Mirin Dajo - mystery stories

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Following the presentation in the largest concert hall in Zurich - "Corso" - talked about it the whole city. Assistant stuck him in the chest and back with daggers and rapiers, and he absolutely did not react to it ...

Mirin Dajo - mystery stories

This is how it described the performance in front of medical students one eyewitness: "Mirin Dajo, shirtless, standing quietly in the center of the room. Assistant quickly approaches from behind and stabs him in the 80-centimeter rapier somewhere in the region of the kidneys. Deathly silence. Students and teachers sit with their mouths open, unable to believe his eyes.

There's no doubt: the blade passed through the body, the tip sticks out from the front. The most amazing thing - not even equanimity Dazho, and that his body is not a drop of blood ... "

Real name Dazho - Arnold Gerrit Hanscom. He was born August 6, 1912 in Rotterdam. Nol as his friends called him, he was fond of drawing, and in 20 years, led by a group of architects design office.

In childhood and adolescence with nolom Hanscom repeatedly, strange events occur. So, one day, he painted a portrait of the deceased aunt, who spent her life in South Africa and that he had never seen. He was able to portray her with such precision that she posed for him.

Often wake up in the morning, Arnold was surprised to discovered that the hands and sheets smeared with paint, and a mess in the studio. He drew a good picture in a dream, not even waking up and not remembering anything ... "Coup" in the life of Nola took place at ... 33-year life. It was then that he realized that his body is invulnerable. Arnold quit his job and moved to Amsterdam, where he wandered through the cafes and bars and offers visitors ... to kill himself. Soon about it the talk of the town.

Name Arnold Hanscom changed not for advertising purposes, and because Esperanto Mirin Dajo means "marvelous," "amazing". He, like many of his contemporaries, believed that with the help of an artificial language, humanity will be able to overcome the communication barriers between peoples.

Mirin Dajo - mystery stories

Of course, Dazho checked doctors, and more than once. At the end of May 1947, he demonstrated his talent at the Zurich cantonal hospital. As usual, Mirin stripped to the waist. When the assistant rapier pierced the heart, lungs and kidneys, he, as usual, felt no pain and did not utter a single drop of blood.

To eliminate the possibility of hypnosis, it was decided to make an X-ray, but the doctors did not know how to deliver it to the X-ray room - because the stretcher is not adapted to the transportation of people, pierced with rapiers.

Dazho reassured them by saying that he will reach where you want - with the rapier, of course. Pictures eliminated all doubt: the blade went through several vital organs, but did not cause any damage.

Mirin Dajo - mystery stories

Of course, one could not exclude the possibility that the massive internal bleeding starts after the rapier extraction. Doctors were ready for such an outcome. But when the foil carefully removed from Dazho body, the skin remained barely visible spots: on the site of entry and exit blade. The tiny wounds were washed and treated, although Mirin Dajo said that there is no need - the infection does not threaten him. Then he "finished off" the honorable public, going down to the park and ran a few laps with a rapier.

Mirin Dajo - mystery stories

Despite the fact that most Dazho daggers and rapiers do not cause any harm, the audience often fainted. During one of the performances in Switzerland have particularly impressionable spectators suffered a heart attack. A performance at the Zurich "Corso" rapier touched the bone. Heard in the absolute silence of the quiet rasp, several people fainted. Everything ends that Dazho banned from performing in big halls. It was restricted to small cafes and bars. However, Mirin complained. After all, he started just with these sites ...

Mirin Dajo - mystery stories

His assistant Groote believed Mirin was aware of impending death. When he was a few months before leaving the Netherlands, he told him that he no longer sees his homeland. Before the fatal experiment Dazho asked Groot did not help him, then to avoid responsibility ...

In an interview with a popular magazine Mirin Dajo once he said: "I'm not an actor, but a prophet. If you believe in God, we can learn to control your body ... "

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