10 interesting facts about the Moon

• 10 interesting facts about the Moon

10 interesting facts about the Moon

1. On the moon there is a monument to the dead astronauts. This is a small aluminum figure astronaut in a spacesuit height of slightly more than 8 cm. Next to the figure set a plate with the names of people who gave their lives for space exploration.

2. The first living creatures that flew around the moon in a spaceship, were the Central Asian turtles. The company they amounted flies, beetles, plants, algae, seeds and bacteria.

3. On the surface of the moon is observed a great difference of temperatures from -100 ° C to + 160 ° C. On Earth, the maximum temperature difference - from -49 to +7 degrees. In this case, a difference in the world is not the norm: he recorded only once, in 1916, in the state of Montana in the United States.

10 interesting facts about the Moon

4. The landscape of the moon can be seen in an ordinary backyard telescope. For example, in a home telescope Levenhuk Strike clearly visible sea and lunar craters.

5. Even the day of the moon - the black night sky, since our satellite does not have its atmosphere. Also, the moon is visible day and night Earth. The position of the earth's disk remains virtually unchanged.

6. The force of gravity on the moon is 6 times less than on Earth. Therefore, on the Moon crednestatistichesky person could lift a load equal to the severity of his own weight.

10 interesting facts about the Moon

7. In order to fly to the moon on the plane, will take about 20 days. By car it would have to travel longer - about six months, if the move without stopping at a cruising speed of 90-100 kilometers per hour.

8. Since the diameter of the Earth's moon and the sun appears the same. Thanks to this amazing coincidence earthlings can observe the solar eclipse.

10 interesting facts about the Moon

9. On the Earth the satellite has its own Alps, the Apennines, the Pyrenees, the Carpathians, the Caucasus Mountains. Mountains located on the visible side of the moon, are clearly visible in amateur telescope, for example, Levenhuk Strike 80 NG.

10. In 2010, the NASA lunar project offered "avatars". The idea is as follows: go to the moon robots, and scientists wearing special costumes, run them from the earth. If you implement the project, the moon can not send people, and to carry out all the research from the surface of the home planet.

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