Rules of Life by Alexey Pajitnov

• Rules of Life by Alexey Pajitnov

Rules of Life by Alexey Pajitnov

I invented Tetris for his own pleasure. the only way to invent something.

I was the most normal schoolboy, but the entire diary I had in the comments. Active child in the Soviet period, willy-nilly violate discipline.

As a young man to work easier - more strength, more interest, more curiosity. And even easier to tolerate discomfort.

I do not feel responsible for young people, which sits at the computer games. I give them no folly and happiness. There are books, but reading - like watching TV - a passive activity. It simply stimulates the imagination, but the man does not create anything himself. The only constructive entertainment, in addition to sports, this game.

Every time I go to the store puzzles, I'm sure there is something to buy.

I'm not the best player in the Tetris. There are professionals who are doing this, it is difficult to imagine. Usually it is poor schoolboys. How can I compete with them?

seven figures used in Tetris, and it's luck, because the seven - is the size of the human memory. The fact that people can easily remember. Seven-digit phone you can remember, but an eight - is more complicated. A group of seven people - Maximum group of people who can do without the boss. Eight - no matter how they were friends - they can not cohere. I know from the experience of hiking. When I created a tetris, many joked that it developed in order to destabilize the US economy. But someone did not get the joke, and at one point began to say that the way it really was.

I never thought about emigrating, This happened by itself. In the early nineties, my friend Vladimir Pokhil'ko persuaded me to leave. He said that we need to understand what it is like - to work abroad. We went there for a while, but then came to my family, and then got her own house, and then - you see, I live there.

Spielberg person is very sarcastic. When we met, he was someone said that I was the man who invented Tetris. Then he said: "Yes? Can I touch you? "

When I meet with my friends, we are in that kind of game. But for some reason people hesitate to this - both here and in the United States. Everyone seems to be that the game - it's a shameful occupation, a waste of time. But I do not think so.

Living in the US weaned me from lying. In Russia, often lying on the little things. Here it is normal a little lie to get something to justify himself. For example, say that is not called back because the phone was not working. In America, you will most boring and stupid to explain in detail why something is done than sovrut in two words.

I am annoying, that Moscow no one leaves on a mobile phone messages. American - whenever he offered to leave a message, and does. But the Russian people before that some barrier. Moscow has changed greatly, but I do not believe that it has deteriorated. There was a lot of wacky sculptures and buildings, but it seems to me that we should not treat them as something eternal. In America, for example, such things are easy to take down and put the new ones.

I'm not really interested in those what is happening in Russia. Policy - a thing for which you want to watch from afar.

Money for me mean a lot, but I'm not someone who spends a lot. The restaurant I would not order yourself something less tasty because if it is cheaper. But I will not buy his clothes just because it is expensive and fashionable.

A scientist in my view - is a man terribly interesting and boring. I'm not curious, so I'm not a scientist.

My wife does not play games. It is to the games applies to reality - this is what brings the money home for her.

I am proud to my children play in my games.

You can not be average mathematician - can be either a genius, or not at all to be a mathematician.

What is the final victory in the game? Think about the horror of these words.