10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Some billionaires rather eccentric in relation to their children.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, the man with the third largest state in the world by Forbes, once said that he did not believe in dynastic wealth.

He commanded 85 percent of its 44 billion fortune to charity - most of them for the Gates Foundation. "A very rich man," he said, "must leave their children enough that they can do anything, but not that they can not do anything."

What feelings about his children? "My dad is one of the most honest, principled and good people I know," said his daughter Susan Fortune magazine in 1986. "And I agree with him."

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Susan Buffett talking with his father at the annual meeting of shareholders Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha, Nebraska

Bill Gates

The second richest man in the world shares the philosophy of Buffett. He and his wife Melinda have bequeathed half of his 54-billion state to the fund that fights poverty around the world and sponsors educational initiatives.

Gates not only intends to donate most of his wealth, but he and Buffett made an appeal calling on other billionaires to donate their money, instead of storing them in the family. In comparison with the full amount of its state, a legacy that will have three of his children, by definition of the Gates is a "tiny", amounting to ten million dollars each.

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Bill Gates talks to Catherine Haftsmen, left, and James Murdoch, son, much less filantropichnogo billionaire Rupert Murdoch.

Vladimir Potanin

Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin, often ahead of their time. In those days, when the country was moving towards a market economy, he took control of more than twenty-first state-owned enterprises, including major banks. In 2010, he became the first Russian tycoon who decided to follow Gates model and bequeathed his fortune to charity.

"A million dollars, resulting in the inheritance will help the person get a good education, find employment without haste and find himself. A billion dollars would kill him and deprive him of the feeling of life, "said Potanin. A million dollars is certainly not the smallest amount, but given that Potanin may spend five million on some whim, his children may experience conflicting feelings for his father's philosophy.

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Vladimir Potanin, right, meets with former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in 2008

Duncan Bennatayn

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

The Scottish entrepreneur Duncan Bennatayn, star of the TV show "Dragon's Lair", allegedly deprived his daughter of her part of the inheritance, when he caught her with a cigarette. Millionaire founded several trusts for their children with some other requirements designed to demonstrate their moral core (alcohol is also prohibited).

"If they want to smoke - they can do it, but then they do not get their part of the inheritance," he said. Meanwhile, he donates much of his fortune to various needs, including, not surprisingly, the Day of quitting.

Andrew Carnegie

Many of today's philanthropists say that it is the industrialist Andrew Carnegie inspired them to your way of thinking. He owns the oft-quoted phrase, "The man who dies rich, dies in disgrace" and "Parents who leave his son enormous wealth, most of them killed his talents and energy."

Great wealth - this is something with which Carnegie was well acquainted. In 1901 he sold the U.S. Steel for 492 million dollars, a huge sum even by the standards of 2012, and at that time - simply exorbitant (about 12.4 billion US dollars by today's standards). Throughout his life, he gave most of his money, including donations to libraries, teachers and schools.

His only daughter, Margaret Carnegie Miller, did not remain in poverty from every point of view, but the amount that she had inherited, was less than ten percent of his condition.

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Andrew Carnegie walks with his wife Louise Whitfield Carnegie, daughter Estelle Whitfield, and daughter Margaret, in 1911

Aaron Spelling

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Ironically, the fictional TV show driven a wedge between Tori Spelling and her father, legendary producer Aaron. He and her mother Candy obviously did not approve of autobiographical sitcom "NoTORIous".

Other factors that have led to the fact that the Tories had not spoken with his father for about nine months in the last year of his life, is very dependent on the source of information, but what is known for sure - is the fact that when her father died, Tori remained just a 800 thousands of his $ 500 million state. As she grew up in an atmosphere of privilege and glory, it was a serious shock to her.

Peter Sellers

Actor Peter Sellers had amassed a good fortune in the course of his successful career. When he died, his wife Lynne Frederick inherited most of its seven millionth state. But his children, with whom he has long lived separately, received approximately $ 1,300 each.

A letter written by the Pink Panther in the day when he fell into a coma in 1980, was that he changed his mind - he was going to bequeath to your children large sums. But unfortunately for Sellers children, he died before he was able to carry out these changes in life.

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Peter Sellers and his son Michael in 1957

Eugene Lang

Eugene Lang, the man behind the Foundation "I Have a Dream", sponsored educational programs for poor children around the world. Teaching his children also sponsor of his foundation. But it was all that he has decided to give them. After graduating from college, he gave them what he called "nominal amount", and from that moment they were left to themselves.

Lang, who amassed a fortune of more than $ 50 million, said that they will not get anything after his death. Causes? "Inheritance dissolves the motivation of young people to do in life the best that they can. I want to give my children a great satisfaction to do it themselves, "he said.

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Eugene Lang poses with his son, actor Stephen Lang to fund the festival "I Have a Dream" in 2010

The Chinese real estate tycoon Yu Peña

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Yu announced in 2010 that he gives the last 500 million of his fortune to his charitable foundation. When asked if his children do not feel anger over the decision, he said, "They are not against the idea, at least in public." And he added, "If my children are competent, they do not need my money. If not, leave them a lot of money - it means to harm them. "

Father Ted Turner, Ed Turner

If Ed Turner spent his life in the will, it would deprive her son Ted access to family business. A few days before his suicide in 1963, he sold his business billboards in Atlanta Kurt Carlson. As stated in an article in Fortune magazine, Carlson said that "he was sure that if Ted will get the business into his own hands, he will bring it to bankruptcy."

But Ted, who was then 24 years old, persuaded his mother to help him to buy the business back. Since March 2012 Equity Ted Turner is two billion dollars.

10 the rich, who do not leave their children to state

Turner stands with his son Beau Turner and his grandson in 2004