50 signs of the Hollywood films

50 signs of the Hollywood films

1. You probably will survive any battle, battle or war, if someone does not show you a picture of his girlfriend, waiting for you at home. If so - then you're in trouble.

2. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from any window of any building in Paris.

3. Computer passwords are easy to "break" - the password is always what you think in the third turn.

4. When the hero and the villain finally meet face to face, their arms immediately lost, and they begin to turn on each other with their fists mutuzit.

5. All the beds are special blanket "L" in the form of letters. It covers a woman most armpits, but it is by the waist man.

6. Hearing phone, people usually wander around the kitchen during the first 2 calls but immediately run to the tube after the third signal (mother / killer / dead each).

7. When you gasish light and go to bed, everything in the room is still visible, only in a slightly bluish light.

8. All stressful, life-threatening situation, dare smirk resourcefulness.

9. No one, I repeat, no one uses Microsoft Windows - all worth a unique operating system. All of them are full of animated graphics and a huge boot to the normal bars in the middle of the screen.

10. Paying for a taxi, there is no need to look in your wallet to find the right note - just grab the first available and give it to the driver. She will always be exactly the one you need.

11. The ventilation system of all buildings - a great place to hide. Nobody will ever think to look for you there, and you can travel all over the building undetected. 12. Ending a telephone conversation necessarily say goodbye ( "long / Goodbye"). However, if you are suddenly disconnected, you should knock on the "levers" and whip out the phone many times, "Hello ?! Hello?!"

13. If the hero got into a fight, then he definitely will come out of it with a small incision in the right corner of his mouth. He will wipe away the blood back of his hand and disapproving looks.

14. Anyone may well land the plane if they are some body from the control room.

15. Love always begins with the missionary position and ends with the woman on top posture.

16 Shots of people lurking around the corner, always hit the very edge of the wall and the pieces fly close to the face of a man hiding.

17. During a police surveillance operation always starts when it is bought a hamburger and a cup of piping hot coffee prudently takes place on the dash of a police car.

18. Be a detective and aged in whiskey drinking alone in a bar - that's what makes you irresistible to women.

19. If goodie died with his eyes open, close them to each sympathetically. If the bastard died with his eyes open, the camera linger on his face for as long as the actor does not have to blink.

20. Any sporting event is won a total failure at the last second.

21. All telephone numbers, regardless of the place, starting with 555.

22. When the plane comes to an end fuel, be sure to tap the fuel gauge - it works even on multi-ton ships. 23. Only men are alcoholics. But fortunately any alcoholic can stop drinking suddenly on the eve of an important test. Moreover, as soon as he stops drinking, to return to him all his abilities and skills without any deterioration.

24. Dogs always know who's bad, and only bark at them.

25. All bombs have wires of different colors so that the hero could easily determine which need to cut the wire.

26. If someone broke the car brakes, the driver never uses the hand brake or engine brake - he will continue to race at high speed through the city.

27. Anybody who has taken timidly any musical instrument and being modest about their abilities to play like a pro.

28. If you decide to dance in the street, everyone you meet will be able to dance and know all the moves.

29. In the space battle cannon can fire only when the target is in sight.

30. You can always find a parking place directly at the building where you are actually going.

31. All things are bulletproof - makers, desks, body, etc...

32. All police services (especially in New York) have an endless supply of police vehicles. They are also the most unlucky (and least trained) drivers who are fighting in a frontal collision, crash into parked cars, falling into the water, and of course fly in the air, enter into a spin, landing on the roof, break flashers (which emit sound as if they sit down batteries). 33. Television news bulletins usually tell that concerns you personally at the precise moment when you turn on the TV - then the TV is switched off.

34. During the police investigation is required to at least once to go to a strip club.

35. Any lock can be opened a credit card or paperclip in seconds. The only exception is the door to a burning building with a child inside - in this case the door is broken arm stroke.

36. All bombs are fitted with electronic timer with large red numbers, so you always know exactly when it will explode.

37. If you want to pass himself off as a German officer, you do not need to learn German. Simply speak in English with a German accent. Especially, when they are alone, all German soldiers talking to each other in English.

38. Once applied lipstick will never be erased. Even when diving.

39. Any police officer, retiree is likely to die in his last working day (especially if the family planned a party).

40. Sleeping in the house with ghosts, she should be sure to verify the source of a strange noise while she wears the most outspoken underwear.

41. Any purchase of the supermarket includes French bread and fruit packed in two large open brown paper bag.

42. Do not panic if you fight the enemy is superior in numbers, your opponents will wait patiently for their turn to attack, dancing around menacingly. 43. At any point in microphone, be sure to give resonance.

44. Weapons - like disposable razors. If you run out of bullets - just drop your gun. You will always find another.

45. All single women have a cat.

46. ​​The car immediately explodes on contact with a single bullet.

47. No matter how fiercely attacking spaceship - its internal gravity system is never broken.

48. During the chase in the city you can usually dissolve in transmitted mime parade or carnival.

49. One man shooting at twenty enemies, is more likely to kill them than they did. The main villain and his henchmen do not know how to shoot, and meet the characters, in a panic firing anywhere.

50. All British - bad. But smart ... True enough smart to just kill their opponents. Rather, they come up elaborate and complicated mechanism for killing using short circuit blocks deadly gas lasers-eating sharks and m. P.