a career ... spectacular pictures for Facebook

4 most stupid defeat in military history

A military helicopter - not a toy. To anybody it does not trust. You have to show himself a man of serious, responsible and balanced. Your command should be absolutely sure that you do not throw out something stupid ...

In 2010, when two experienced US Navy helicopter pilot almost fell into Lake Tahoe (on the border of California and Nevada), causing damage to their cars for a total of half a million dollars, the first thing seen version of technical problems.

Helicopters hovered over the water, and suddenly fall down, as if decided to swim. One need not be a professional pilot to guess that the machines are not designed for such tricks, and that the whole thing could easily end in tragedy. So what could push the well-trained helicopter pilot on such an incredibly dangerous maneuver? Maybe some kind of mysterious rescue operation?

It turned out, all the fault of Facebook.

Pilots military helicopters dipped into the lake with only one purpose - to lay out the spectacular images in the social network. That is, they were not going to bathe - the idea was just to go down below with the phone in one hand, make a face and naschelkat cool gallery. And as to control the helicopter and pose a bit hard, and they swam. It is fortunate that both were able to recover in time and climb.

After an investigation at the former pilots appeared much more time to communicate in social networks.

3. The British Navy accidentally drowns his best ship

The flagship of the British fleet "Victoria" was built with one apparent goal - to send to the bottom of all the enemies of Britain at sea. It was the most powerful ship of all, it was possible to build at this time. Armor 45 cm, engines of the latest technology, two guns 110 tons each, in general - "storm sea."

At every opportunity flagship touted as being completely invulnerable and unsinkable.

And in 1893, the British sank accidentally "Victoria" by their own efforts - when trying to make a grand maneuver. Window dressing - she in England show.

The flagship was walking towards Tripoli. Commander - Vice Admiral Sir George Tryon decided to show the astonished audience that had gathered along both banks, the possibility of its fleet and make a presentation. The idea was to 10 ships in two columns marched from the port, then the team nicely turned by 180 degrees toward each other and headed back to port. Here is a diagram of how this should happen:

Tryon summed mathematics. He miscalculated the turning radius. When the admiral realized this collision was already inevitable. So ingloriously died "Victoria" and collided with it "Camperdown".

4. Guam lends ammunition of the enemy

At the beginning of the Spanish-American War (1898), the USS "Charleston" was ordered to capture the Spanish island of Guam. For the operation was given only two days, given the way - nothing at all.

When the Americans came to the island, is waiting for a desperate resistance, was given 13 volleys at the fortress of Santa Luz and waited. The answer of the Spaniards was highly unexpected. No cannon volleys and the choicest of expletives. Instead, they sent one small sudonyshko with the officer, who politely asked permission to come aboard. Intrigued by the Americans gave permission.

Once on American soil, the Spaniard in the most exquisite expressions invited "Charleston" in Guam. Then he thanked for the salute, which staged the American guests ... and very apologetic that they could not give a return salute, because on the island, as trouble plagued all stocks of gunpowder. But if the Americans would be so kind as to lend the islanders some gunpowder, they will be happy to welcome a foreign ship as it should be.

It was one of the worst embarrassment in world military history. It turned out that Spain had forgotten to send a message to Guam, they are now in a state of war. Therefore, on the island, by the way, is not particularly worried about how to replenish stocks of gunpowder.