Hope Babkin

These photos depict women who are more than 100 years. They were ten-year, when there was a revolution in the 30 years they have experienced war, they found several periods of government and formation of the state. So, they lived with the king, under Stalin and under Putin, so, of course, have their own opinion about everything.

Hope Babkin

Raisa Korneevna Komissarov. 100 years, Moscow

Born in Kashira.

I worked in Magadan head of the warehouse in Moscow train driver and morzistom.

I had a family, and all died. Of the 11 people, only one family alive I am. I lived for a hundred years, was the anniversary. Now come on the second hundred - when I die, I do not know. Even afraid, suddenly I long live again? I am tired of living. The three-room apartment I'm alone. No one with whom to talk.

Once I killed a man. In 1925 I worked as a telegrapher-morzistom. After six years in the telegraph office, I went to the subway train driver. I worked there for nine years and six months. And during that time I crushed one - death. When I began to enter the station "Okhotny Ryad", I see - jumped woman. I braked - thought she would run forward. And she got up on her knees and put her head on the rail. And when she did, I pulled down, all the air. A car continues to go, and she stretches, stretches, stretches ... I got up, and look - crunched. And I sat down. The car stopped. What to do? You need to pull out. The stationmaster brought a stretcher, we went down to the rails and began to shine a flashlight under the train. Finally we found the remains - a head separated from the body. One bounced shoes, shoes raised, covered with a piece coat. And carried away. In the pocket of the suicide found a letter to her mother, where she wrote: "Dear Mom, I love you cheated, he was married for the second time, I can not live ... tell dad hello." For what happened, I was not punished. I was not to blame.

In our garden in Kashira there and currants and plums, and apples. I myself was once planted them, tried, brought from nurseries. But what's the point, you know? All the same, now they have none. I lie down to rest, wake up - and do not know how much time, morning or afternoon, and as I slept. That's life and passes.

My thanks and congratulations - Putin five, four of Luzhkov. In general, they treat me well. And they write: "Live long, we need you." They respect me.

I fifty years has been in the party, and I have a party ticket. The YCL did not take me - I fall asleep on one issue. And the church never went. And when I am very hard or hurt, I say, "Lord, why do you punish me so!"

I have always had the money, I'm no one ever took. I'll tell you frankly: I do not know if I am healthy and strong, getting a pittance - I will not sweep and a cook will not go. Where the salary is more - it's mine.

I do not like greedy people. There are, on the whole economy, complain that there is no money, and do all aside. All my life I earn and spend money as they wanted, and always around to help.

TV only look at nine o'clock news. I do not think anything - about the country, or politics, or anything. Just think about that as soon as possible to die. But Putin, among other things, a good man - you will not find is now such as Putin. Good man. And his wife was modest. Here Raya something Gorbachev was accompanied everywhere, and this brings up sitting and daughters. Properly behaved like a woman should. But its centenary, I have neither the one nor the other would not be invited. Only the closest people: doctors and social worker Tanya.

My sister died early - because they only had dinner. I get up at night and eat: holodilnichek open, see what's delicious, and sing or popyu milk. If you want to fish - eat fish, I want a red fish - salmon eat. I now have in the fridge red fish.

Now I do not know what to expect. Previously, everything is always said - an anniversary, an anniversary, waited centuries. And now that the second anniversary? Here everything and say: "Live long, we need you." And why do I need it - I do not know.

Hope Babkin

Hannah Moiseevna Shklovskaya. 101 years, Moscow

She was born in Ukraine.

Lived in Leningrad, he came to Moscow only in retirement.

She worked as a controller in a munitions factory.

I was one year and eight months. In this age. After the first hundred countdown went again.

When it was May 9, they all laughed and I cried, I learned that my husband had died. Funerals came before, but my sister was afraid to show it to me. The husband went to the front as a volunteer and was killed in 1944. He was an officer. And I have since lived alone and raised two children.

Children and the elderly are always easier to survive the tragedy. When the war ended, my daughter and I returned home to Leningrad. The apartment was open, littered, and the cabinet, which usually was a box with Christmas decorations, it was empty. My daughter was five years old, and she cried: "What a pity, no box with toys!" I tell her: "What toys, Pope we now no!" And she says: "I am the Pope still did not know, and toys sorry ".

I am very much to forget. Even the most vivid memory I'll start talking - and I forget the word that meant. But here you will be a hundred - you will also be like that. And even worse.

In my youth I eat standing to maintain a slim figure. And always I worked very hard.

There is an act of the past that torments me so far. There was one professor homeopath - he admitted to me that he really likes me, and eight times do offer. I rejected it, and the last time silly to do with them. One in five days, I earned 831 rubles - with the engineers received 90 rubles a month. After that I fell ill, came to the professor and gave me medicine. And the next day I felt good - and run to work. I run out into the street - a professor there. He took off his hat when he saw me. I ran past, as if he did not know. Ran to the front, I looked around - he just stood there with his hat. That was the last time I saw him. After that he became ill and died. Sometimes I wake up and think: "What a fool I was ..." Stupidity has done a lot. Smarter not. I had a bad character - I'm very proud. Always afraid that someone I did not regret.

I did not have "the best pores." Only one work and care, and care work.

In 1914, the Germans came to Russia, and we have seen how they make outside special shells and doing gymnastics. And we began to organize in the Scout clubs. We spoke to the theater. I was the only girl that did stand and pyramids. I was literally bombarded with a box of chocolates.

I've always had an intelligent appearance. I always try to look simpler: there were beautiful hair - I had them sheared short, went barefoot, wore rags, put on man's cap ... And still I was told that I have a suspicious appearance.

I remember when there was the first light: we were told that now have electricity, and this lamp will illuminate. It was funny to watch her ... and suddenly it caught fire. But we still did not leave oil lamps. We did not believe in electricity.

Radio came when I was in high school. They said that the post office will arrange something that will speak in Moscow, and we're hear. The hall was nowhere to apple to fall. In the center stood a large black plate, we all looked at her - and waited. Suddenly there is something rustled. All cried out: "Oh, it's from Moscow! Rustled from Moscow! "

I was told, beautiful. In the cinema, a woman approached me: "You know my Lenechka? Well, Lenechka, Utesova ". He has already played in "Jolly Fellows", was famous women continues. "I have more and younger son, a musical you God intended for him!" You know, since I was then tired of all of these "from God.". I am in god do not believe it.

I'm not afraid of anything. I was born during the reign, has survived pogroms, war, 1914 famine in Ukraine in 1922, the Great Patriotic War. Why should I be afraid of then?

Hope Babkin

Goarik Artemevna Balasanyan. 103 years, Moscow

Born in Ashgabat in Moscow since 1913.

Music teacher (piano), secretary-stenographer and translator from English.

There is nothing cheerful to be so old. The most terrible thing - I'm losing my sight and can not read Pushkin. I love him as a writer, his portrait is always hanging over my head. And I love Byron, Goethe and Dostoyevsky. Sometimes it is possible to read something with glasses and a magnifying glass. But now even that does not help.

Whom I respect, because it is British. I remember a visit from an Englishman, together with Churchill - I can not remember his name, but the post he held high. Striking beauty was a man! All the women, seeing him, fell into a swoon with happiness.

My life has been - and still is - a very long and very interesting. It consists of a beautiful episode. And the best years were in tsarist times. I may be accused of is that I praise Tsarism ... But what then was the intelligentsia in Russia! Artists, poets live in a free country. And this is called the king's awful time. Haha.

I was ten years old and I was diagnosed with curvature of the spine. My father - was a striking man - took me to Moscow and placed on full board in a single family. Next to the room rented a singer, with whom I became friends. One day it came to her friend from St. Petersburg. She was married, but she had a boyfriend, who lived in Kislovodsk. This friend told me: "Do you want to ride in a sleigh?" We sat down and went to the station. On the way we stopped at a flower shop - she went inside and came out with a huge bouquet of flowers, and because it was winter! At the station, she gave flowers to the conductor of the train, which was traveling in Kislovodsk. She came from St. Petersburg to Moscow only to convey the beloved bouquet of flowers.

I do not believe in God, I'm an atheist. When I studied at the Moscow school, we, the Armenian girls had a few, and especially to teach us came a priest. I was desperate girl - as soon as this came to the priest, attacked laugh at me. It did not yield any convictions, and when he asked me to stand up and say a prayer, I got up and started to laugh - but for me and the other girls. Nothing with me could not help this priest - and laughed, too, and was angry, but nothing helped ... I remember how, as the revolution. I walked down the street, and I was met by a neighbor. This woman said to me: "Do you know that we have a revolution?" I'm most worried due to the fact that the children of Tsar Nicholas shot. During the French Revolution was not executed children. Why did we have?

I had a sister. She was famous for her beauty. It's gone, it gone. I had two brothers - are both musicians. Older brother created the opera, ballets, was familiar with Indira Gandhi, was a famous composer - and it is not. Junior was also a composer - and he was gone. Somehow, no one left. Just me. This is difficult to say and slozhnodumat. In addition, there was nothing left, even in my memories. Every day I remember less and less.

Elegance - that's the main thing in a woman. Not even the beauty and style of to submit. I remember at the guest house with us lived German. She was so dressed! Winter wore no coat, and winter suit purple. The suit was trimmed with fur, and fur was also purple.

Now many young leave for America. But frankly, America I did not seduce.

My dream is to go to Paris. French literature has left a big imprint on me. Incredibly gallant French people. In the world there are a lot of things that I still do not know or have not seen. But it's hard to say where I was good. Well, where we do not.

Hope Babkin


Sarah Isaakovna Prinyakina. 100 years, Moscow

Born in Siberia, she graduated from the 4th grade school and technical school, worked in the library at the meat packing plant.

Nothing heroic I did not do - train derailed not allowed, breast recess is also not covered. Only it worked non-stop day and night.

I have a working family, his father was a saddler. Nine sisters, one brother. Brother died in the war with Germany. We lived in the Baikal region, in the village Chetkan - there were a church and a school. I am very well rowed hay, hired me to do it and the money paid. Mom spinning, weaving, knitting and perfectly baked cakes and pies. We ourselves wove brooms themselves made the bricks. And my twin sister better than anyone else in the village of woven lace and sold them in Barguzin. Somehow, poor things, they went back, and they have seized 20 rubles. It was a real tragedy. Revolution I remember vaguely. Bad news to Siberia heard, we really could not understand what was happening. The village passed a white Ataman Semyonov, and we think he is one of the revolutionaries - and the whole family came with flowers to meet. He otstegat we whip.

I, as a grown up, went to live with her sister in Ulan-Ude. I lifted the little room, and the neighbors came to the son of the army. We met, got married, and there is already a daughter. Then my husband went to the front and did not return.

I worked like a horse. She lived in a dugout, took care of the cattle, sheared sheep, dragged the potatoes for 25 kilometers. Bread was not, and we ate a potato from which sickened children. But that's what. We lived a man and his son who were evacuated from Leningrad - they ate the skin and the adhesive. Will eat the glue and hide what was left.

Bitter work, there will be sweet. That's when my daughter graduated from the university, she bought me a winter coat and a shawl. And now I need anything do not know about me care. I live, it can be said smartly.

Lonely I was not around have always been friends, children, neighbors, but I am no longer married emerged. For me courting a colonel, who was shot in the head. But the daughter said, "Colonel, or a hole in the head, or we will." And I chose the children. In my life I never drank and never smoked and never took a vacation.

I have a good memory. All phones are memorized. Even mobile. But resentment is not memorized. Where someone nakrichit - I say nothing.

We must be kind. Beauty takes time and kindness will not carry away. While here, I had no beauty, there is nothing to take was.

Me constantly for advice. Come, for example, janitress Niurka with her daughter, she says: "Breast Sarah Isaakovna their show! Sarah Isaakovna, she is not pregnant? "Or the janitor come, sit, smoke, drink some tea. And we lived in friendship. When we where leaving, because people were crying. Accompanied us always with tears.

In the more friendly people lived during the war. If we did not live so well together, we would not have won. On holidays we bought chastik in tomato sauce and a slice of cheese - it was a great luxury. And all invited to visit, never for whom food is not spared.

Previously, it was difficult, because the food from under the counter, stole given. And now - have the money, take it all that much. The main thing, do not be lazy, you need to work honestly. I present life is really like. There were, of course, better days. But worse it happened.

It should be glad that there is no war for so many years. And all thanks to Brezhnev. Once is not ashamed of it now criticize, and even with children.

I take care of myself. I do not go out without dentures - we old, nasty, so we need to always dress well.

Hope Babkin

Sarah Mendelevna Sverdlov. 103 years, Moscow

Born in Pochep of Bryansk, she moved in with her future husband in Kyrgyzstan and then to Moscow.

During the war, he lived in evacuation in Kazan, where she was responsible for the issuance of ration cards.

She worked as a bookkeeper.

We lived not far from Bryansk, in Pochep. I was born in the fourth or fifth year, I do not remember exactly. In any case, nothing to say - I'm very old.

I remember the seventeenth year - in this year because of the revolution, we have not learned. Our high school was not working, it was closed because it was headed by a general's daughter, and belonged to the church gymnasium. Because of this study, I graduated a year later.

My father was considered wealthy - he had his own house, he was a timber merchant. He bought the estate Zhemchuzhnikov forest and wood supplied railroad. And since we lived before the revolution, well, my dad took away all, considering Bourgeois. Whoever has the dad bought forest Zhemchuzhnikov, the whole family after the revolution, bye-bye - not what we, the Jewish provincials. Abroad he drove off, with her daughters and sons.

Everyone loves to drink - and simplicity, and the intelligentsia. The new Soviet regime was a lot like the intelligentsia to form and literate peasants - all came to us to drink a drink. My father invited them to visit. They will go to us, and we have vodka or brandy in the cupboard always stand. they drink and say, "Oh, thank you, Solomonovich". In addition, we had a good last name - Sverdlov, although we did not have anything to do with this revolutionary. In general, then, and with the Soviet regime, we have established good relationships. All my mother said, what you beautiful girl is growing! All I found very interesting - a figure, legs, neck, height, saying how interesting! I was proud and did not go on living together with some guy, no way.

I've become a lady, when she graduated from high school. It began, as they say, love affairs. Brothers were my close friends all liked me, but I have not the heart to them clones. But a very strong start for me priudaryat - his name was Mike. He was sent to Kyrgyzstan, and he got me out of there sleep letters. He wrote beautifully. In one letter he wrote to me: "Why should I give you up? Did I not love you as much as he can love a human heart? "

I thought a beautiful love is no longer found. So I decided to go for it. He wrote: send me the money 70 rubles on the road, and he sent. I came as a young lady. Mike, when I met, did not even dare to kiss me, kiss on the forehead only. And I was well-dressed, in an astrakhan coat, shoes remade itself beautifully. For two weeks I lived in Kyrgyzstan, side by side with a man, and he respected me, I was afraid to touch. We slept in different beds. Two weeks later decided to get married.

The war began just - bang! The Germans started bombing Belarus. And then they came in Pochep, and my parents were shot. Actually, I do not know who shot the - Germans or Russian. From me all hid because I was nervous.

Life - it is not always easy, it can be hard turns in life. Here is my second daughter, Ada, I began to go to college. It passed the first four exams in the four and five. But then she took and put a deuce. The teacher who took the exam on the Russian language, the word "Konoplyanik" attributed to it a second "n". What to do with it! She could not speak, he was lying on the bed in silence, killed. Father had to plead, and it still took.

It is important to well and good marriage. Do not chase after some scoundrel. A man must be decent and honest, not a thief and rogue, and should love. Now many such - without serious intentions, just to stay with the girl.

Hope Babkin

Alexandra Samburova. 102 years, Moscow

She graduated three classes of high school, then studied at the workers' faculty.

I worked on Goznak nakolschitsey and uchetchitsey.

My father was an engraver, a husband - an engineer.

I was friends with his daughter Bourget - French, who owned a factory for the manufacture of tulle. When the dust- in 1917, they ran away from Moscow. A dust- was great.

My cousin played in the orchestra of students next to the garden Mandelstam. And we went there to dance. What were dancing! Pas de trois, Tarantella, etranzh, geisha - all figured, everything is beautiful ... I wore platishko polka dots, with wings. They danced in a large hall with parquet flooring. The girls were coupons with numbers pinned to his chest. If the kind of girl who liked boys sent little notes. Me in this respect was always lucky.

After 1917, I too went to dance in a club. Everything was different. The club was at the factory Sverdlov, floor - asphalt. And the shoes we were sewn from fabrics such leggings laced with a tiny heel. But we danced still a lot. Only now erased soles to the holes.

I studied in a private school at Plyushchikha. There was very difficult to do. And then my mother worked in a bakery. And mom brought classy lady such a big gingerbread loaf. I was taken. Them anything and did not have to, only white bread.

In high school it was all strictly. I remember once I curtsied casually, on the run. And classy lady - a lorgnette, in a strict, straight skirt - I stopped and forced to curtsy properly, and then said, "Now wait a minute." I had to stand against a wall for an hour - so she punished me. Now, does anyone knows how to curtsy?

Before the revolution, here in Moscow there were a lot of Chinese. There were they in the stocks - to the leg did not grow further, they are not allowed to go to another. They sold pickled pears. I myself have never in my life did not buy these pears. But with vodka they apparently went well because many bought, especially the workers. We called these Chinese people walking - is they had a nickname. They did not seem offended. After the revolution, they are somewhere all gone. We returned, probably in China. My first job was at Goznak, I was there nakolschitsey. We were given a ready-made paper, and I had to pin it so that all the money was the same. And then I became uchetchitsey - count the money. If one sheet disappears, we were kept up all night on the job until they find.

Morals were once different. Never has there been such that the guys somewhere nabbed, hugged. And now ... This summer, I go out on the balcony - a girl standing at the bottom, and her boyfriend. Are close, he is before, and she Peredo breasts to him. And most importantly - it is first pressed against him. Because there are so difficult to get married - women are too accessible behave.

all my life I had to itself strict. I'm always a trail.

The most wonderful - it is when friends gather together having fun and dancing. I had a wonderful gramophone. Open the lid - and there is such a colorful angel. We bought it in the "Officer's society." There was in Moscow only two - one from us, and the other at the Sholokhov.

The woman should keep themselves on top. I'm four years met her future husband, before you sign it. All these four years, and we thought it was not something afford. And my husband has got gorgeous. Ceremonies, decent, not of the people of the world.

Putin is very pleasant to listen to and nice to look at him. He has two daughters and a dog, he brought them up very strictly. Me all the time, Putin sends greetings, wishes health. I also worked in the organs. Therefore, he knows me.

The worst thing - when life does not add up. It's very scary - when the love is gone.

What can I ask for? I and so a hundred and two years old, one hundred and third went. I have everything, and it was.