23 reasons not to work in large companies

23 reasons not to work in large companies

Major Corporations only one type of professionals - professionals working in large corporations.

The text below is made based on the opinion of several people who have worked a long time in office, and to barter cozy open-space and free coffee on entrepreneurship and balanced life.

You will never get you satisfying career

It is worth considering how many layers are leading lights at you to understand that you need too much effort to overcome the company's internal resistance. Playing - to get out, working - is unlikely.

The initiative is punishable

To push through simple changes that seems nonsense - for example, changing the letters in the layout or correction of the creative process - you have to spend enormous strength. Most likely, when you win in your business, you will not receive any moral satisfaction.

You will not be able to express their opinions publicly

If you are an expert in online advertising or just know who is who in the market, and you have a large corporation, you are at the time of shut up there. You can not say that your bad product - is unethical in relation to colleagues that the product is bad competitors - is unethical for, generally can not relation to competitors that any comment - it is better to keep silent, and then just someone to offend. All colleagues are very valuable.

Team! Team! Team!

Teamwork, synergy, in unison, one and all, but together we can ... This you have heard enough a lot. For command responsibility you learn to hide their incompetence or inexperience. The most miserable project will grow into a working group with the same group the responsibility for which could not be found guilty, and received awards who anyhow.

You lose your emotions

The office is not accepted envy and enjoy. E. It all inside you will gradually fading away, but you will no longer show it all on his face. Boredom - this is your new mask.

You will learn to truly celebrate victories, which do not have any relation

You'll say, "Well done guys designers! In the give! "" Cool WE project. " You know that you are not in the business, but you're welcome. Your projects will be run less and less, and enjoy something you need to. Albeit with a straight face office worker.

You will always get you earned significantly less than

You can sell online terabytes and thousands of software products, but you will have a salary that will provide you shelter and simple food. Still you will have a couple of vacations. At best, they'll give you another 2-3 trips abroad, which are designed to simply improve your image in the industry, but greatly benefit from them will receive all the same company. For you it's just a substitute for money.

You have forgotten how to talk back and get used to the pace of working, which has been adopted in the company

A month ago, you were annoyed that the contract agree on month and an offer someone prepares week. You will become the same and frankly will cease to understand the real course of events.

You will learn what the LPP (zhopo-prikryvatelnye letter)

This special kind of communication each mother owns an office employee. You start in any correspondence to generate many, many respondents in the CC, as long as the issue does not become insoluble, and the name of the problem created will be forgotten.

You will learn not to listen to people who talk to you

Most experienced office workers as soon as they begin to speak, pinned down in a smartphone or laptop. You will learn to constantly check e-mail, and to believe that you are very busy and from you very much depends.

You will learn to spend most of their time in useless negotiations

"- Let's go to peregovorku! - Who to take? - Yes, all take, "Yes, you will collect the mini-auditorium extras that will check your mail while you are talking about anything as long as the next portion of skilled office workers do not expel, to do the same!.

You will have no problems with delays

You'll be late everywhere - on internal meetings at the checkpoint where waiting for partners or contractors, on-site meetings. And you will not have a problem with it - forgot, met a colleague in the corridor, traffic jams - you believe that everything is normal reasons for delays.

You will become addicted and caffeine-like toilets

Morning coffee, coffee before poludnikom coffee before lunch, afternoon coffee, coffee until 5 o'clock tea, coffee before going home. If you smoke, then add the coffee many times, how many times you smoke. Toilets save, when to drink coffee just does not feel like it. If there is a smoking room, it means that there will be a headquarters, peregovorka, meeting room.

You will be spending 12-14 hours at work

But you work or not at all, or will squeeze out of yourself 2-3 hours of power. You will learn to convince yourself that you are doing the right job, you are overwhelmed by all of it to notice. While secretly know all that surrounded by loungers, and therefore behave in the same way. The main thing not to arouse suspicion that you have something else in life and work - is only a means to achieve.

You will begin to believe that you all the time something nedodayut

Working in a very "rich" companies you get the best equipment, the best furniture and the best location, but you will begin to feel that you are entitled to the car due to the company. Logic in this, you just start to believe it. Else you will believe that you are entitled to an apartment, but it later.

Increased salaries

You will work less efficiently. You, as the moss will acquire unnecessary tasks and meetings, but all the time you will feel like you deserve more and increase the patch - for you it is taken for granted event.

You have diagnosed office worker syndrome

You will start to ache all colds more often. You quickly explain what it is all air-conditioned and do not need to worry - do not disappear as insurance. You'll get sick a lot and enjoy it.

You will be overweight and ugly body

Again, there are ready-made explanations - stress, a sedentary lifestyle. But this is because your body and brain will do not require a lot of calories to work, you will be a coffee-points haul napakovannye pechenyushki sugar, which will be 10 times a day, drink coffee with sugar. For lunch you will eat tasteless lunches, which are prepared from yesterday otstatkov cuisine. This food is cooked without love, but because it is not useful.

You will adore Friday

For the private entrepreneur Friday - it's terrible, business stops working for 2 days. For professional office - this is the best day of the week - beer, songs and dances are only possible on that day.

Also, you'll love the corporative

The theme is not important. You absorb the alcohol and food on a pittance, but will be able to believe they did something special for you. You get used to the shame and over the years, the Corporation and will know about the panel of the Grand filth than their spouses. And you begin to like it. About it it is possible to gossip.

You will lose startapersky spirit

All these strange people doing not such important products as you will cause contempt. And you will always know that you are a startup to succeed the first time, just you do not need it. You are different, different, successful ... already.

you will gain credits

At the beginning of the work you want the car, like colleagues. You buy it on credit, as a sacred belief that "well, an apartment for 30 years, I do not take." After a few years of system the appearance of money on a plastic card your sense of self-preservation will become dull and you will get into such debts, which seemed impossible to you yesterday.

Congratulations, turning back for you now is not cute coffee lover and corporate events.