Dialogues with animals

• Conversations with animals

The scientist tells about the amazing phenomenon - that people are able to communicate with animals in the same language.

Dialogues with animals

Cyril Eskov, a biologist, a senior researcher at the Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

"Inhuman mind" and his relationship with the man - one of the attendants the futuristic forecasts. But none of futurologists still have not paid attention to the fact that the "current reality" long ago already is quite meaningful dialogue of man with alien intelligence. I mean scientific revolution that has occurred about a quarter of a century ago in the so-called cognitive ethology, which resulted in quite experimentally proved that: a) the animals to think, and the difference between their thinking and not a human quality, and quantitative; b) The animals share with each other their ideas with the help of this, formalized language; c) therefore, to establish a dialogue between man and animals is the task of a purely technical (although it is very difficult).

The pioneer of these studies considered the Austrian Karl Frisch. He discovered the existence of the language of the bees, which allows the bees-scout "situation report" are in the hive family members. The idea that there is insignificant insect real language was so shocking that full recognition (in the form of the Nobel Prize) came to Frisch only in 1973 - exactly 50 years after his first scientific publications on this topic. Actually, the debate continued later; it is believed that the final point put here in 1997, Danish scientists, who managed to pass the bee family with adequate information on the location outside the hive feeders through the "speaking" bee robot. Scientists from the Shandong University implanted microelectrodes pigeons with which stimulating certain areas of the bird brain can control its behavior and make fly right, left, up or down.

The next fundamental stage began experimenting Americans Allen and Beatrice Gardner, trained apes "talk" with people using the alphabet of deaf-mutes. Quite quickly it became clear that monkeys can develop very complex verbal constructions, able to joke and lie, and their intelligence (by objective indicators) roughly corresponds to the level of 4-5-year-old child. Raised psychologist Frances (Penny) Patterson, Koko the gorilla has a vocabulary of about 900 words (by militants in paperback costing three hundred) and has the language skills in the use of complex sentences. Of particular note is the fact that these monkeys themselves ranked among the people (equating yourself with the experimenters) and their compatriots who do not speak the "language of interethnic communication", contemptuously referred to as "black beasts".

Every living being lives in his own world, and the properties of these worlds quite objectively different from our own, human, down to the very fundamental properties of space-time. For example, we have more than 80% of information about the world through sight, and the dog about the same - through the sense of smell; We live in a world of light rays propagating in a straight line, and it is - the world's most complex gradients smell. Therefore dogs own world certainly has non-Euclidean geometry, and even how to organize space attached animals such as sea lilies or coral, and we simply impossible to imagine. Plus the extraordinary features of the space itself, submitted to it at all unfamiliar to us by the senses (such as sensors that respond to the magnetic field) ... Therefore, it is difficult to even imagine how to enrich and expand our ideas about the world, if we are able to establish a meaningful dialogue with the living beings other species. "

A conversation with a gorilla

April 28, 1998 Penny Patterson psychologist, developed a simplified version of the sign language of deaf-mutes, and 27-year-old female gorilla Koko, mastered the sign system of the first primates, answered questions from Internet users. Here's a snippet of the conference.

According to the stories of Professor Pat-Terson gorilla Koko very grieved when her cat died, and to use such words about her conversations as "sad" and "frown"

Moderator: Where are you now?

Penny: Coco sits with me in the kitchen ... Oh, and look what I've got Coco. Here. I give her a pair of elastic bands for hair ... she puts them down, because people wear it on your head.

Koko: Unreal.

Penny: She showed "a fake." Dons, but gum does not stay in the hair.

Coco: Cap-this-toilet. Well, I say, hurry.

Penny: It's toilet cap .. No, it's a good hat?. Lovely.

Coco: Unreal-stinks. I'm telling you to hurry.

Penny: Unreal stinks ... artificial flowers. She said "artificial flowers". It shows a scrunchy. On one of these sunflower.

Coco: (Shows a sunflower.) One. The-good-there is, give in a hurry. There is.

Moderator: Coco, you feel the love people who care about you?

Penny: I need to simplify matters ... Coco, do you think people like you? Coco: People-apple-give-me.