45 little-known facts about the famous writer

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

William Shakespeare

1. William Shakespeare was born and died in the same day (but, fortunately, in different years) - April 23, 1564 he was born and, later, in '52, the same day he died.

2. In the same day Shakespeare died another great writer - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. The author of "Don Quixote," died April 23, 1616.

3. Contemporaries claimed that Shakespeare was fond of poaching - hunted deer in the possession of Sir Thomas Lucy, without the assent of the Lucy.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer


4. The great poet Byron was lame, inclined to be overweight and extremely full of love - for the year in Venice, according to some reports, he blessed him, lame and fat, 250 ladies.

5. Byron had an amazing personal collection - lock of hair cut from pubes beloveds. Locks (or maybe hair) were kept in an envelope on which were inscribed the names of mistresses romantically. Some researchers argue that enjoy (if that word is appropriate here) meeting of the poet can be as early as the 1980s, followed by vegetation lost.

6. And the great poet Byron loved to spend time with the boys, including, alas, with minors. That we do not even comment! Not only was the scoundrel 250 ladies!

7. Well, a little about Byron - he was very fond of animals. Fortunately, not in the sense that you may have put into this phrase, reading slightly above about Byron. Romantic poet loved small animals platonic and even kept a menagerie in which lived a badger, monkey, horse, parrot, crocodile and many more all living creatures.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Charles Dickens

8. Charles Dickens was a very difficult childhood. When his dad was in debtor's prison, young Charlie was sent to work ... no, not a chocolate factory and a factory for the production of polish where it all day long pasting labels on jars. Dust-free, you say? But Poquelin them from morning till evening, instead of playing football with the boys, and you will understand why the images were obtained from the unfortunate orphans Dickens so convincing. 9. In 1857, Dickens came to visit Hans Christian Andersen. This is not an anecdote Harms, it is life itself! Andersen, Dickens met in 1847, came to a complete delight from each other, and now, 10 years later, the Dane has decided to take advantage of this invitation to him. The problem is that over the years in the life of Dickens's all very complicated and changed - he was not ready to accept Andersen, who lived with him for nearly five weeks! "He does not speak any language other than their Danish, although there are suspicions that it he does not know" - in this way told his friends about his guest Dickens. Poor guy Andersen became a target of ridicule numerous progeny author of "Little Dorrit," and when he left, dad Dickens left in his room recording: "Hans Andersen slept in this room for five weeks, which appeared in our family for years." And you ask why Andersen wrote such sad tales?

10. And Dickens was fond of hypnosis, or, as they said, mesmerism.

11. One of the most popular entertainment Dickens were hiking in the Paris morgue, where unidentified bodies were exhibited. My dear, in fact, man!

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

to Oscar Wilde

12. Oscar Wilde did not take seriously the works of Dickens and on any occasion mocked them. Generally, contemporary Charles Dickens criticism endlessly hinted that he would never enter the list of the best British writers. A to Oscar Wilde we'll get.

13. But Dickens loved devotedly ordinary readers - in 1841 in the port of New York, where they were to bring a continuation of the final chapters of "The Old Curiosity Shop", gathered 6000 people, and all the screaming passengers the ship is moored, "Do baby Die, Nell?"

14. Dickens could not work if the tables and chairs in his office were not wrong. As it should, but he knew - and every time began to work with the rearrangement of furniture. 15. Charles Dickens so loved monuments and monuments that will, strictly forbidden to erect them to him. The only bronze statue of Dickens set in Philadelphia. By the way, the statue originally rejected the family of the writer.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

O. Henry

16. American writer O. Henry started writing career in prison, which came for embezzlement. And so it went well in the case that all of the prison soon forgotten.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Ernest Hemingway

17. Ernest Hemingway was not only an alcoholic and suicide, as everyone knows. Yet he had peyrafobiya (fear of public speaking), besides, he never believed even the most sincere praises his readers and admirers. Even friends - did not believe, and that's it!

18. Hemingway lived through five wars, four highways and two air plane crash. And my mother as a child made him engage in the dance school. But he eventually began to call himself Pope.

19. The same Hemingway often and willingly talked about the fact that the FBI watching him. The two sides crooked smile, but in the end it turned out that Dad was right - declassified documents confirmed that it was indeed under surveillance, not paranoia.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Gertrude Stein

20. The first in the history of the word "gay" in the literature used the Gertrude Stein -pisatelnitsa lesbian, hated punctuation, and gave the world the definition of a "lost generation."

21. Oscar Wilde - like Ernest Hemingway - in destve long dressed in girly dresses. In both cases, we note it ended badly.

22. The most famous quote from Gertrude Stein - "A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Honore de Balzac

23. Honore de Balzac adored coffee - a day to drink about 50 cups of strong Turkish. If it was not possible to cook some coffee, writer simply grind a handful of grain and munching them with great pleasure. 24. Balzac believed that ejaculation - a waste of creative energy, as the seed is the brain substance. Once, talking with a friend after a successful communication, the writer bitterly exclaimed: "This morning I lost my novel!"

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Edgar Allan Poe

25. Edgar Allan Poe whole life afraid of the dark. Perhaps one of the reasons for this fear is that in childhood the future writer studied ... the cemetery. The school where the boy went, was so poor that it was not possible to buy books for children. Resourceful mathematics teacher conducted classes at the nearby cemetery, among the graves. Each student chose a tombstone and counted how many years the deceased lived, subtracting from the date of death date of birth. Not surprisingly, I grew up and became what he became - the founder of the world literature of horror.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Lewis Carroll

26. The most psychedelic writer of all time should be recognized as Lewis Carroll, a shy British mathematician, writing tales about Alice. His writings inspired by the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane, Tim Burton and others.

27. The real name of Lewis Carroll - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was a church deacon, and even personal diaries Carroll constantly repented of certain sins. However, these pages were destroyed family of the writer, not to defame his image. Some of the researchers seriously believes that Carroll was Jack the Ripper, which, as we know, has never been found.

28. Carroll suffered from swamp fever, cystitis, lumbago, eczema, boils, arthritis, pleurisy, rheumatism, insomnia, and even a whole bunch of various illnesses. In addition, it has almost continuously - and very strong - had a headache.

29. The author of "Alice" was a passionate fan of technological progress, and has personally invented a tricycle, a mnemonic system for remembering names and dates, electric pen, and it was he who came up to write the name on the spine of the book and created a prototype of the beloved game Scrabble.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Franz Kafka

30. Franz Kafka was the grandson of a kosher butcher and a vegan.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Walt Whitman

31. The great American poet Walt Whitman held a well-defined sexual orientation. He admired, however, especially by Abraham Lincoln, who has sung in the poem "O Captain! My captain!". And Whitman once met another gay icon - caustic Irishman Oscar Wilde, who so disliked by Charles Dickens (which, in turn, did not like Anderson, supra.). Wilde told Whitman that loves to "Leaves of Grass," which my mother used to read to him as a child, then kissed Whitman "excellent, large and nice young man" on the lips. "I still feel on her lips the kiss Whitman" - shared with friends author of "The Picture of Dorian Gray." Brr!

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Mark Twain

32. Mark Twain - the pen name of a man named Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Apart from that, Twain also had Tramp aliases, Josh, Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass, Sergeant Fathom and W. Epaminondas Adrastus Blab. By the way, "Mark Twain" - the notion of the navigation area, it means "look before the two" Fathoms: exactly mentioned minimum depth that is suitable for navigation.

33. Mark Twain was a friend of one of the most mysterious people of his time - the inventor Nikola Tesla. The writer himself has patented several inventions, such as: self-regulating braces and scrapbook pages with adhesive.

34. And Twain adored cats and hated children (even wanted to erect a monument to King Herod). One great writer said: "If it was possible to cross a man with a cat, the human species will only be won, but the cat - would clearly be worse."

35. Twain was a heavy smoker (he is the author of the phrase, which is now attributed to all and sundry: "There is nothing easier than to quit Oh, I know, I've done it a thousand times."). He started smoking as an eight-year kid, until his death, smoked from 20 to 40 cigars a day. Cigars writer chose the most stinking and cheap.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

JRR Tolkien

36. The author of the trilogy "Lord of the Rings" by JRR Tolkien was exceedingly bad driver, snored so that he had to spend the night in the bathroom so as not to disturb the sleep of his wife, and another was a horrible Francophobe -. Hated the French since William the Conqueror.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Leo Tolstoy

37. On the wedding night with Sophia Bers, 34-year-old Leo Tolstoy made the 18-year-old freshly wife read the pages in his diary, where the amorous adventures of the writer described in detail with different women, among others - with a serf. Tolstoy wanted between him and his wife did not have any secrets.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Agatha Christie

38. Agatha Christie suffered from dysgraphia, ie almost could not write by hand. All her famous novels have been dictated.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Anton Chekhov

39. Chekhov was a great lover of walking into a brothel - and, being in a strange city, the first thing he learned from this side.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

James Joyce

40. James Joyce more than anything else was afraid of dogs and thunderstorms, hated monuments and was a masochist.

41. When Tolstoy in old age away from home most of the reporters rushed behind him, and only one, the most ingenious HACC arrived in Yasnaya Polyana - learn how things work in Sophia Andreyevna. Soon, the editors received a telegram: "The countess altered face running towards the pond." So the reporter described the intention of Sophia Andreyevna drown. Subsequently, the phrase was picked up two entirely different author - Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, giving it its brilliant hero Ostap Bender.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

William Faulkner

42. William Faulkner worked for several years as a postman until he found out that he often threw undelivered letters in the dustbin.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Jack London

43. Jack London was a socialist, and besides - the first in the history of American writer, earning his labor of millions of dollars.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Arthur Conan Doyle

44. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who invented Sherlock Holmes, was an occultist, and he believed in the existence of little winged feechek.

45 little-known facts about the famous writer

Jean-Paul Sartre,

45. Jean-Paul Sartre was experimenting with mind-expanding substances and supported terrorists. Perhaps the first was something to do with the second.