Danny Trejo about his films

"Machete" by Robert Rodriguez - a benefit of the former robber, and later - the master of the episode, Danny Trejo, all he has starred in 194 films. Below Selected filmography actor with his own comments.

Danny Trejo about his films

1985 - "Runaway Train" by Andrei Konchalovsky

In the movie, I came by accident. I came to help the guy, someone's assistant, about drugs. In the sense - to get off them. I'm still doing it - this is now an actor from a spin deduce. And children in schools about the dangers of drugs enlighten. So. The guy called me "Danny, then a solid coke, afraid to break." And it was the 1985 th, in the ears of the industry in cocaine. And I came to support him. Look, go to the men, dressed inmates. The fake headdresses, you touch - smeared. And my ward offered to earn, "Zack, - he says - to represent you?" I am in my life do not whinnying, I had to sit the same state in all prisons. I change clothes, and I have a tattoo of the entire breast - and all at once like, "Wow." Then Uncle suits: "Three great. Remember you San Quentin supremacy in the welterweight division has won. " Look - Eddie Bunker, we chalilis with him. It turned out he was a writer. I asked if I box more; type them one akterik, you have to brush up on. I say: "In the crowd pay 15 bucks, and the coach gets how much?" And he said: "320. You're the only guy with a quieter, he antsy. " 320 per day! For 320 I can fight Godzilla could. And I began to train Eric Roberts. He seems a little afraid of me. What I will say something and does. It saw Andrei Konchalovsky, and it seems this was the problem - it is not particularly Eric obeyed. And he gave me the role. I approached this: "I'll take you to a movie. Eric will be beaten. " Then history repeated several times - I come to the crowd, and pulled me out of the crowd. Five years I played criminals №1, always I said one sentence, usually, "Gassi them!" One director gave the shotgun and said, "landed foot door, and then improvise." Behind the door, people like to play poker, stunt, of course. Well, I broke the door, someone jumped up, I drove him to butt, the girl some screeching raised, and I told her once - a shotgun to his head. The director is not himself, "God, Danny, where are you studying this?" And I: "Give remember. Von's supermarket I took. And Safeway. And Thrifty Mart. " In short, the experience was.

1987 - "Death Wish 4" with Charles Bronson

This is my first film with Charlie two. On the site one kid hit a Perry Lopez, 80-year-old character actor with emphysema. He was 30th in the movies, such old, blow out candles on a cake could not. And it has something to recommend, as we all stand type. A boy of the blue: "You, who appointed the director?" At first I thought he was joking. Perry also did not drive, "Yes, I want to help." A jerk like him trample: he was like so-so, almost studied with Lee Strasberg, and seniors have nothing to teach him. Then I see that he was not joking, and decided to honor the old man. I take a guy by the lapels: "Listen here. I appointed him the director, right? Now, do what they say. " Boy wilted at once: "Yes it's me in the form of easy." And I told him: "So your image now and ogrebet". Let him go, turn around, and right behind me - Bronson. And on the set rukoprikladstvovat not comme il faut. Awkward moment, in general. But Bronson says: "Danny, I like your approach to people." And went. A month or two rings, "I'm doing a movie -" Forbidden topics "episode you want?" Charlie was very cool. At sixty-plus - strong, sinewy. And after the death of Jill (Jill Island, Bronson's wife) passed sharply. They had such a love.

1990 - "Marked for Death" with Steven Seagal

Segal normal guy. All this macho, yes, but to work with him as possible. He urged me to do the most tricks. Well, so the pipes! Tricks should acrobats do. They paid for it, and, by the way, a lot.

1991 - TV series "Baywatch"

I remember sitting on Venice Beach, look at the heifers and think: "And I for it also paid. Thank you, God. Sorry, I do not see today's sidekick. "

1995 - "Desperado" by Robert Rodriguez

That's what I understand - a movie. I play the big man, who is silent. I begged Robert replica, at least one, and he is in any. I yelled at him, but to no avail. And now the film came out, standing at a party Sony Pictures, and someone asks, "Danny, you're so terribly silent! Your idea, "I replied without blinking:" My, whose else would. " Robert heard his fist and showed me. He has a hammer. And unnecessary duplicates does not. Read his book about how he was "El Mariachi" filmed, everything is written as a movie right thing to do.

1995 - "Real" Michael Mann

We Eddie Bunker invited consultants robberies. Everything seems to imagine that such a raid, but there are subtleties. For example, you have to frighten, but in moderation. If the shot in with a terrible cry: "Everyone lie" - possible surprises. And when you say quietly: "Uncle, the gun-charged", the man is clear that all serious, and he become silent. It's like with the horses. In general, I have come to advise and meet Michael Mann. And he remembered me on the series "drug war." And my uncle knew, he was sitting in Folsom, where Mann was filming "Jericho Mile." And Mann says: "Come on, seeking a man." It gets into the room - and sit there De Niro, Pacino, Val Kilmer and Jon Voight. I was like, "Oops." Nothing else to say but could not. A Mann is: "Suitable" - and gave me a role.

1996 - "From Dusk Till Dawn" Rodriguez

From by George Clooney filmed - not with anyone anyhow. Incidentally, we have encountered recently with him at the premiere of "Up in the Air." By the way, a good movie. Babsky, but good. Just do not write that I watched it, huh?

Danny Trejo about his films

As a young man fond Trejo drugs and robbery, but in the movie, he said, more than adrenalin

1997 - "Anaconda" with Jennifer Lopez

We filmed in the Amazon. It's funny, we were in the fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Henley, a fad in the Amazon. All lesson: "Amazon is Amazon se ..." I was sitting like this: "But who gave your Amazon!" A pass for forty years, and I'm there. I sit with Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez, Aysom Cube, they ask, and I told them so casually all I know, I state - and I know everything. They thought I was this - a scholar. Thank you, Mrs. Henley.

1997 - "Con Air" Simon West

I still wake screaming: "Hey, Johnny 23!" "Con Air," a look at all, in my opinion. It was fun. 30 foreheads on the ground, and all play freaks. Can not spit - someone just decides to prove that spits on. Decide to be wrung out, someone just drops by and let the same - the type who is more? Nicolas Cage, by the way, all ripped. In great shape man was. But Malkovich did not like push-ups.

1998 - TV series "Walker, Texas Ranger"

The great Chuck Norris. Then just begun jokes about him. We came up then one: "Chuck Norris Halloween dress up in Danny Trejo."

2002 - "xXx" with Vin Diesel

We met with Vin on "gambling" with Charlize Theron and Ben Affleck. Filmed in Canada, and then called Diesel in "Fast and Furious." The "Games", he had the role of clumsy, comic, just not for him. I think his agent vpryagsya for rollback. A dump he was uncomfortable. I eventually came to him: "Yes, what are you doing? You go to appear in "Fast and the Furious"! You have not filmed anything. " He hesitated, hesitated and left. And in its place, I made a friend. Then, when he was called to "xXx", he scored me, "tightens, the favor for me." I think the right thing when people remember the good. "XXx 3", said to be? I do not follow somehow. My motto is: "If you need me - call me."

2005 - "The Devil's Rejects," Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie and his wife Sherry - mileyshie. I took the children to the playground. Everyone is wondering, the film Meat solid, but the shooting was nice.

2006 - "Sherry Baby" Maggie Gillenhol

I did not want to shoot - the same type of drama. My agent Gloria persuaded me. But then half the world has traveled with him. In Prague, he was in Paris, in Germany. Gloomy film, yes, but the main actress - a miracle. I asked the director: "Come on, I'll move it again! Or hair turf. " And then there are all of the muzzle, and I - the good man, to whom she was crying in his vest.

2009 - TV series "Breaking Bad"

There my head to tortoiseshell stuck. Now all that I take out: "Hey, your head off to the turtle was assigned!" I say in such cases: "Baska ushers, and his body went to the bank for the loot." Generally funny, yes. Such as "What to do today?" - "Oh, turtle head worked."

2010 - "Predators" Nimrod Antal

All neigh that Adrien Brody Schwarzenegger plays, but this is different: Arnold was about biceps and Adrien - his head. When he was filming close-ups, it was literally hear him thinking.

2010 - "Machete" Rodriguez

Even when I'm in "Desperado" was filmed, Robert said about my villain: "That we still come in handy." And Uncle Machete in "Children of spies" - is it the same, but good. Then we took a fake trailer about him for the "Grindhouse" and I started to Robert jerk: "And the movie itself somehow when" In the end - just imagine: Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson, Steven Seagal, Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin! And twins Avellan, a nurse from the "Planet Terror". My native son and daughter there, too, in the end. In my opinion, this is the best film of Rodriguez, and my, perhaps, too. I was there the whole Jessica Alba. What is the main role, God bless him - I'm not conceited. Although ... to me on the set of Robert De Niro came up and said: "Well, Danny, is your finest hour. Very proud of you. I'm still on the "Combat" knew a lot about "out of you. I looked at him and said, "Mr. De Niro, let me bring you coffee." And in response: "We are with you now let the others are."