This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

The last week of June, downright broken all records of real madness. Probably not the last role in this played unusually hot weather: brains "melted" in almost all.

I note that there were also very real miracles along with positive follies, interesting records and scientific developments.

All interesting incident posted on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "Less see - will be slimmer"

Scientists from the University of Tokyo have developed a dietary glasses.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

The operating principle of technological innovations is to increase the visual products that are people going to eat. Glasses provided with cameras, and computers. The image is processed by the CPU and the user is shown in an enlarged view.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

The experiments and biscuits showed that people who treat demonstrated increased by 50%, ate it for 10% less. At the same time, decrease cookie image 2/3 led to an increase in appetite by 15%.

In addition, the technology can supplement or completely change the image. For example, turn an ordinary cookies in chocolate. In this device, by which the user summarizes various odors can be used to deceive the taste buds.

Pass on the side of Japanese scientists - they have great cookies!

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9th place - "browser-retaliation"

Australian online store Kogan electronics introduced a surcharge for Internet Explorer 7 users.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

The size of the additional amount of about 7% of the purchase price. Shop considers the tax as compensation for the effort spent to ensure that the site displayed correctly in older browsers.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

Internet Explorer 7 users are notified of the fact that they will be charged a certain amount and that they can avoid this by installing a modern browser. Message begins with the words: "It seems that you or your system administrator has spent the last five years in a coma." Online shopping not disclose what percentage of customers with the seventh version of the browser in the overall company statistics.

What a pain, what pain ... Internet Explorer 7.0 ...

8 place - "orange threat"

The most dangerous vegetables in the kitchen - it's pumpkin.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

Such an unexpected conclusion was made by British scientists. The cause of the ills they see in the thick skin of the product, which is not so easy to cut. Researchers conducted a survey, which showed that about a quarter of the 2 thousand respondents at least once received bruises and cuts while cooking pumpkin soup or pie.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

On the second place on the trauma - turnips, which is also characterized by a dense skin. However, almost half of the victims admitted that they cut their fingers, imitating the chefs of the culinary show. So it seems, the reason is not only in the vegetable features.

Main sponsor of injury in some people - namely, "pumpkin" on their shoulders.

7 place - "Zombie Job"

British firm hires the living dead.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

The candidates applying for this job, it is necessary to perform the role of a zombie in special events. From them will get rid recorded on such entertainment people.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

As a representative of the company said, candidates for the post of zombies must appear for an interview in makeup and style of the living dead, and in the appropriate attire. In addition, they need to demonstrate to employers the ability to behave like zombies, that is to issue inarticulate sounds terrible and move like the characters of horror films. zombie experience is not needed.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

The people who manage to make a good impression on the representatives of the company, go to Cheshire where the abandoned castle. It was there in the near future and will be organized activities for zombie lovers.

Buying a ticket to the castle, horror lover and his friends are able to for a few hours to run from the zombies and try to avoid a possible "death." The size of the salary of the living dead is not yet specified.

Only a chainsaw, only hardcore! All the conditions for a "hot" time.

6 place - "From the criminals - in the model"

The thief pretended to be a dummy, to avoid arrest.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

An unusual incident occurred in the Argentine city. One resourceful but hapless thief at 7 am crept in optical shop. When the offender was in a room, the alarm went off.

At the scene police arrived immediately, do not expect someone there to discover. However, after examining the broken grate and going to the store, police noticed the figure of a man standing in the window of silent and motionless. On his nose adorned with sunglasses with a label.

Surprise servants of the law did not last long, and they began to ask him questions, but the "dummy" in any did not answer, continuing his theatrical performance. The policemen were taken to the station 26-year-old loser, to whom conscience has listed several crimes.

How can you do without the classic "Do not believe it!"

5 place - "landed in the Network"

Mother sues son for what he prevented her to communicate in social networks.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

A resident of California Samantha Bolsena accused the 23-year-old James is that he constantly interferes with her to spend free time on the social network. The woman claims that her son thus interfere in her personal life, distracting messages, phone calls and personal visits, and decided to file a lawsuit against him. When James last visited his mother, she just led an active correspondence with her friends in Facebook, discussing plans for the next weekend. Women are constantly distracted from the correspondence that had brought her to such extreme measures.

Samantha demanded $ 7,000 a moral compensation and the introduction of special restrictions on the intervention of his own son in her personal life, which will be allocated to specific days.

Marasmus was intense ... but rasfrendit a case has not forgotten?

4th place - "Toy Story XXX"

Scientists have recognized the Disney cartoons porn to children.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

According to experts, in terms of the content of porn and Disney cartoons - completely opposite things. But they are almost identical in their role as the formation of consciousness. And cartoons and movies adult content displayed on the screen is what everyone wants to have in life.

Without exception, the heroine of Disney cartoons - interesting characters with perfect shapes, smooth curves. The researchers pointed out that the love of cartoons with a romantic content gradually develops into a love of porn films. Teenagers begin to get involved in such "pictures", since 12 years.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

In addition, according to scientists, Disney obsessed not only boys but also girls. From an early age they dream of a prince on a white horse with Apollo's body and soul of an angel. They cling to the myth of the existence of such a hero, not wanting to see real men.

Soon the long arm of scientists will get to "Masha and the Bear." Scary to imagine…

3rd place - "falling rocks"

Stunt flying 11 kilometers in free fall. Columbia stunt parachutist and a professional filmmaker and photographer John Flores in one leap immediately broke four world records. 29-year-old daredevil was the first person who has overcome in a free fall of 11 kilometers - the flight time was 9 minutes and 6 seconds, and the maximum speed reached 160 kilometers per hour.

Athletes jump in overalls with a wing and a parachute opened just a kilometer away from the earth. To fix his achievement, Jonathan mount the camera on a flying suit her. He also set the record for the high jump with a wing, the largest of crossing the horizontal distance and the greatest absolute distance flight.

To jump Jonathan preparing for many months. Extreme accustom your body to pure oxygen and the displacement under high pressure. According to him, during the flight, he had to suffer from extremely low temperatures - minus 45 degrees Celsius, but here it was rescued by a specially-made thermal suit.

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2 nd place - "Graduation under the sign of zebra"

In Belarus, a student came to the prom in a dress and sneakers.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

A student of the Belarusian State Economic University "has surpassed" graduate from Pavlograd and has appeared on the presentation of diplomas in a dress and sneakers. Photo student in the country, along shattered instantly on social networks. The most surprising is that the dress the guy did not have an evening and a zebra.

At one forum user wrote: "I decided to share with you, my friend received a diploma. Now he is - a certified public accountant. "

According to him graduate wearing a dress, to protest and to show how he was tired of learning. zombies vacancy is still open, man!

1st place - "Music heals"

Seven year old girl came out of the coma, he heard on the radio to your favorite song.

This insanely real world - the second top-June 10

In the spring of 2011, the baby Charlotte Neve was a massive brain hemorrhage. Doctors made several operations, but to no avail. Parents Charlotte doctors warned that the girl out of the coma is not released.

However, one day, when his mother sat by the bed his daughter, on the radio played the song Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" - favorite song of Charlotte. Mother began to sing and suddenly noticed that her daughter smiling.

A few days later she began to recognize loved ones and finally got out of bed. After checking and several procedures, Charlotte sent home. Doctors other than a miracle this case is not known.

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In this review of the second half of June came to an end. What positive madness prepare in July? We learn in the very near future, so stay tuned!

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