This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

Well, that's the beginning of spring, but this can only be seen on the calendar. Apparently, the effigy of winter, burned on Shrove Tuesday, still survived, and returned in a very gloomy mood. But this does not prevent us how to enjoy March Madness. Believe me, this subject not only to cats!

Let's look at the most amazing and interesting events of the first half of March. All of them are placed on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "It could be your ad!"

Enterprising Germans put up for sale his face.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

A resident of Germany Uwe Treshel divided into several zones, which for a fee, potential advertisers can place their banners.

So, the tattoo on his forehead will cost the customer 50 thousand euros, on one of the cheeks - 20 thousand, and on the chin - in 5000 euros. If any company wants to buy back the man's face for advertising completely, it will have to pay 100 thousand euros.

According to an enterprising German who works in a field potential advertisers, he was not interested. As Treshel said, to decide on such an unusual step it prompted a love for animals. He said that he always wanted to build a museum dedicated to St. Bernard. The proceeds from future promotional agreement means Uwe intends to spend on his organization.

The face of the company - now and in the literal sense!

9 place - "Edible-inedible"

Young Briton suffers from strange eating habits.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

For the past 4 years, 21-year-old Kerry Trebilcock eats sponges and organic soap. Sometimes in your diet, it also includes mustard, hot sauce, tea or hot chocolate, which complement the taste of dishwashing detergents. She says that he prefers soap with fruit flavors. In addition, going somewhere, it always takes a sponge to wash dishes, seasoned with tomato sauce. It should be noted that this "diet" is poorly absorbed by the body British women. Meanwhile, renounce sponges power girl can not, although it has reduced their number in your diet.

A fundamental change in the tastes of the girl occurred after a trip to Morocco, where she "picked up" intestinal parasite. First Briton constantly experiencing hunger, quench that could only sponges and soap. Doctors diagnosed the patient's disorder PICA - attraction to non-food items and products. Now Kerry drink vitamins and visiting a psychologist.

Oh wait, SpongeBob!

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

8 place - "expert fast photo"

Extreme racer zatvitil photos directly during the race.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

The pilot of the popular racing series in the US NASCAR Brad Keselowski took the picture to the "iPhone" and sent him to the microblogging directly from the car during the race.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

28-year-old in the past resorted to such extreme shipments tweets, but before this happened during the tests and practices, and ever - during the competition. But during the race, Brad saw a terrible accident on the road and could not help but immediately recorded the moment on camera and posted the photo on Twitter.

The trend of modern times.

7 place - "Grizzlies not nibbled"

Alaska grizzly bear shocked group of intrepid travelers.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

The Raptors were on the river and fishing. When a group of 10 tourists got too close to one of them - he did not tolerate such insolence and threw himself at the intruder. The first few seconds of a bear really looked quite aggressive. But a few meters to the grizzly stopped and began to look around in surprise potential prey - did not make "sacrifices" any attempt to hide what is clearly confused animal. A little trample on the spot, disappointed grizzly bear decided to go back.

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One of the visitors said that they were trained in safety and know in advance what to do in case of an attack. "Our guide said that grizzly just bluffing, trying to scare us." Tourist added that very happy that none of his friends did not panic and ran away.

Now it appeared clumsy complexes.

6 place - "your balance is topped up"

Bank mistakenly translated the German 200 million euros.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

This happened as a result of failure of internet banking financial institution system. The man could not resist and transferred 10 million. At his own expense. However, less than a day, the bank demanded the money back - and even withdrew from the German interest, which amounted to 12 thousand euros.

A man for such an eventuality was not ready, and will plead with the bank. It is noteworthy that the law may not be on his side - recently, during consideration of a similar case, the Federal Court ruled that access to the money transferred by mistake, not a criminal offense.

Of course, since the new popular wisdom says, that it fell through, then drain.

5 place - "Guglomobil crept unnoticed"

The Frenchman decided to sue Google for intimate picture.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

50-year-old man sued the corporation for what was captured in a panoramic image on the Street View service in a time when the celebrated small need in your garden.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

The Frenchman says that now he has become a laughing stock for the neighbors. He demands to remove photos from the site, despite the fact that his face is blurred on it. According to him, the residents of the village in which he lives, learned it and now do not give him passage.

The man is also seeking payment of compensation in the amount of 10 thousand euros. As you know, Google Street View service allows users to view photos of the area, made a special panoramic cameras mounted on the roofs of cars. When this service has a feature by which users can shading their faces, license plates, if they were in the frame.

Curious electronic eye sailed over the fence and could not resist ...

4th place - "Sleeping like Bi-bi-si"

British TV presenter fell asleep on the air.

It happened today on Channel Bi-bi-si. Simon McCoy led a morning news release, along with his colleague Martin Croxall. At 8:30 the camera is switched to McCoy, who was asleep on the table. Realizing what had happened, he "jumped up and tried to maintain his composure."

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However, many viewers have noticed an oversight lead, which quickly became the subject of jokes on Twitter. Sam McCoy, when asked to comment on the incident in the studio chose to laugh it off. He wrote that "it was a long banging his head on the table."

By the way, this is not the first incident of its funniest. In July 2009, the camera has accidentally caught him during push-ups on the table. Download video

3rd place - "Feathered gangster"

The American pursues aggressive turkey on a nickname Godzilla.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

A resident of Michigan, 70-year-old Edna Geisler, complained about the wild bird male who pursues her regularly on her attacks. According to the woman, since the turkey appeared next to her home, she is afraid to go out.

To avoid attacks poultry, pensioner forced to seek the help of a neighbor. He, in turn, takes a broom and drives the turkey away until Geisler returns home. According to experts, it is obvious before Godzilla someone fed up, and now he is not afraid of people.

Moreover, he considers himself "chief," and therefore behaves aggressively. American said that while will not take any special measures. She expressed the hope that it will soon leave her own turkey section. It is interesting that in a few weeks in the state opened the hunting season for wild turkeys.

Intermission, gentlemen! Soon change roles!

2 nd place - "Men's torture chamber"

In Yekaterinburg, opened the "torture chamber for men."

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

They are there forced women do everyday chores. The organizers of this event for March 8 media reported that the ladies will be able to "enjoy the view as their halves wash floors and dishes, wash clothes, vacuum cleaner, read women's novels and cook."

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

In the meantime, do the fair sex will be free to visit the beauty salon, located nearby.

Hopefully, this is just one day of the year!

1st place - "The child would not play ..."

Czech guard of boredom chained themselves handcuffed.

This insanely real world - the first top-March 10

The incident took place in Prague in the building where the man was carrying the watch. As the representative of police, his colleagues went to the aid of the guard after he appealed to the police and reported the incident.

According to the man, while working he got bored and decided to try out the handcuffs, which he was given authority, on itself. Snapping them on their wrists, he realized that they were working properly handcuffed, and then realized that he did not have the keys from them. After sitting in handcuffs for a while, the guard decided to ask for help. And the staff of the Prague police, and the man himself reacted to the situation with humor.

And Monsieur knows a lot fun!

In this review the first half of March is coming to an end. The second top 10 will appear in the near future. Stay with us, together wait this spring!

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