What is it - there are only chips

• What is it - there are only chips

What is it - there are only chips

Debbie Taylor, fitness instructor, 31 years old:

"I'm not a fan of hot food. I love chips with beef taste, but I would not even touched the chips with pickled onions. You may well call myself a true connoisseur.

In the past two years, I eat two large packages of potato chips per day. The idea to eat something else turns me off. I do not like full and bloated - but that is how I feel after the "normal" food. For breakfast, I drink tea, lunch is skipped, and then, about four o'clock in the afternoon, I was ready to eat the first major package of chips. At 8 pm, I eat second.

The only exception to this routine - a family dinner in the restaurant. There I order a piece of dry chicken and a slice of bread - just for people to stop pestering me.

I have always been fastidious about food. I remember how my mother tried everything to get me to eat normally. In the end she said: "If it will not, then there is nothing else." "Well, - I answered. - I do not want anything".

I much prefer the semi-finished products. Eat five times a day, it was unthinkable for me - I could not always eat and once. At age 11, I became a plump, and I began to tease. Thick Debs. It was the worst moment of my life. I had a tendency to anorexia and I'm addicted to exercise. At age 15, I weighed 45 kilos, and then ended up in the hospital. But I think that doctors simply reinsured. Then I graduated from college with a degree in "Health and Fitness" and found a job at the local pool. Women rescuers who worked there, in between eating peanuts. They were excellent swimmer, and I thought that perhaps this is the right decision. I began to eat only roasted peanuts and bread sprinkled with salt.

In 20 years, I became pregnant and felt a terrible craving for chicken nuggets and ice cream. But as soon as I gave birth, I immediately returned to the "selective diet", as they call it. I think Luke is now already 11 years old, I always watch carefully for his meals and do not think my diet somehow influenced him. He nepriveredliv. He is a typical man - put dinner, and he was happy for him.

When Luke was five years old the first time I bought a bag of chips with barbecue taste, and that's it - I'm in love. During the following years I did not eat anything else - until the day, until the chips tasted Monster Munch with beef flavor.

Eight years ago, I began to meet with Gerald. I told Gerald everything, and he understood me. I am preparing for Gerald and Luke, and at Christmas the whole family gather around a roast turkey. Ironically, I like to cook. Intellectually, I understand that my diet is unhealthy, but not going to change it. In 31 years, it seems too late. I think I will always be a problem with food. I even tried hypnotherapy, when a few years ago began to worry about gaining weight. As a result, I stopped eating at all, and in my case it is death.

But I'm fine. Not sick more often than others, although I have quite brittle nails and gums bleed when I brush my teeth. The doctor says I'm skinny, but he did not try to force me to change my diet. After all, I do not have underweight: a large pack of crisps still pretty high-calorie stuff.

I am not ashamed of it, but in fact I really wonder why people think my diet is one of the chips is so much amazing. "