Guide to exotic diseases

Going on vacation? Do not lose vigilance - in distant lands watches any infection.

In exotic countries can not only taste the wonderful fruits of our previous guide, but no less interesting, though not so pleasant disease. Below you will see that it can pick up a naive tourist on the most popular holiday destinations, and what if it turned out to be a tourist you.

Guide to exotic diseases


Disease: Typhoid fever.

How to pick: through contaminated water, food or household items.

How not to pick up: always drink only bottled or boiled water at least, wash your hands before, after, during, and even instead of eating.

Symptoms: weakness, headache, loss of appetite, constipation and diarrhea (who like more), pale skin, white patches on the tongue.

What happens next: the symptoms worse, there is a high fever and a rash small. Possible impairment of consciousness, delusions and hallucinations.

How to cure: to rush to the hospital, while you can still distinguish it from the camel or the Egyptian pyramids. Here you will register chloramphenicol, bed rest and diet hospital №4.

Vaccination +

Where else is found: Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, and other countries in Africa, Asia, and South America.


Disease: Malaria.

How to pick: through a mosquito bite.

How not to pick up: Avoid areas that are rich in mosquitoes, sleep under a mosquito net, use repellents. You can also spend on preventive medications such as chloroquine or doxycycline. Symptoms: fever, chills, joint pain, vomiting, anemia, convulsions.

What happens next: the first 38 days the temperature can be kept constant at 38 ° C, but then it drops, and will continue to appear on a daily basis during the attack, accompanied by abdominal pain and tachycardia. Although up attacks, and you can not live, and fall into a coma already on 2 - 3 days.

How to cure: the classic means - quinine, but it is better to address to the doctor to get medicine against exactly the kind of mosquitoes that will bite you.

Vaccination +

Where else usual: Egypt, Greece, Crete, Cyprus, India, Thailand and other countries in Africa, South America and Asia.


Disease: Leprosy (leprosy).

How to pick up: to communicate with the lepers.

How not to pick up: do not communicate with people whose faces look suspicious.

Symptoms: Body appear red or bluish spots, swelling of the lymph nodes or eye damage may occur.

What happens next: spots grow and grow, disfiguring his face and body, and it's not the worst - Leprosy is capable of causing disorders musculoskeletal system, affect the internal organs and even encroach on the most sacred - male potency!

How to cure: the doctor will prescribe dapsone and rifampicin, but have to be treated for a long time, sometimes for years.

Vaccination +

Where else is found in Brazil, Africa, the islands of the western Pacific Ocean.


Disease: dengue fever.

How to pick: through a mosquito bite. How not to pick up: Avoid areas that are rich in mosquitoes, sleep under a mosquito net, use repellents.

Symptoms: fever, chills, bone pain, muscle and joint pain, nausea, fatigue.

What happens next: the symptoms intensify, the temperature will rise up to 40 ° C, the whole body is covered with an itchy rash. In hemorrhagic fever type can open gastrointestinal and other not very pleasant views of bleeding. It may also occur a state of shock, and even the real death.

How to cure: No specific treatment is usually used antibiotics and corticosteroids.

Vaccination: -

Where else is found: Cuba, countries in Asia, Oceania and the Caribbean.


The disease Japanese encephalitis.

How to pick: through a mosquito bite.

How not to pick up: just as in the case of dengue fever.

Symptoms: fatigue, weakness, decreased performance, headache, nausea and vomiting, chills and fever.

What happens next: symptoms worsen within 3 - 5 days, the temperature is kept between 3 to 14 days, can occur coma. In the first week after infection, you have a very high chance (40 - 70%) returning home in a wooden box.

How to cure: run to the doctor for an immunoglobulin, convalescent sera and hyperimmune serum.

Vaccination +

Where else is found in China, Korea, India and other South Asian countries.


Disease: Plague.

How to pick up: after flea bite, by droplets from a sick person or butchering least infectious animal via the digestive tract by eating undercooked meat of the animal. How not to pick up: Avoid pockets of spread of the disease or at least stay away from people coughing blood, and animal carriers (rodents, hares, foxes, camels).

Symptoms: When the bubonic form - an increase in morbidity and often the inguinal lymph nodes. For the pneumonic form - the appearance of small hemorrhages in the skin, vomiting, bloody mass, expressed tachycardia.

What happens next: a sudden temperature rises to 39 - 40 ° C, there are terrible headaches and fever. Plague buboes grow, there comes a lung and other internal organs. Without competent treatment, mortality reaches 95-99%, and even with the treatment you have a chance (5 - 10%) died in terrible agony.

How to cure: antibiotics, sulfonamides and therapeutic anti-plague serum - your best friend in case of infection. Plague - a very contagious thing, so if there is the slightest suspicion - just run to the hospital, not make another epidemic of the Black Death.

Vaccination +

Where else is found in Brazil, Vietnam, India, Peru, Ecuador and other countries in Asia, Africa and South America.