The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Tom Cruise almost twice ahead of its nearest rival - the annual ranking leader, revenue was $ 75 million Positions actor threatened only Scientology and divorce..

Forbes magazine has presented a list of the most highly paid actors in Hollywood. Revenues stars were considered in the period from May 2011 to May 2012. The total earnings of the actors make royalties from films, advances for agreeing to participate in new projects and advertising contracts. It was regarded as income based on open data and expert estimates of market participants.

Tom Cruise

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

topped the list with an annual income of $ 75 million, the main newsmaker last weekend, Tom Cruise: at the end of last week it became known that he had parted ways with Katie Holmes.

The upcoming divorce proceedings may seriously undermine the financial position of the actor, the experts suggest the film business. This will happen if the star couple's only child - a daughter Suri - will remain under the care of his mother. In addition to Cruise alimony will have to pay "child support." In New York, this definition assumes "17% of the total income of the parents with a proportional distribution of their earnings." For Suri, this amount would have been $ 9,000,000. However, after a threshold of $ 400,000 a judge can determine the amount of support individually, the lawyer said Jeff Landers.

Another threat to Cruise remains cautious attitude of society towards Scientology, which is a fervent adept actor.

So far, however, from the leader of the rating business is more than good:. Another series of blockbuster "Mission Impossible" in 2011 gathered in worldwide box office of $ 700 million also Cruz received a large fee for going out in theaters in April sci-fi "Oblivion". The rest of the Hollywood stars were left far behind the first line of the list. Second and third place went to Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler. Each of them over the past year has earned about $ 37 million.

The main project DiCaprio - a biopic of J. Edgar Hoover - failed at the box office and did not impress the American Film Academy, not nominated film directed by Clint Eastwood or on one of the main "Oscars".

Sandler in 2011 and has released all the worst, according to critics, the film, the "Jack and Jill", awarded once 10 "Golden Raspberry". Box office picture, however, amounted to $ 150 million with a budget of $ 80 million.

Rounded out the top ten highest paid actors star teen vampire saga "Twilight" Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. Both earned under $ 26, 5 million. Kristen Stewart, who played a major role in the film, previously headed a similar rating among Hollywood actresses with an income of $ 34, 5 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

The next work of actor, for the year earned $ 37 million, - the title role in the biopic about J. Edgar Hoover - did not bring him any record revenues, or "Oscar" nomination. Clint Eastwood's film grossed a modest $ 80 million. However, DiCaprio is one of the few Hollywood stars who are the producers agreed to write $ 20 millionth checks for serious dramatic roles. Critics are already predicting box-office success of the next project of the actor - 3D-film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby".

Adam Sandler

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

In spite of the very different role, Sandler year earned as much as Leonardo DiCaprio, -. $ 37 million main project comedian during the reporting period - picture of "Jack and Jill" - has collected cash of $ 180 million and a rich crop of Hollywood antipremiyu as the worst film of the year.

Dwayne Johnson

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

The former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for the year earned $ 36 million, and strengthened him an established reputation in Hollywood "savior sequels." In 2011, he helped the fifth in a row portion of the racing action, "Fast and Furious" to become the most profitable in the series, as well as largely secured cash "Journey to the Center of the Earth - 2". The next step - the continuation of the blockbuster "The Rise of Cobra."

Ben Stiller

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Stiller retains its status as one of the highest paid comedians in Hollywood. During the year its revenue totaled $ 33 million. The actor continues to receive royalties from the production box office hits "Meet the Parents," "Night at the Museum" and "Madagascar." With the new project Stiller before reaching the screen there was a scandal: in the 20th Century Fox decided to change the name of comedy Neighborhood Watch ( "Social patrol") on The Watch ( "Patrol"), after a wide resonance in the US was the murder of the public patrol black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Sacha Baron Cohen

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Despite the considerable income of $ 30 million, the star of "dictator" is not included in the rating of top 100 Hollywood celebrities, according to Forbes. The reason is - the infrequent appearance of Baron Cohen to the public is not in the image of the heroes of his films.

Johnny Depp

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Depp as Tom Cruise, recently announced a divorce from his wife of the star - the French singer Vanessa Paradis. Now the actor, the annual income is estimated at $ 30 million, has a long divorce proceedings. The producers, however, did not forget about the fact that Depp - the only star, three films with the participation of which managed to collect more than $ 1 billion at the box office.

Will Smith

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

The main source of income of $ 30 million for last year Smith was the third part of the fi comedy "Men in Black". The film has grossed $ 600 million in worldwide box office. The next project the actor was with his son Dzheydenom who have teenage audience enjoys no less success in the US than its star father.

Mark Wahlberg

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Wahlberg unbeknownst to many pulls the big leagues of Hollywood stars. During the year, the actor earned $ 27 million in contrast to colleagues, he takes up absolutely diverse roles:. The Cash successful steel and dramatic "Fighter", and genre B-movie "Contraband" and the comedy "Ted", the first weekend of hire gathered sensational $ 54 million.

Taylor Lautner

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Lautner for the year earned as much as his fellow "Twilight" Robert Pattinson, - $ 26, 5 million After the release of the final part of the vampire saga in the autumn of 2012 the actor will have to prove to the producers and the audience that he is able to go beyond one successful. role.

Robert Pattinson

The most highly paid actors in Hollywood 2012

Pattinson, in addition to "Twilight" co-starred in the movie "Water for Elephants" and "Bel Ami" and is preparing to make its debut at the famous director David Cronenberg in "Cosmopolis". Income actor after the vampire saga is likely to fall from the current $ 26, 5 million, but out of the franchise will allow him to act more actively in other projects.