The truth about the coupon services

Coupon services, common in the US and Europe, we have earned a very unexpected way. Not having time to really turn around, collective discounts are often scams in the spirit of the 1990s.

The truth about the coupon services

The top manager of the well-known service told how on such sites moved vendors from Cherkizovsky market, why luxury manicure Tajiks do and what services actually have a Thai masseuse.

How it all began

The truth about the coupon services

The coupon services appeared in the United States and were calculated on the two types of partners: in the places that have just opened and need to be tributary of customers and large wholesalers, which has a value of storage time and logistics. The latter do not have time to sell the goods, and they need to quickly clean up the warehouse before the arrival of the new party, it is profitable to offer at least 90%.

But even in the West, this scheme is faltering. There is a famous story among kuponschikov: old woman in London, he decided to open a pastry shop to attract customers and posted share in the service. Discount for a few thousands of people bought pastries handmade and respectable grandmother simply went bankrupt. Since then, the number of issued coupons in European countries is limited.

in the Russian style Coupons

The first site, selling prices in Russia, became Darberry - service a success, and soon he was bought by "Groupon" company. Then coupon services began to spring up like a rocket, "KupiKupon", "Kuponator" Biglion, the already mentioned "Groupon". Total number of such sites in RuNet now about twenty. And at some point we just covered all the places in Moscow, which somehow was interesting placement on our services. Then the market begins to collapse. People go to our site, coupons are very popular, so it is necessary to offer more and more discounts. And here come to the coupon services such as new entrepreneurs. Rather, this kind of just old. This is the "good guys", which at one time involved in public contracts as subcontractors. They knew where to purchase, such as gravel for the construction of the Ring Road. Bought at one price and then resell "their guys", the general contractor of construction, on a completely different price, and everyone was a winner. I tell you this, that you understand what this type of people.

Money in the morning - evening chairs

The truth about the coupon services

More than coupon services demand discounts on beauty. The site appears announcement: "Luxurious manicure for 2000 rubles", then offer to do it with 70% discount. Moreover, this high-end interior still do not exist. It was only after the first money to start coming in from customers, a month removed the basement, hired a few migrant workers, which make luxury manicure everyone.

There is history textbook about the cabin "Three chairs". One service manager he decided to get a haircut, bought the coupon and found this luxury cabin really only three chairs and shabby walls.

In such interiors, of course, buy the cheapest materials, cheap devices. After the event ends, the interior has ceased to exist. Very often customers call us and ask to remove the action because "partner sold solarium" or "barber sick."

Sell illiquid

Those money-makers carry in Russian toys for children "Live crazy slime" or "Translators baby crying." And most importantly, that no such goods in stores will not buy, but if you tell customers that a product with a 60% discount, customers are. And entrepreneurs are insured against failure: first they are responsible for their demand through coupon sites, and only then buy goods.

Another classic option to sell illiquid product. Sold discount on Thai massage, and then masseuse customers actively offering erotic services. This kind of traffic surge.

The most unusual of all the coupon offer on services

- Artificial insemination IVF ICSI method of family planning clinic "Intime". 65K. Instead of 146 thousand.

- "KuponGid": Up G point for maximum enjoyment. 9990 rubles, instead of 65 thousand.

- "Catch. Ru ": whitening the skin intimate areas 3, 5 thousand instead of 7 thousand..

- "Catch. Ru ": Therapeutic shower Vichy Rainbow with crystals" Swarovski ". As employed in the shower crystals, are not reported.

- "KupiKupon": Comprehensive care and spa-treatments for your dog. 1100 rubles. instead of 3 200 Surcharge for aggressive animals - 300 p.

- "Kupibonus": Shows the mad professor Nicolas and provide polymer worms. Discount coupon 53% for 300 rubles.

branded goods from nearby markets

Another story about how to coupon services sold discounts on branded goods. On scarves written "Versace" - kuponschiki and spread on their websites photo scarf with tag "Versace", and that there is received by the consumer, we do not know. It turns out that we are working as the Cherkizovsky market. Now most of the merchants moved to "Gardener" - and there coming goods to customers. Ordered a Swarovski rhinestones, but come shining stickers for a hundred rubles packaging. Initially, the coupons were calculated on the sale of discounts on services, but now all sites are inundated with offers to buy the goods. And they say that you are offered a discount, but if you go to the "gardener" and compare prices, you will find that there is no discount, and prices can be even higher than the market.

As is sold

The truth about the coupon services

The principle of the servicov simple: you buy as much advertising "OpenID", "Classmates", scolding as many people as possible, without thinking about the quality of its audience, and prepare proposals for them. Here, as everywhere else, the main thing - the right to submit a proposal. Check out his glamorous, bright, beautiful.

Sometimes partners are asked to write in the text shares something very strange. For example, in the spa advertising (and in fact a simple sauna) requested in large letters at the beginning of the ad to write about the presence of wrought-iron beds. Or slogan of the advertising campaign the solarium: "Naomi Campbell burst into tears when she saw your tan."

The most high-profile scandals with coupons

- iPhone from BigBuzzy. Service offered to its customers purchase the iPhone 4S at a discount of 51% for 19 900 rubles. We sold over 7000 coupons, but at the appointed time, in November 2011, the phones in Russia have not arrived. According to reports in the group one of the social networks, now some really got their phones, some managed to return the money, and some are still waiting for their iPhone. Part of the victims are preparing complaints to the courts and the Federal Service.

- Vacuum cleaners from "Groupon". Allegedly German robot vacuum cleaner worth 22,900 rubles for the shares sold for just 7890 rubles. But after the campaign began to appear in the network of buyers comments, who said that the goods they brought from China, it was written on the label of a vacuum cleaner. - Fake Swiss Tissot watch from the "Groupon" in China. Gaopeng (a joint venture between Groupon and Tencent Chinese Internet holding company) conducted a campaign to sell Tissot watches for 690 yuan, or $ 110 - far less than their nominal value, up to 3 million yuan. During the offer watches purchased several hundred customers, some have discovered the deception and started to complain about poor quality goods. Later Gaopeng announced that partner provided fake documents, and promised to pay compensation to all affected customers in the amount of 200 yuan.