KinoFresher - Club "Breakfast"

• KinoFresher - Club "Breakfast"

From time to time, and I want to escape from the art-house, and by the mainstream, just to watch a good movie from those that can already be considered a classic.

Picture of "The Club" Breakfast ", filmed almost thirty years ago, director John Hughes (who gave us the" Home Alone "and a lot of other good movies) and to this day pleases the audience with their sincerity and unusual for a film about teenagers depth.

In the center of the plot - five students, each of whom represents one of the school stereotypes: "Star," "bully," "jock," "Girl with a greeting" and "nerd." All of them for eight hours and forty-four minutes, will serve on the Sabbath day punishment for infractions, reflecting on writing, "Who am I?".

KinoFresher - Club

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KinoFresher - Club

the boys gathered in the school library did not initially seek to communicate: they had never spoken to each other, because of the prejudice to the friendship with a representative of a particular social group of school - you know, as a teenager. Gradually, however, students overcome boredom and curiosity, they begin to tell each other about themselves, share experiences and fears, and after a penalty out of the school by other people - more aware of and more severe.

KinoFresher - Club KinoFresher - Club KinoFresher - Club KinoFresher - Club

"Club" Breakfast "stably keeps the rating" fresh "on Rotten Tomatoes website and occupies 214th place in the rating of" kinopoisk ", and tops the list of" 50 best school film "Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Not bad for a film in which almost nothing happens.

The picture is similar to the play: a chamber environment, a limited number of actors, long dialogues and recognition. Later, John Hughes rewrote the script as a play, so you can put it in the school theater.

KinoFresher - Club

The history of the "Club" Breakfast ", as well as any cult film abounds with interesting details. For example, actress Molly Ringwald, previously starred in Hughes' "16 candles", really wanted to get the role of "girl with greetings" - Allison, who went to actress Ally Sheedy by appointment.

KinoFresher - Club

Also, it was initially planned that Emilio Estevez will play the role of a bully Bender, but Hughes was unable to find an actor who would fit the role of the pitching of Andy Clark, and eventually gave it to Estevez.

Judd Nelson (Bender) is the set belonged to his partner Molly Ringwald film is so negative that the director thought to exclude him from the project. But he chose Nelson because of his intimidating appearance (because of the absence of intimidating traits, this role has not got John Cusack).

KinoFresher - Club

Sam Hughes appeared in a cameo - played a cameo role of the father "nerds" Brian (Anthony Michael Hall). And the whole crew ate in the cafeteria - insisted on it himself Hughes.

This is perhaps the best of all the teen movies of the eighties. Touching movie, as well as other works of Hughes - without moralizing, without tightness, - how it is important to understand who you are and who you want to be. Maybe corny, but simply and honestly.

Films such as "The Club" Breakfast ", can not be forgotten, as well as specially written for him poignant song Do not You (Forget About Me), sounded in memory of John Hughes on the 82 th award ceremony" Oscar ".

Even if you take into account that not everyone likes movies where basically say a teenager was one. And, perhaps, someone even recognize yourself in one of the heroes.

Maria Seleznev, especially for our website