This insanely real world # 7

We continue to sum up the results of the insane of 2011. This time, we turn to the very hot month and the crown of summer - July!

This insanely real world # 7

Whether the sun beat down very hard, whether in the summer month of idleness peaked, but among the events of July a dominant position was taken by the most amazing and crazy incidents of thefts and frauds.

Let's look at this collection of amusing.

You need to install the gate? Installation of sliding gate, a full range of services - from the measurement at the facility until the next service, the leading European manufacturers, individual projects.

Nomination "In each of us lives a child!"

In Latvia, the thieves stole an inflatable children's attractions, weighing about 300 kilograms. The incident took place during the day at one of the shopping centers. Attackers have not yet been found. At night, before the opening of the attraction, construction was under the supervision of guards, and the day after her nobody watched.

This insanely real world # 7

For what purpose thieves committed the crime is unclear. Owners inflatables explained that no special benefits from the attackers of the act will not receive. The fact that the stolen 300-pound design, they have forgotten to take special packs for inflating products.

This insanely real world # 7

Since the compressors in place - then ride kidnapped fans how to blow! Steel lungs.

Nomination "on the thief cap off"

In the center of the English city of Leeds was an unusual theft. The thief, accompanied by his accomplice stole a giant knitted cap, putting it on himself. The crime was caught on outdoor video surveillance camera. Giant hat with pompom was part of the urban art project. The thief had to put it on, and as such leave the scene of the crime. When he walked, the impression that the cap has got his feet and moved independently.

Trying to cross the road, the thief in the header hit the post and managed to find their way on the ground only with the help of his friend. Why criminals needed headdress is unknown. The leaders of the art project expressed hope that the work of art ever come back to them. Download video

The present cap of invisibility! But, unfortunately, are not insured by enchanting meeting with other urban art object - a lamppost.

The sun continues to bake + Holland = look:

Nomination "Golden Burenka"

Dutch tourist stole the bell and collar from Bavarian cows. The incident occurred in the pasture to the south-west of Munich. Witness the act 30-year-old Dutchman was the casual passer-by. He saw a tourist took a grazing animal ornament and decided to detain the attacker.

This insanely real world # 7

When the traveler asked why he took off with the cow bell and a collar, the man replied that he was going to pick up the accessories and store them in memory as the Bavarian souvenirs.

The cost of cloven-hoofed jewelery was 200 euros. Kidnapper released from custody after he signed a redemption certificate for 500 euros. Whether the cow was returned its accessories, is not specified.

This insanely real world # 7

Some people have such a sum for a month earn, and here on her neck dangles from Burenka.

Theft peredom more ingenious scams:

Nomination "Deception and doves"

Original scam using pigeons developed some followers of Ostap Bender in Koktebel. One of the squares offered for tourists to take a picture with a bird. When they agreed, even flew a flock of pigeons and perching on posing.

This insanely real world # 7

After the shooting stated that the photograph turned out not one bird, but few, therefore, the price for the service increased.

On the swindlers complained to the staff of the nearby house-museum of Voloshin. Now the police are on duty in the square.

From the series: "Man, you want to see Cheburashka?"

Nomination "Grandma style"

60-year-old grandmother twisted thief. Underage attacker silently crept up behind Briton Elizabeth Bonson, confident in the fact that the bag the old woman - it is easy prey. But the grandmother not only won over her purse, but ran in pursuit of the offender and even almost caught him.

This insanely real world # 7

It was found that Elizabeth only 5 years ago quit her job as a bouncer at a nightclub. Thanks to the self-defense skills, Bonson heroically saved a prize check for $ 80 and a memorable family photos. Police are still searching for the perpetrator, and the entire city is proud fearless old woman.

Dear grandmother of Chuck Norris!

Want to learn how to become a different person in a matter of minutes? Take the example of the hero next news:

Nomination "Gyulchataj in the pants"

The woman saw her husband's face for the first time after 35 years of marriage. The man had not shaved for 40 years, no longer do it for six years before he met his future wife. Therefore, a woman, in fact, and did not see his real face.

This insanely real world # 7

Recently her husband decided nevertheless to shave his beard so strongly wished his employer. However, the wife jokingly-poluserozno stated that "it is better to grow it again - because she was getting married at all for someone else."

This insanely real world # 7

I wonder what kind of beardless work in this poor guy?

Nomination "Feathered revenge"

Lithuanian priest complained about the stork-avenger. 45-year-old man said that prevents him from sleeping bird and shits near the entrance to his house. According to him, the stork is terrorizing his revenge - a few months ago, the priest threw crashed bird eggs.

This insanely real world # 7

Since the stork arrives every day to the house of a religious figure and starts banging his beak out of the window. Typically, this occurs at sunrise and lasts an average of 2 h.

The priest said that the wash pad with bird excrement is almost impossible. Local ornithologists think that probably stork just do not like the reflection and glare in the window of the house.

Meanwhile, the stork laughs experts and tightly dinner before the next coating.

Nomination "Went to bear on a bicycle"

The American hit a bear on the way to work. Florida A resident rode a bicycle and did not notice the appearance of the animal. The man realized that crashed into a wild bear, only at the moment of collision.

This insanely real world # 7

Eyewitnesses incident became the drivers of vehicles coming along the road. They saw the bear after the collision flew from one side of the road to another. The animal looked shaken, but soon recovered and hid in the bushes.

American Sam has not received serious injuries, finished with bruises. He said that despite the accident, plans to continue to ride the bike to work at least three times a week, but will continue to be more attentive.

Well this is how much should weigh American to bear directly bounced? Bear a pity!

Nomination "mosquito ambrosia"

In Tanzania, we found a way to combat the vector mosquitoes of malaria. Experimental method revealed that insects are very attracted to the smell of dirty socks.

This insanely real world # 7

As a result, scientists have developed a synthetic bait. Its supposed to be placed on the streets in the traps. Attracting mosquitoes, they will protect them from people's homes.

According to the developers, this tactic will complement measures such as the fight against malaria mosquito nets and repellent spray, which will save more lives of Africans.

It has long been known that the dirty socks - is the perfect biological weapon. Now - and against mosquitoes!

Nomination "marasmus was intense!"

The Austrian won the right to be photographed for a driver's license with a colander on his head. Thus he defends his religious beliefs.

This insanely real world # 7

The man is a follower of the "religion" pastafarianizma. It has created a couple of years ago, a group of young atheists. His "teaching" they characterize as a religion in which there is only one true God - Flying Spaghetti Monster.

This insanely real world # 7

And for anyone who is familiar with the technique of cooking the famous pasta, it may be clear that the "sacred attribute" new religion by chance became a colander.

Nomination "The lucky cat"

Fat cat survived a meeting with the hawk due to its weight.

This insanely real world # 7

10-pound pet named Eddie calmly resting on the terrace of an apartment building in New York. Suddenly his red-tailed hawk swooped down and carried away into the sky.

This insanely real world # 7

But the impressive weight of the cat did not allow 2-pound bird to carry him away. As a result, Eddie fell from the height of the fifth floor in the courtyard of the neighboring house and remained alive. When the hawk dropped its prey, lucky fell in the garden of a neighbor on the parasol and then otpruzhinil on the ground, finished with a couple of minor cuts and bruises.

Yeah, not claws prey, not claws ...

Nomination "It was getting dark ..."

The winner of the American competition's worst initial phrases of literary works became a teacher from Wisconsin. She received the award for the sentence "Mind Cheryl spun like the blades of a wind turbine, chopping her like sparrows thoughts on bloody pieces that fell down, forming a growing pile of forgotten memories."

This insanely real world # 7

In addition to the worst initial phrase jury selects winners and in some categories. For example, in the category of "detective" has won the author the phrase about a maniac who sprayed the bodies of the victims "trade" raspberry cologne. And in the "love story" I won the author of lines in which the heroine hopes that the mysterious stranger "understand it and take away from here" and not "compress her breasts, uttering a sound car horns, as did all the others."

Continuing the theme: "She was rushing, like an arrow of the oscilloscope, and then dropping down rapid jack ..."

Nomination "Earth in a window visible"

Scottish kitten survived hour cycle in a washing machine. animal hostess named Princess for a moment turned away from the equipment, which was loading dirty laundry. At that moment a curious cat and climbed inside.

This insanely real world # 7

After a 60 minute wash cycle came to an end with horror she found in her favorite car, which clung to the wet jeans. Kitten was taken to the vet.

This insanely real world # 7

After a series of procedures, the animal came to life. Experts to provide assistance, called the Princess is extremely fortunate and joked that laundry taken away one of nine cat lives.

This is precisely the kitten Scottish clan MacLeod!

Download video

Nomination "Unusual names"

New Zealand parents wanted to name the child Lucifer. Luckily for the baby, the agency responsible for the registration of births, deaths and marriages, prohibited them from doing so.

Video just in this topic - The girl goes to the dark side =)

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In addition, the list of names who have been rejected in the past two years, includes: Baron, Bishop, General, Judge, King, Knight and Mr. They have not been registered and such names as the Messiah, 89 as well as easy symbols - point, an asterisk and a slash.

According to the authorities, an unusual name can be a source of trouble for the child and inflict psychological trauma.

The negative impact on the names of children in New Zealand have already said more than once. So, in 2008, when the country was a newborn boy was given the name "Covered bus stop number 16," Family Court urged parents to take a closer and more careful about the choice of names for newborns.

- Lucifer Ivanovich, you are on the phone!

- One moment, Messiah Karlovna ...

Nomination "Out of Reach"

During another visit to Moscow Hollywood star and martial arts expert Steven Seagal has suddenly become the victim of a conventional elevator. An unpleasant surprise accept American actor lift Medical and Surgical Center named after Pirogov.

This insanely real world # 7

Instead of having to go to the seventh floor of the clinic, the elevator just shut the door and got stuck. As established urgently caused by repair work, the cause of the incident was overloaded cabin.

After the elevator doors again earned from it had to get four people before the lift still went up. In the best tradition of Hollywood action movies ...

Well, finally - the most delicious and inventive news:

Nomination "pechenyushki"

The car parked in the sun could cook cookies. Recently, the United States while, however, and Russia, languishing in 30-degree heat.

In the city of Amarillo, Texas, was established temperature record - this summer the thermometer overcome the mark of 37 degrees Celsius for a whole month.

Journalist of one of the editions of Brittany Nunn decided to check whether it is possible to cook biscuits in an abandoned car in the sun.

The air temperature in the cabin reaches over eighty degrees Celsius. Putting the cookies on a baking sheet, after 2 hours the journalist received an edible product.

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This is the July 2011, is hot and quite mad. We remain on a positive wave of real events! Indeed, in August already somewhere nearby!

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