10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Divine Elephant in Bangkok, for smearing cream in Khakassia stone, stainless steel pole, and other reliable options.

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Even the biggest skeptics throw a coin into the fountain and make a wish, standing at around zero kilometer, while no one sees.

Places that can make the dream a reality, scattered across the world. They are overgrown with legends become tourist attractions, and sometimes actually helping someone fulfill his dream. Carefully examining the map of the world, the Forbes magazine has selected 10 sites where you can ask for financial well-being, health, and even love.

Delhi pillar (Delhi, India)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: architectural complex of Qutb, Delhi-Gurgaon Road, Mehrauli, South Delhi, India

Price: Rs 250 for a passage to the complex

What to ask for: health and fulfillment of dreams

Delhi pillar is a pillar height of just over 7 meters and a weight of 6, 5 m. It is situated on the outskirts of Delhi near the ruins of the mosque Kuwwat-ul-Islam for nearly a thousand years, and encircling his inscription in Sanskrit says that he was put in honor of the victory of the king Chandragupta over the nations of Central Asia.

Scientists have been scratching their heads, trying to unravel the mystery of this monument. The fact that the column is made of pure iron, is almost non-corrosive, which, even with today's level of technology to achieve very difficult. That is why some suggest that post - a sign left by aliens. The researchers explain things differently. They believe that it is not in an alien intelligence, and in specific climate conditions Delhi, by which on the surface of the monument formed a special film that protects it from destruction.

Locals say that the column has a mystical power, and is capable to cure any disease. Even if a person comes to a post on crutches, then touching it, immediately throw it. It is believed that the monument is not only heals but also performs all kinds of desires. To feel the magical properties, you need to lean against the back column and clasp her hands, while trying to connect your fingers. After standing in this position a few minutes, we can hope that wish will come true. Abandoned crutches is not seen in the vicinity of the column.

Altar Erawan (Bangkok, Thailand)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: at the intersection of Ratchadamri and Phloen Chit in Bangkok, Thailand

What shall I ask: wish-fulfillment

Erawan Shrine is one of the busiest intersections in Bangkok. This place is easy to find among the skyscrapers and expensive windows - it is always seen from afar thanks to the bright flower garland (and the smell of incense is felt for a few tens of steps). The altar was built over half a century ago in honor of the god Indra and his elephant Erawan, and in the center of the altar is a gilded bronze figure of four-headed deity.

Altar is located opposite the hotel of the same name, whose construction was accompanied by endless misfortunes. Ship with marble for decoration of the hall sunk. Then, for unknown reasons, killing several workers. Concerned about the Thai people have decided to appeal to the Brahmins, who were advised to build next to the altar of the hotel. After that strange things stopped. Grateful residents of the Thai capital began to come to this place and bring gifts to the deity. Behind them stretched and tourists from around the world. How to find local, if sincerely ask the spirits about anything, the wish will come true. Indra decided to sacrifice figurines of elephants, scented candles and flower garlands. And sometimes at the foot of the altar can be seen boiled eggs and other edibles.

Opposite the Erawan is a small stage. People whose wishes were fulfilled, can thank god, paying the dancers who will perform a dance in honor of Indra. In the evening there are often a show with traditional Thai dancing.

Money Oak (Marie island, Scotland)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: near the chapel Máel Ruba in the center of the island of Marie

Cost: £ 15 for a boat tour What shall I ask: wish-fulfillment

Some UK residents believe that their wish will be granted, if you insert a coin into the bark of a tree. But the tree, of course, should be special. These trees have a ritual in many parts of the United Kingdom, but most of them in Scotland and Ireland. Among the most famous - oak Marie, one of the islands of Lake Loch Maree. He became famous thanks to the visit of Queen Victoria in 1877: during the journey the queen herself made a ritual, as later wrote in his diary. Old oak bark is almost not visible, because it is completely covered with coins, the oldest of which dates to 1828.

Next to the cash oak once was an ancient sacred well, capable, according to legend, to heal the mentally ill. Patient tied his hands and feet, put in a boat that floated around the island three times clockwise. Thus, each time the patient dumped into water and then pulled out. After this procedure, he had to drink from the sacred well. And then in oak bark inserted coin or a tied ribbon on the branches.

Such ritual acts committed before the middle of the XIX century, but then the belief in the healing power of the lake has been lost. Oak is still considered sacred. During the First World War, the tree was severely damaged, and for some time to remove. But later returned to the branches, and the barrel in place. The will of those who longed to make a wish was stronger than circumstances.

Mosque Koutoubia (Marrakech, Morocco)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: Avenue Mohammed V in Marrakech

What shall I ask: wish-fulfillment

In Morocco, a dream come true almost everywhere: in the Moroccan city on the street to meet the water-carrier, boldly make a wish. But in Marrakech there is another custom. People here make a wish at the ancient mosque Koutoubia, which is considered one of the main attractions of the city. Koutoubia built in the XII century. But during construction it turned out that the mihrab is not directed toward Mecca. Angered, the Sultan Abd al-Mumin, in which it was erected a monumental structure, gave the order to execute an architect.

Another legend explains the origin of adorning the mosque golden balls. It is said that one of the wives of the sultan during the fast in the holy month of Ramadan has committed a sin - ate three grapes. As a sign of repentance orthodox Muslim gave all their gold jewelry to be melted down to make the balls of them and placed on top of the minaret.

Today the ritual, which make tourists and locals, it goes back to this legend. On the night of the full moon to get up under the minaret facing east. According to legend, if at some point to see the moon reflected on the balls, you can make a wish. But that it was fulfilled, a person must have pure thoughts.

The zodiacal area (Jaffa, Israel)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: the right of St. Peter's Church, which is located on the street Mifrats Shlomo 1 in Old Jaffa

What to ask for: financial well-being and fulfillment of desires

Jaffa - one of the oldest cities in the world. He is now considered to be the center of Tel Aviv, and was once an independent settlement. The first mention of it belong to the XVI century BC. And if you believe the legend, Noah built an ark famous here. In these places the apostle Peter had a vision, and here began a journey of Jonah.

Today, in the old part of Jaffa has a so-called path of the horoscope. The streets here are named after signs of the zodiac, and to achieve fulfillment of his desire, it is necessary to find a street with its sign and touch the plate with his image. However, sometimes, to get to the plate, we have to try - some of them are at a height of more than two and a half meters. In addition, you can make a wish, standing on the bridge railings are decorated with tiles depicting the signs of the zodiac. Here it is necessary to repeat the same thing: to touch the plate with his sign.

The statue of Juliet (Verona, Italy)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: Via Cappello 23, Verona, Italy

What to ask for: love

Honeymoon in Italy - the dream of many lovers. However, to go to that country is possible and those who have not yet had much luck in this case. They should visit the house of Juliet in Verona, where in the yard is quite expected the statue of Shakespeare's heroine. By tradition, it is necessary to touch the right breast of Juliet bronze, while the reciprocity achieved in love. It is obvious that in this tradition believe many people as Juliet's house is one of the most visited sites in Italy.

It is believed, by the way, that on the very spot in the center of Verona, the family lived Capello, which later became the prototype of the famous Capulet. For a long time on the walls of this house tourists left countless notes with the desires: Someone stuck chewing gum leaves, and some graffiti. However, at some point, letters were so many that the authorities decided to clear the walls of Verona. So now you can make an official visit to Juliet's museum, where in a relaxed atmosphere everyone will be asked to write her a letter, asking for luck in love affairs.

And not so long ago, the mayor's office in Verona offered a new service - a wedding at the famous balcony of Juliet. For such an unusual marriage of the residents of Verona have to pay € 600 pairs from EU countries € 200 more, but not for lovers of pleasure will cost the EU € 1000.

Suzhou Bridges (Henan, China)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: Suzhou Grand Canal of China, Henan Province What to ask for: financial health, good luck, a successful career

Suzhou, which is called the Venice of the East, was built around two and a half thousand years ago. The order on the construction of the city gave the ruler of the dynasty I, who wanted to Suzhou has become one of the most beautiful places in the world. And so it happened. The Chinese have even appeared saying: "In heaven there is paradise and on earth - Suzhou and Hangzhou."

Since ancient times, Suzhou constantly flooding events. And, to save the city from the disaster, the Chinese have built there an extensive system of canals. One of the main attractions of the city are the bridges. Once upon a time there were about a thousand, but to this day remained about 200. At first they were built of wood, later were made of stone, and each bridge has its own name. There is a bridge Career, Prosperity bridge, Peace Bridge and other fun.

One of the most famous and revered - Precious Belt Bridge. It was built in the XI century during the reign of the Yuan Ho. Length of the bridge - 317 meters, and, as legend has it, was built with the money from the sale of jade belt. The local prefect, who was assigned to the construction of the bridge, out of funds. To bring the matter to an end, he had to sell jade belt - a gift received from Suzhou ruler. It is believed that Precious Belt Bridge brings financial prosperity and good luck in business. To do this, throw him in a coin channel or any decoration.

The Dead Pit (Chichen Itza, Mexico)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: 300 meters north of the main buildings of the city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan

What to ask for: good luck and fulfillment of desires

City of Chichen Itza is located in Yucatan, it has a sinister reputation. That there is the so-called The Dead Pit, which the ancient Maya used to perform sacrifices. The first mention of this place can be found in the records of Bishop Diego de landole, who described the Indian ritual. According to him, in times of drought the locals found the most beautiful virgin, tied to a rope and dipped into the water as long as she did not die. So they tried to appease the spirits and make it rain. At the bottom of the fall, and many items of value: precious stones, gold jewelery, utensils made of precious metals. Maya believed that during this ritual to the surface raised the spirit of green, like a crocodile. In the XX century two Americans made an expedition to the bottom of the well. Legend of the sacrifices confirmed. In the well we found a lot of skeletons. It turned out that the Indians were thrown into the water, not only young girls, but also boys and young children. Although the well is no longer a place of sacrifice, many people still believe in its magic force. Today, people go there to throw a coin into the water for good luck and make a wish. Does not known someone asks about the rain.

Syuyumbike Tower (Kazan, Tatarstan)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: Kazan Kremlin

What to ask for: love and fulfillment of desires

Inclined to the north-east tower is part of the Kazan Kremlin and one of the main symbols of Kazan (by the way, it is two meters higher than the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa). The first mention of the tower Syuyumbike found in sources relating to 1777, it was originally named Jami Khan or Khan Mechete that in translation from the Tatar means "Khan's Mosque". The current name of the tower first appeared in the magazine "Zavolzhsky ant", in one of the rooms was an article about Kazan attractions.

There are many legends related to the tower. One of them says that it was named in honor of the Kazan Queen Syuyumbike that built the tower in honor of her husband - Khan Safa Giray. According to another tradition, it was built on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, seven days after the capture of Kazan. It is said that the Russian emperor asked for the hand of the princess of Kazan. And she put a condition and demanded that Ivan the Terrible erected the tower. When all was ready, Syuyumbike rushed from the tower down.

To Kazan attractions people come with different desires, but it is especially helpful to those who ask good luck in love. It is believed that the hidden fulfilled if the tower lean inwardly forehead and say three wishes. Luck in love, however, should be asked, clinging to the back tower.

The menhirs (Republic of Khakassia, Russia)

10 objects that can fulfill any desire

Where: area along the highway "Yenisei" in Khakassia region Askizskom

What to ask for: health and fulfillment of dreams

Menhirs - huge slabs of mysterious, dug vertically into the ground, - concerned scientists for centuries. According to some reports, they have set up families, who lived about 4000 years ago, but the purpose of these boulders is unknown until now. It is unclear, and the manner in which the stones weighing over 50 tons was transferred from the hot to the plain.

There is speculation that the ancient people used menhirs for the treatment of diseases. Some scientists believe that the boulders are located near the earth's crust faults, where there is a special energy radiation. Therefore, in ancient times, these places were used for magic rituals.

Almost every menhir has a name. One of the most famous is the Ulus-Khurtuyakh-Tas, which means "great stone figure of an old woman." On the stone carved face, chest and rounded belly woman. It is believed that this block helps women recover from infertility. According to legend, in order to achieve the effect, it is necessary to smear the face menhir sour cream or milk (by repeatedly performing the rite menhir blackened).

To protect the unique monument from destruction, over it built a glass tent. Around the block of stone planted grass, indoor temperature is kept constant. Now the stone statue listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the main exhibit of the museum Ulus-Khurtuyakh Tas.

But they say that the magical properties are all menhirs. You need only select one block of stone, three times around it in a clockwise direction, touch the stone and visualize the hidden.