Death by sex

Die in bed - a dream of many. And if during sex? Death is absurd. But even more ridiculous they appear when people have sex.

Below is a list of 13 contenders for the award sexual Darwin from last to first place.

Death by sex

13. Robert Gilles

In 2001, an American tourist died in one of the hotels in the Philippines, viewing pornographic photo 21-year-old woman. 53-year-old Californian is so excited that his heart could not take such a test.

12. Sandra Orellana

A woman died after falling from the balcony of the hotel, which was located on the eighth floor of the building. The reason - Sandra unsuccessfully changed position during sex with his boss and lost his balance, rolled over the railing.

11. Boujenah Mario and his girlfriend

In 1999, the Romanian football star and a friend could not doterpet to a normal bed and made a desperate sex chat in the "Mercedes" football player in his own garage. However, in a fit of passion, Mario forgot to turn off your vehicle engine. Both died in the arms of poisoning by exhaust fumes.

10. Kirsten Taylor

Pennsylvania married couple Toby and Kirsten Taylor regularly "recharges" itself eletkroshokerami and other appliances during sex. But in January 2008 it happened irreparable - the husband accidentally killed his wife, "prigolubit" her bare from the banal with an electrical dryer.

9. Sasi and Tomio Hidaka

These 34-year-old Japanese man and woman waiting for their wedding for many a decade. All this time they have, as the apple of an eye, holili and cherished her chastity. And when the moment of their wedding night, newlyweds both heart could not stand. End worthy of the pen of Shakespeare ...

8. Rose Vela

For 22-year-old Peruvian truly medieval idea her husband was fatal. Spouse, going on a long trip, put on your favorite ... a chastity belt. However, the castle, which he sealed with loyalty spouses, appeared rusty. Injure a piece of iron, Rose got blood poisoning and died.

7. Agibis Honggang

In 2002, a certain Mr. Honggang arranged at the Dragon (Manila, Philippines) is somewhat unusual sex. The "group sex" was attended by his wife and mistress. But when a woman screaming for help ran out into the hotel lobby, it was too late - loving Agibis died of a heart attack. Doctors have recorded in prison for the death of her reason was "an overdose of Viagra and excessive sexual perversion".

6. Hannibal Cantor

Circus animal trainer in May 1993 strangled his wife and then committed suicide. According to Bucharest Police, where the tragedy occurred, in a suicide note actor he admitted that he could not survive the horrors that once found his wife for having sex with a horse ...!

5. Eduardo Kristomar

One day after a wild drinking party in August 2002, several men from Antipolo (Philippines), which has long been friends with each other, arranged a competition whose penis bigger. The misfortune of the participants Eduardo Kristomar a drunken began loudly making fun too, in his view, a modest "dignity," one of his friends. He was no less drunk, and without hesitation, pulled out a gun and emptied a full clip into the head of the offender.

4. Simon Burley

If someone came into our heads to try to get sexual pleasure by means of certain devices that before you start experimenting, it is necessary to check the reliability of the device. But this just did 38-year-old fan of sadomasochism Simon Burley. He decided to play the hanging: he stood on a chair as a "condemned" and his girlfriend Elizabeth Hallam played the role of the Nazi executioner. If you only knew the unfortunate, he may be sentenced without the quotes, he probably would not have presented the "gestapovke" totally blunt knife, which she could not just cut the rope around his neck protracted death of Simon.

3. Frank Barton

Is there an age limit for sexual perverts? This is a matter of the history of the death of Frank Barton - 85-year-old resident of the English Hampshire. In 2004, he was found dead. Old man died during a sadomasochistic sex games .... The police, who appeared in Burton's house at the request of the neighbors who had not seen the Honorable Mr. Barton for two months, found the body of a tied swim cap mouth (death was caused by asphyxiation) and the penis, is strongly tie up.

2. Anita Harold and Richard Lang

The tragedy took place in November 2002. Loving couple poisoned out of town in East Yorkshire to take their favorite joint business - sex in the back seat of the car. To his misfortune, they settled on the banks of the river, and forgetting to put the car on the "hammer", indulge in amorous pleasures. Their passionate movements were so energetic that the machine is greatly swung and rolled down the hill into the river. Until now, no one knows what caused the death of lovers - whether incredible sex that made both forget about elementary safety measures and turn off completely all consciousness of reality, or jammed the lock in the door of the car ...

1. Ferrotstso Jimmy and Teresa Hill

"Condor" in San Francisco courted fame not only the first in the United States bar, which was officially allowed to strip, but also notorious place perhaps the most absurd death of a sexual nature. PE occurred in November 1983. I must say that this bar was a "highlight" - from the ceiling in the center of a large dance floor during parties fell a white grand piano, on which danced half-naked girls. On that fateful night, immediately after the closure of establishments, guard Jimmy and stript dancer Teresa decided to immediately have sex, and by all means on the lid of the piano. While partners did not notice the accident resulted in the hydraulic mechanism that was rapidly raise convenient for sex musical instrument to the ceiling. As a result, Ferotstso was crushed to death on the spot, while his partner, appeared under a male body, with broken viscera lived for another few hours.