What words best not to pronounce on holiday abroad

What words best not to pronounce on holiday abroad

summer vacation time is still in full swing. Many collect your bags and go traveling. However, the long-awaited vacation can easily be corrupted. Due to ignorance of foreign language visitors and then get into trouble. The fact that in the Russian language are too many words that resonate with foreign unprintable.

For example, in the United Arab Emirates, you can easily go to jail, saying the street stray cat: "kitty". In Arabic, the word refers to the female sexual organ.

Cambodia. Laos soup will be served instead of "girls"

The biggest danger is in those countries where the locals are very poorly or not at all speak in English. That accounts for the tourists, armed with a phrase book and God's help, to explain to the "natives" in their language. Especially dangerous in this regard, Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, where more and more tourists go in pursuit of the exotic. For example, six tones in Vietnamese. One and the same word spoken in a different tone, can mean totally different things. Therefore, the local name should be pronounced quietly and monotonously. A Vietnamese already will understand what you mean. But if you do not, you may cause serious problems.

- It's an innocent question, if you believe the wrong recommendation of one of the mountain-guides "How can I go to the Holon?" (Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City), may lead to the fact that you're in a hospital or a police station, - says professor east faculty of St. Petersburg State University , teacher of Vietnamese Vladimir batters. - The fact that the Russian language has no such sound with which help could be absolutely correct to say the Vietnamese word Cho 'lo'n "Tolon". Locals will hear two words: "ho", which means "push" and "Lon" - a very dirty word. As a result, they will understand you so: "Where can I push ...?" For this you can go to the intensive care unit. And there are lots of other examples. Errors occur and the name of the Vietnamese rice. This dish is properly called co'm (com). However, our people often say something unintelligible, and in the end it turns out something like a "con". And in Vietnam it is, among other things, is also dismissive reference to the female gender.

It can be trapped, and ordering the most famous Vietnamese soup pho '(FAA).

Foreigners often say just "pho".

- For the Hanoi dialect "pho" means the representatives of the oldest profession, - says Vladimir batters. - Imagine the situation: it is necessary to Vietnamese ladle, and then drove a tourist and shouts: "The girls want!"

Vietnam sexy surname Mutko

In Vietnam, can be dangerous and some Russian words. For example, the colloquial "Che" there - not very nice "dog" (cho '). Therefore, to say this word in the crowd must be very careful not to offend anyone. No less dangerous word "think." Vietnamese language has a close-sounding word that denotes abusive synonymous with the phrase "making love." And in the cultural community, of course, it is better to do without "thoughts."

- In the mid-60s with our geologists in Vietnam there was a funny story, - says Vladimir batters. - One lady from the expedition wanted to try the steak. The Vietnamese are not found in the dictionary of the word. Then they used their old method of searching for Russian word meaning: Section "steak" in two and began to look individually. And then he found in the dictionary the word "cat". The nearest village was caught and fried unfortunate animal. Lady tasted it with pleasure, and then profusely thanked the gallant cavaliers. Only six months later, already in St. Petersburg, she learned what it fed ... Indecent sound in Vietnam and some Russian names. For example, it is necessary to be careful with the name of the Minister of Sports of Russia. Vietnamese in the word "Mutko" can hear a rough mat.

However, and Vietnamese names for the Russian ear may seem unacceptable. For example, in Vietnam, one of the fairly common names - known word of three letters. One such Vietnamese decided to move to St. Petersburg. Here he married, had a daughter soon. But his wife categorically did not want her child's middle name was somehow connected with the name of her beloved husband. As a result, the girl decided not to spoil life and gave a completely different surname.

Indonesia obscene love

Problems may arise in St. Petersburg in China or Indonesia. There is also the English language do not favor. For example, in Indonesia, it is better not to swear, as some of our local abusive words mistaken for a declaration of love. The word "to ... and" there is "please, love." An incident may occur in the restaurant.

- If you speak in Russian the word "sausage", then you will bring a head of raw cabbage, - says the teacher of Indonesian language eastern St. Petersburg State University Svetlana Bans. - Because they hear the kol basah. This word just means "uncooked cabbage." Generally, Indonesians are very amused by our Cyrillic. They think it spoiled the alphabet.

Italy: a penis instead of pasta

However, waiting for St. Petersburg in trouble not only in exotic countries, but also in European countries. For example, in Italy. There, when ordering in a restaurant must be very attentive to the pronunciation. For example, in Italy there is a dish renne all'arrabiata (penne al arrabyata - type of pasta). It is extremely important to utter the word "penne" with double "n". Otherwise it will "foam" and in Italian it means penis. One can imagine the surprise of the waiter, who do you ask such a "meal". It is worth to learn and word sozze (Cozzi - mussels them in different forms too often served in restaurants). By mistake, it is very easy to say how sazzo (katstsa), and it will mean hell, but not one that is growing in the garden. If you happen to search the locker room (for example, on the beach), no harm will learn word spogliatoio (cpolyatoyo). But in any case it is not necessary to be confused with the similar-sounding words spogliarello (cpolyarello), which means "striptease". An incident can happen even in a jewelry store. If you want to buy a vending earrings, be careful with the word, which refers to them - orecchini (orekkini). But do not try to say orecchione (orekone), which means "fagot". The seller may be offended to death or, worse, call the police.

Caution should be pronounced in Italy and Russian words. For example, the expression "fig" or "fig". "The Fig" in Italian means obscene symbol of the female sex organ. Well, the most cruel insult to the Italians can be applied, talking to them about football, in which many of them are crazy. The main thing - do not make a mistake in the name of a key player in their team Andrea Pirlo. Try to clearly pronounce the last letter "o" in its name, because the word "Pearl" in Italian - "asshole." This error you in Italy would never be forgiven.

France: the pool is better not to walk

At risk is another European country - France. There problems can start during dinner at the restaurant. It is not necessary to ask loudly through in Russian in the hope that you and so will understand. Nothing like this. The word "by" very much in tune with the French chiotte, which means "toilet". So rather than pay for dinner, you will be taken to the toilet. A surprised behind your bad manners. After yelling at the entire restaurant "sorted!" Is not accepted in any country of the world. If after dinner you decide to walk to the pool, it is best not to ask for directions in Russian. In French, the word "pool" is transformed into the phrase bas sein, which translates as "female breast sagging." For such a word can be obtained from the eye as most ladies, and on its satellite. And finally, not to be pronounced in Russian the word "envelope." It is very much in tune with the obscene phrase con vert ( "green vagina"). Scary to imagine that they can answer Russian tourists who dare to ask the hotel envelope.

Hazardous word

Wench. In Russian "girl" sounds pretty rough, but the Czechs even rougher. Czech devka - obscene word for "prostitute".

Kant. Russian harmless "edge" in the English-speaking world mat. In English cunt - it uncensored version of the word "vagina".

Ear. This Russian word with the accent on the first syllable - Greek rough version of the word "ass".

Date fruit. This word is very similar to the Arabic verb "copulate". So it is better not to shout at the bazaar, "Dates".